Thanks to all the great guys at Usplabs for 3 packs of milk chocolate flavor and 1 pack of Vanilla Ice cream Flavor. Each pack is 36 grams- and has 23g protein and the noted Rapid Burn Lipid Complex-which is cool.

    So the Directions as add to 6 oz water. I added 10 oz.

    1st day Initial thoughts:

    Profile 27 grams of Protein in pack- whey and casein isolate and Concentrate and Rapid Burn Lipid Complex-sunflower oil and medium chain Triglycerides. The exact food label unknown.

    Mixability-10/10 No problem here- 10oz water combined instantly with powder. Not even a speck was left in blender bottle.

    Taste- 10/10 I think I got it just were I want it. Not to thick and just right mix of water to powder. Taste is great - just like milk chocolate- very easy to get down and like dessert after a hard leg workout. I like it so much I was craving more and was unhappy to see bottom of blender bottle. There is no after taste at all.

    Affect- This is my first day- I only got 4 packs - so not really able to assess affects fully. But protein did give me that refueled feeling and no GI problems.

    ** I would like to see other flavors- my favorite flavor is strawberry.

  2. Day one down! do you plan to try anything fancy with this Hugo? Recipes, different amounts of liquid, water vs. milk?
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  3. 2 day Initial thoughts: Today I tried the Vanilla flavor

    Mixability-10/10 No problem here- 10oz water combined instantly with powder. Not even a speck was left in blender bottle. Same here as Milk chocolate Flavor.

    Taste- 8/10- It tasted more like white chocolate than Vanilla. Usually I hate anything Vanilla, But this was not bad. Out of all the Vanilla protein sample I have got this one was top notch. But I do like the Milk Chocolate better!! This does however have that vanilla after taste and it smells very strong of vanilla smell.

    It refueled me, very fast after my hard arms workout and I still have no GI problems, which is great because some protein do give me gas and bloat.

    I am a shake guy and I may for one pack use milk - but otherwise all shakes.

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