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  1. Signed up. Looking forward to the release.

  2. vanilla ice cream flavor tonight

  3. Quote Originally Posted by southpaw23 View Post
    Signed up. Looking forward to the release.
    Awesome man. I'll be ordering some as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by determinator View Post
    vanilla ice cream flavor tonight
    I'm looking forward to hearing what you think!
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by breezy11 View Post

    I'm looking forward to hearing what you think!
    Sample #3
    Vanilla ice cream

    This smelled like vanilla bean ice cream when i first opened it which was awesome. I used 7-8 oz again like i did for the milk chocolate. I feel like this one isn't AS thick but still thick..even at 8 oz the milk chocolate was still on the thicker side. I actually think im one of the few that think that the vanilla ice cream was a little better than milk chocolate. Like ive stated before id actually like to mix the two and see what that tastes like but i didn't want to waste my only vanilla sample.

    taste: 9.56745/10 deff something i can enjoy instead of trying to choke down..besides the great blend used i think taste is one of the most important things in protein supps...this is pretty much what distinguishes different products...USPlabs has made two great basic but enjoyable flavors.

    mixability: again i think this mixed a little better than the milk chocolate

    consistency: i believe this was thinner than milk chocolate..used the same amount of water and this seemed like it had a thinner consistency

    recovery: not that i felt any different with recovery, im sure it played a role but i think for me it was more of making sure i got a great blend of pure proteins that takes that stress of making sure u got everything in before bed so you can recovery and growww.

    aftertaste: i think this had more of an aftertaste than the milk chocolate. don't know how to explain it but it was there. didnt bother me enough though. worked out, got home, and made this shake mowed the lawn while dinner was being made. its nice having a good tasting protein

    overall i liked vanilla better than chocolate i believe..but it wasnt by very much. i have one more chocolate sample and deff making sure i have a tub by the end of next week. Once you find a protein you like the taste of why change to a diff one!? they have two flavors and im sure its not where they are going to stop..

  5. Nice review bro

  6. Great job with the review man! I loved both flavors, but Vanilla Ice Cream might end up taking my top spot as well.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by drewsicle3210 View Post
    Nice review bro
    thanks drew!

    Quote Originally Posted by breezy11 View Post
    Great job with the review man! I loved both flavors, but Vanilla Ice Cream might end up taking my top spot as well.
    yes agreed although i think im leaning to buying a tub of both

  8. Sample #4
    Milk Chocolate

    this is my third milk chocolate review and final sample of the four. Nothing new here just reminded me how good the chocolate was. Usually i made a face after taking a huge gulp. Notice i did not make a face as i continued drinking. Can't wait for the release today!

    Taste: 9/10 chocolate is very good, especially compared to any other brand i've tried towards chocolate. At times i feel that the chocolate is better than vanilla but i only had one sample of the vanilla and loved it so i think i'm just bought there. I'll prob just end up mixing the two like i do ice cream

    Mixability: Overshook and had a large amount of bubbles...shook again and they were gone. great mixability just a few hard shakes and ur good to go.

    consistency: still thick but i've been using 7-8 oz of water so its prob thinner than everyone elses pudding lol. i like to be able to just drink it quickly so i can have my meal after. So the extra bit of water helps but still keeps its richness and thickness.

    You don't need to ask me if i would try it again i'm buying the two tubs when it comes out today. You guys won a consumer over this product alone.

  9. Final review:

    Theres no doubt this is the best protein on the market. Purtaining to both taste and quality ingredients. You have a REAL 23g of protein along with a leaning complex which is a plus for anyone. You build muscle while leaning out, thats what everyone wants in a product and for it to be your protein that is great. I have lost two pounds in the past week. Now I've only had 4 samples so who obv can't be from that right?. was probably just my diet and training being on point because I'm continuing to make gains in the gym and losing my stubborn fat. Will deff be giving this leaning effect a try with a couple tubs. I will admit that before taking it, it has been hard for me to lose the 8 pounds of fat i want to lose. Ironically i lost two in the two weeks i was taking it..I DUNNO could just be a coincidence.

    Anyways things like mixability and consistency were great with this mix...its real protein so it takes a little umph to get it mix but a few hard shakes is all you need. It mixes great and has a very thick consistency. I use 7-8 oz of water to keep it a little thinner so i can drink it faster but some may prefer the thicker version.

    I cannot give input on recovery with the product because it was only 4 days of use after the gym. I don;t really have a problem with recovery so this isn't something that would scream out at me either.

    For after taste, there was really none with the chocolate, but for the vanilla there was a little bit of one. Even though the vanilla did have a bit of an after taste it still took the top spot for me.

    Both of these are not only the best tasting chocolate and vanilla proteins i've had, they are literally the best proteins i've ever tasted regardless of flavor. I've found my protein and I'm sticking with it, would literally be no reason to change. With two flavors i can go back and for or mix the two. I'm set!

    I'd like to think USPlabs and all the reps for the chance to get a taste and feel for your new protein before it even hit stores. I'm glad i get to know how good it is before everyone! Also thanks to the reps for all your feedback and info along the way and answering all of our questions. You guys are at the top. thanks again

  10. Thanks again for your honest reviews determinator! Your support is greatly appreciated!

    Now we wait....
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  11. Is there a time for the release?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    Is there a time for the release?
    I don't have an exact time. All I know is that the link to the InnerCircle release will be emailed sometime today.
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