(Flavor: 9.2/10)

I'm always skeptical when it comes to vanilla protein powders and even more with RTD's

This Vanilla is almost identical to a Werthers Original caramel candy. The color says it all

Highly recommended

(Energy: 8.5/10 <per 16oz)

81mg of caffeine per serving. 2 serving per container <=162mg of caffeine

The energy is smooth, clean and jitter free. I highly recommend drinking the entire can pre-workout

(Texture: 8/10)

The texture is identical to skim milk. Silky, smooth and very easy to digest

(Profile: 7.5/10)

16oz can=25g of protein from skim milk <calcium caseinate, Calories: 200, Fat: 4g,

Cholesterol: 15mg, Total Carbs: 20g, Sugar: 16g

(Price: 8/10)

$3.00 per 16oz can. A fair price for protein and energy


2-8oz servings per can

As stated above, I highly recommend using the entire can to get the full benefit

(Overall Thoughts)

It's tasty, provides smooth energy and the price is reasonable

Is this for everyone? probably not. Most users on a cut would most likely pass on this due to the calories, carbs and sugar

I personally feel some added calories, carbs and sugar are beneficial and will always enhance your workout

I would love to see a caffeine free version in the near future

Muscle Monster is hands down the best tasting RTD on the Market