GTFIH an get REBORN with Controlled Labs White Flood Reborn!

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  1. Great workout today,

    Pull ups, dead lifts,
    rev grip bench,
    incline d/b curls ss with calf raises,
    cble shldr press,
    leg press,
    bent over cble row,
    cble lateral raises,
    finished with 20min walking on tmill @ 15% incline 3mph.

    Great energy, pumps today.

  2. No workout today, going to lake havasu for memorial weekend.

  3. Gave my friend a scoop of white flood yesterday, he loved it.
    We lifted for about 2hrs, pumps were freaking amazing.

  4. But thought my peptopro/hydro 520 combo smelled like cat poop. Lol.

  5. don't workout for 3 days, weight drops 4lbs, ah! too much stress. going back in now. Love this stuff. white flood is going to become my new go to pre workout, for real. it is PERFECT.

  6. thats awesome man. VEry happy to hear how well it is working for you

  7. one scoop of w.f.reborn

    pull ups: bw+20lbsx5, bw+10x8, bwx10

    Dead lift: 245x3, 225x5, 205x10

    bench press: 200x10, 190x10, 170x12

    indline d/b curls: 40x5, 30x8, 20x10

    cble shlder press: 9plates x 8, 8plates x 10, 7 plates x 10.

    forgot to look at the weight for the other tabs, but dropped down one tab each set first set/tab was 44.4lbs.

    bent over cble row: 190x8, 170x10, 150x12

    cbl lat raise: (again, forgot to look at weight) 6,10,15 reps, drop sets.

    cble crunches on physio ball: 40x10x3

    single leg press: 90 e/s x 10, 85 e/s x 12, 70 e/s x 12

    cble tricep push down: 120x10, 110x10, 100x10

    super set with

    single arm cble curls: 30x10 e/s, 40x10e/d, 30x10e/s
  8. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
    The Solution's Avatar

    A lot of good work going down in here dude!
    Scivation/Primaforce Anabolic Minds Rep
    Anabolic Minds Site Rep

  9. Feel good! No injuries!

  10. Workout yesterday was so so. Been cutting calories, so didn't feel as strong.
    Good focus though.
  11. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Awesome log dude, care to post some recent workouts, some detail regarding the focus, enegry, pump, vascularity that you get from the product?

    hows the dosage?
    Scivation/Primaforce Anabolic Minds Rep
    Anabolic Minds Site Rep

  12. I've just been using one scoop.

    Workout was exactly the same as last one posted.

    I haven't noticed a change in vascularity, but that's d/t diet, gotta shed this water weight from pct.

    Pumps are great. I only workout mwf, so a tub last a while. I'll try 2 scoops today.

    I've been trying to keep my weight up but going to let that go, recomp takes too much time. Just gonna cut hard a week out before vacation.

  13. awesome feedback JB

  14. worked out the other day, short on time, so wasn't able to get any wfr in pre w/o. boy, w/o strength/pump/focus was normal. Normal sucks. never again.

  15. Been on holiday, be back the 26th for final review of this great pre w/o product.
  16. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Welcome back!
    Scivation/Primaforce Anabolic Minds Rep
    Anabolic Minds Site Rep

  17. Quote Originally Posted by The Solution View Post
    Welcome back!
    Still gone
  18. Final review!



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