BigBx summer sessions with BPS

  1. BigBx summer sessions with BPS

    Hey guys, I dont log much online and I am sorry for that.. I usualy just do beta tests for companies and give them feedback through emails with bloodwork and progress pictures. This year Ive decided to take some off time from competing and enjoy myself a little more. In 2012 I qualified for nationals in the mens physique category by winning the overall at provincials in Quebec and I had since then been following a closely monitored offseason diet. Now I've made tremendous progress but at the same time I have lost some of the gusto I need to step on stage 100% motivated. By stepping away and taking some time to reflect re energize that doesnt mean I am out of the game, it just means I am looking for different things, results and sensations. This is why this summer I will be running online logs on what Ive decised to call my summer sessions. These will be grueling workouts testing some great products and definitly improving my physique.

    For the next 2 months, Ive decided to throw in some Demacrine and Endosurge by BPS. Both look like solid products and I am pretty excited to see the end results adding these to my cycle. I am not looking for anything in specific, in fact I expect nothing but the unexpected! I hope many lf you will follow this log as well as the other ones that will follow.

    This is not a sponsored log, Ill be telling it how it is. If any of BPS reps feel like throwing in some extra goodies, help me extend this log to three months or maybe bump up the doses for fun, feel free to get in touch with me.

    Back and calves tonight! Let the games begin


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    First picture is from September 2012 and the second from April 2013.

  3. Tonight was the start of a new program off aswell. Everything is new starting from here..

    2x wide grip pullups bodyweight, pumped out 15 and then 13
    3x wide grip pullups +45lbs, 4,4,4
    4x Wide grip latpulldowns + DB pullovers 8,8,8,8
    4x Close grip cable rows dropset 6max weight + 5reps+5+5
    3x Wide grip chins 5sec hold 5 to 8sec negative

    Over all good workout and good pump. Trainer is really hitting me hard to put on some more mass. Were sitting at 220 or about now but I think she wants me to jump up to 230. I had applied 4 pumps this am and I did notice some thermal effect but then again its way too early to judge! The smell is good though and its easy to rub on which I like. Endosurge went down smooth, no digestion issue or heart burns.

  4. 4 pumps this am again! Smell is nice, only thing ive noticed is that the dermacrine is a little stickier and thicker than the one I tried by Pp a few years back. I dont know why but I defnitly feel this will keep me a little leaner while bumping up the cals these comming few weeks. Ive split up the endosurge this week 3 times daily with meals, next week Ill try without.

    Debating wether we demolish chest tonight or take the day off and go to yoga class.. Well see


  5. I'll be following. You definitely have the build for a physique competitor. Best of luck!
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  6. Subbed. Very excited for your log! I have utmost confidence you will reach 230 by the end! You have a great base to build off of.

  7. Couple questions.

    1. Are you using OG Endosurge or Endosurge Turbo?

    2. Is this the latest batch of Dermacrine?

  8. I am using Endosurge Turbo and Dermacrine black label. Ill post some pictures and label descriptions this afternoon!

  9. Chest tonight.. Good pump! A few days in and my water intake has risen a little. I usualy stick to 4litres a day but today I was just pounding back the water! Could be the heat but its raining, I dont get it. Solid workout, my trainer has really given me something a little more bodybuilding oriented and I like it.

    Pyramid incline bb press 12,10,8,6,4
    BB floor press with rest pauses 5x 4 reps, then another 4 reps but pausing 5 secs on each contraction
    Incline hammer db press superset with db flyes 3x8
    Cable flyes 4x12+ superset with 1/2 pump pushups till failure

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  10. I will also be letting you guys know about the Endosurge and its effects on my sex life.. I am interested in its ability to reduce the refractional period. Ive never had any problems but with caber I could bore myself out after an hour or even longer! Cant wait to compare the sensations and effects.

  11. I'ven been out of town for the weekend I decided to visit a friend near Fort Lauderdale FL and train with him at LA Fitness. Great experience very refreshing Ill recap everything later today

  12. It's always nice to get a refresh. Looking forward to your update.

  13. Ill fill in your guys on the previous days but, last week was a great week. I've been noticing even with my food intake increased, I am still staying lean and vascular. I've jumped up to 222 and I am still looking hard like if I was barely holding water at 10% bf. Very impressed with myself at this point. I am convinced with the Dermacrine is helping my cycle. 4 pumps a day, is just right for now! I mentioned to you guys I wanted to test out the EndoSurge and its effects on the refractional period. Guys you are in for a threat if you want to perform for extended periods. This still feels like a half a tab of caber. Believe it or not, my lady friend noticed right away. She's a flight attendant so I see her here and there but last week I could tell by the look on her face she didn't know what was going on. She asked me a few times, are you ok? All in all like I said, great past week... and this is why I didn't take any chances, I love the effect so far and.. I ordered another bottle of each!

  14. Awesome to hear! Great update! Keep on trucking, brother. Endosurge and Dermacrine are really unique products. Can't wait to hear more of your assessments as time goes on.

  15. Awesome log man. Im following and running something similar myself. I started on 5-15-13 RS-Transaderm/PES Erase/5Alphatest stack. Going to probably discontinue the 5alpha and add in forma stanz instead. I'm seeing amazing results, each workout beating the last by a few reps on the heavy the lifts. Feeling quite aggressive and libido is through the roof as well.


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