Mkretz reborn! White flood reborn log!

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  1. First note......weight is slowly creepin up....getting closer to the 170 mark! i def. feel bigger but i do not think my maxes have increased, however I am using more weight on my accesory lifts so i cannot complain at all.

    today was chest/tris/abs

    trained with an old friend today - it was nice having someone who trains pretty intensely for a change, got some good sets and forced reps in!

    Db incline
    70x5+3 drop 40 x 10 + 2

    weighted dips - hardcore style with chains around our necks!! haha

    2 chainsx10x4 + 5 negatives and drop set to bodyweight on last set

    flat db press with twist from neutral to palms forward - gives a great contraction due to this using both motions of the pec muscle - pressing and internal rotation

    4 sets 10-12 - 50 lbs

    db decline

    60x10-15 x 4

    db pullover - 60 x10-12x 3

    ez bar overhead seated ext.

    65x10-12 drop on last set

    supersetted with hammer strength dip machine 4 sets 10-15 drop on last set

    cable tr8 bar pushdown 4 sets 10-15 double drop on last set

    rev grip cable str8 bar pressdown - 4 sets 10-15

    one are db neurtal grip ext 3 sets with forced reps!

    hanging leg raises for 100 total reps

    twisting hanging leg raises for obliques 5 setsof 15 per side

  2. only a few more servings left then final review will be up!!1 my buddythat i got to order some WFR is absolutely loving it, hitting prs already!

  3. been pretty lonely in here lately :-(

  4. so last scoop was today so you know what that means


    Taste: 9.5/10 -
    Smooth, crisp, clean fruit punch flavor.When chilled it is absolutely delicious.No aftertaste or any chemical taste to it.

    Mixability: 9/10 - mixes almost completely clear with only like 2-3 shakes of my shaker. The only downfall is a little bit of settling after a while (i sip my preworkout throughout my workout). It takes a while for this to occur and it is minimal but I must note it.

    Energy:9/10- I am a stim junkie so I dont give it a 10/10 but the energy that it does deliver with its 225mg caffeine per scoop is great. Very clean jitter free energy that lasts all day it seems sometimes. No crash at all.

    Pumps: 9/10 -Although this is not advertised as a pump product it definitely shines above the original white flood in this department.
    Endurance:9/10 I think the increased pumps leads to the increased endurance . There was def. an increase in endurance while on WFR. Rest periods between sets were much less than usual for sure.

    Strength:8/10- I set some new prs while on wfr so cannot complain

    Overall - 9/10 - Overall great product from taste to effectiveness. If you ever tried the original WF it is similar with added goodies that makes it even better!!! This is an extremely solid preworkout product that I would highly recommend!

  5. I plan on puttin up some progress pics to compare to the pics on the first page



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