Got a box from USP on Sat. First sample was Milk Chocolate. 23g per serving, mix of whey and casein with some medium chain triglycerides and conjugated linoleic acid and enzymes to help your gut digest all this good stuff.

Initial Taste 10.10: Awesome My wife took a sip, she thought it was a bit sweet but still good. I wish the serving was 3x bigger. This really is the best protein I have tasted. Wow this stuff tastes amazing. Like Swiss miss hot chocolate.

After Taste: 10/10 Nice hint of chocolate remaining on the palate. 10/10

Texture 10/10: very smooth, no chunkies. no froth.

Smell 10/10: smells like good chocolate with a hint of buttered popcorn. Kinda crazy but that's the first smell that came to mind. no weird chemical odors, did a side by side to my standard whey which has a strong artificial flavor type smell.

Mixability 10/10: couple of swirls in the ball shaker and it's ready. Very easy to mix. My standard pro doesn't mix as quickly
Recovery: Did some challenging arm workouts and tough auto repairs. Arms feel good

I really want more. I don't like most chocolate flavors cause the taste is just kinda gross and chalky and heavy on artificial sweeteners. The USP milk chocolate is the best chocolate flavor protein I have ever tried since I started using protein supps in 1995. Going to try the vanilla ice cream next.