Dexaprine XR!!! Shred fat!!

  1. Dexaprine XR!!! Shred fat!!

    How's it going my fellow lifters! I want to thank iforcenutrition for letting me test out dexaprine Xr, looking forward to results!!

    Here's my first update:
    May 15

    Got Dexaprine xr in the mail today, super excited to test it out. Took one 30 minutes before the gym, 5pm, kicked in About 15 minutes, right away I felt really focused, energy up the scale, biked it 5 miles to the gym in About 20 min, good warmup haha, started lifting upper body day, wow I felt on one, really focused, energized, and sweating!!!! Good so far!!

    May 16
    A little late, 7pm, decided to mess around with the fat burner, bad choice!!! I took 2, could bot workout, fellas never take 2 at the same time no matter how hardcore you think you are!!! I had to lay in bed for 4 hours and take a cold shower for it to wear off, super jittery and shaky, felt like that dude in the movie limitless, analyzing everything haha, heart was pumping while I was doing nothing, listen to the instructions!! Heck I don't think il ever take 2 in the same day, I like the effects of 1!! Heed my warning! Do not take 2 lol

  2. Lol, I took one the first day I had it and I was flippin out! How's it goin so far for you?

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