Much to my suprise, I recieved my little package from USPlabs and before I had even walked through the door the box was in shreds... I had to fight the urge to try each one that second because I didnt want to waste this potential delicious post workout protein so I decided to wait... :/

BUT TODAY in honor of international chest day I got extra psyked up and busted out one of the best chest workouts in a while (due to my first full week of test powder and Jack3d Micro) and hurried home to consume what has been calling my name for the better part of two days...

What flavor did you use today? Vanilla Ice Cream
On a scale of 1 10, How would you rate the initial taste? 9.5 Now I'm not crazy about plain vanilla but let me tell those of you who have not tasted this yet... think of any protein that is known for taste (ie syntha6, muscle milk, myofusion) and imo this tops them and It was just vanilla with 6 oz of water! I honestly cannot wait to see the macros on this guy
On a scale of 1 10, How would you rate the after taste? 10 (great) now some protein powders have a chemically after taste due in large part to a sub par flavoring system but after tasting this I can assure everyone the reason USPlabs waited so long to release a protein was in order to release one worthy of the brand... this is awesome
On a scale of 1 10, How would you rate the texture? 9.5 Now keep in mind I only mixed it with water and even then the outcome was the most creamy, pleasantly thick protein one could imagine.
On a scale of 1 10, How would you rate the smell? 9 the only reason I'm giving this a nine was because it was vanilla plain and simple nothing groundbreaking and new but defiantly a solid base of whats to come
On a scale of 1 10, How would you rate the mixability? 10 absolutely no clumps! this shakes and mixes as well as PROnom 23 for those who have used it
Did you experience any recovery changes? well I am always on Modern BCAAs and I recently Switched to Modern BCAA's plus so DOMS is never an issue (unless I'm on any kind of ArA or Versa)
Would you be interested in using this product in the future? YES this will definatly be a staple down the road

sidenote: now keep in mind I usually do my post workouts with some type of carbohydrate source, ie (cinnamon toast crunch, fruity pebbles, or if Im trying to lean down vitargo or waxy maize) this changes the texture, consistancy, and flavor of protein for the better. this just mixed with water is AMAZING! I cannot wait to buy a tub and add other things to it or even cook with it. (milk protein and casien are IMO the best to cook with flavor and texture wise)