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  1. i do cardio on training days too..... also i do not take in 500g carbs training days i do car cycle so like 400-450 on high days 200-250 on med days and off days are 100-150

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkretz View Post
    i do cardio on training days too..... also i do not take in 500g carbs training days i do car cycle so like 400-450 on high days 200-250 on med days and off days are 100-150
    and the reasoning.....?
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  3. nnot burning up as much glycogen when not lifting.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by mkretz View Post
    nnot burning up as much glycogen when not lifting.....
    I see you did you not read the links i posted above that even summarize how much is truly broken down and that cardio is more catablolic than lifting. You realize that you only burn maybe 30-40g of carbs when lifting.. much necessary to do 400-500g compared to 100 when you dont lift..which is why i dont get your reasoning or why you do massive swings.

    Have you ever researched lifting and how much it truly burns? not much at all, maybe 200-300 calories tops. Ive even seen people record bodybugg's and have had one myself, its not much in the grand scheme of things. walking 30-45 minutes burn as many calories as lifting does.
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  5. i have not read them yet but i will now.............

    had another good leg workout yest, didnt get to posting it but will post todays chest/tris workout

    quick question....waht do you guys think about deadlifts and a big waist, i ask cuz i dont have wide shouloders at all and my waist is kinda big. I like deadlifts but i wanna have a v taper going, i have been trrying to add in more lateral raises to try and widen my shoulders. What woul u suggest for keeping the waist tight/small? thanks

    incline db press
    70x10 PR

    flat db press ss seated calf raises


    weighted dips

    35x12 PR
    35x10 + 5 negs drop set Bodyweight x 10 plus 5 negatives.

    Decline barbell

    145x10 drop 115 drop 95

    incline DB fly ss hammer incline 4 sets 10-15 drop on last set of hammer incline

    bent over cable fly 3 sets 12-15 with cross over in the front

    3 sets 10-15 db pullovers 70lbs - pr!

    seated cable overhead ext - 4 sets 10-12 double drop on last set

    smith CG bench ss bench dips

    135x10 drop 115 drop 95

    plus diamond pushups on knees after last set of bench dips to failure! - sick pump

    cable kick back 4 sets 10-15

    i was super focused to stat the intensiy was crazy high, and pumps were great....i hit a little bit of a rutt int he middle of hte workout but perked back up for tris! overall a good workout

    also i had my buddy try some WFR and now jsut purchased some witht he amazing sale from nutra for us both!!!! he loved it!

  6. i read what you posted and dont understand how that applies to me lowering calories when i dont lift and that i cut carbs on days i dont lift, i am pretty sure weight lifitng burns much more glycogen thatn steady state cardio......either way i onl do cardio on off days and cardio and weights on workout days so i def need more calories on those days, i can hear the arguement for recoery however.........
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    Quote Originally Posted by mkretz View Post
    i read what you posted and dont understand how that applies to me lowering calories when i dont lift and that i cut carbs on days i dont lift, i am pretty sure weight lifitng burns much more glycogen thatn steady state cardio......either way i onl do cardio on off days and cardio and weights on workout days so i def need more calories on those days, i can hear the arguement for recoery however.........
    Alright, if thats what you want to assume by all means go for it. I guess the research i just posted to you above has 0 merit and so do pubmed research.

    Weightlifting is not as expanding as you think it is. Cardio burns more calories and is more catabolic than lifting is. Its even proven and documented, and Layne has a 1 hour podcast on it here.

    Why you think your carbs have to be 200-300g sometimes even lower than that on days you do cardio or off is just beyond me.. Weight lifting does not require that much, maybe 30-40g of carbs you will burn during a training session max.

    If you brought them up i told you would
    - Increase Recovery
    - have a greater sense of mood
    - Better seretonin levels from more carbs


    -- By ingesting high-fat meals in the evening, you induce "metabolic inflexibility" – effectively disrupting metabolic rate and increasing fat storage, risk of obesity, elevated insulin levels and a reduction in insulin sensitivity.

    -- By ingesting high-fat meals in the morning and afternoon, you increase metabolic flexibility – setting the metabolism for higher fat oxidation throughout the day. As LPL enzyme (splits up circulating fatty acids and makes them available for storage) is higher in muscle in the AM, fats are more likely to be burned off as energy or stored as lipid droplets within the muscle (IMTG).

    -- By ingesting high-carb meals in the morning, the same “metabolic inflexibility” occurred, and the metabolism is fixed towards glucose oxidation instead of fat oxidation. This also increases fat storage from meals eaten during the day, and higher-fat meals eaten in the evening in particular.
    -- By ingesting high-carb meals in the evening, you get a bump in the natural leptin signal (occurring 3-6hrs after going to sleep), essentially increasing fat burning through the night and the rest of the following day.

    -- Insulin sensitivity is higher in all cells early in the day, including fat cells, but decreases towards the afternoon and evening, thus partitioning carbs ingested at this time more efficiently into muscle vs. fat. This is obviously further improved by training the muscle that day.

    -- Eating carbs will increase the feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin and make you sleepy. What better time to have your carbs than a couple of hours before bedtime so you can fall into a deeper, higher-quality sleep
    And my interview with layne/Alan

    - What is your general stance on nutrition as far as macro composition in any of your clients diets? Do you differ them much between pre-contest and offseason?
    What different things do you utilize on your clients as far as refeeds and cheat meals go, and what are your thoughts on utilizing those in both (offseason and pre-contest)?

    Well everyone's metabolism is different and must be accounted for accordingly. But obviously there will be macronutrient variations from pre-contest to offseason, with carbohydrate intake being the biggest variable. In the offseason I like carbs as high as possible without excessive fat gain and as high precontest as possible while still maintaining proper rate of fat loss. Now what that exact number is for each person is going to vary... a lot. Typically my clients do NOT lower calories on off days they keep everything consistent and refeed even in the offseason to keep their recovery, perofrmance, and endurance on par. Dropping or swinging calories has proved to show no benefits given the calories are met in the 24 hour period or 7 day weekly surplus/deficit

    - Do you believe in Intermittent Fasting and other non-generic meal patterns? Do you have to eat a certain amount of times per day to eat and why? It seems Meal Frequency is thrown around a lot lately with a ton of different research being published on PUBmed? Your stance?

    Well I don't believe in generic meal plans. I think that just giving someone a cookie cutter meal plan doesn't teach them anything and makes them dependent on that meal plan, promotes binging, and an unhealthy relationship with food. I think intermittant fasting has helped a lot of people with a diet they can stick to, however I also see many people use it as an excuse to binge, and that is never healthy. One of the other problems with it is my PhD thesis research demonstrated that if you eat low protein throughout the day, you cannot make up for that lack of anabolic stimulus earlier in the day by eating a huge protein meal later in the day because their is an 'anabolic cap' to each meal, so to stimulate muscle protein synthesis maximally it's wise to consume multiple (probably 4-5) meals rich in high quality protein. You want to make sure you are getting enough protein to hit around 3-4g of leucine at a meal to ensure that you are maxing out anabolism, that is typically around 30-45g of protein for most sources. But as far as meal frequency and it's impact on fat loss, it does not seem to matter, and if anything eating too frequently actually impedes fat loss. I believe however, that you could get many of the benefits, if not all of the benefits of intermittent fasting by simply intermittently eating carbs but still having multiple protein meals as eating protein with low/no carb would still maintain elevated insulin sensitivity.

    - What are your generic guidelines of Pre/Post workout nutrition?

    1) get enough protein pre & post workout to maximize anabolism and eat a greater proportion of your total carb intake around your workout since you tend to be more carbohydrate tolerant at those times. However, total carb intake will vary depending upon the individuals insulin sensitivity and total kcal intake.

    - What is your stance when in a caloric surplus what do you believe in should be the minimums you should meet regarding protein, carbohydates, and fats and why? Does any macronutrient trump others as far as protein sparing?

    Well I discussed protein intake above, but overall I'd say if you are hitting 1g/lb you are probably maxing out the anabolic properties of protein and if you are hitting around 1.2g/lb you definitely are. Now eating more protein isn't going to hurt you (though intakes above 1.5g/lb really haven't been studies) however, it's also not providing you anymore anabolic benefit. Carbs are going to be very variable depending upon total kcal intake and insulin sensitivity, but they are probably more protein sparing than fat due to their effects on insulin secretion reducing protein degradation.
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  8. shoulders/bis today..........super intense workout today, moved really quick, focus was great!

    clean from rack height


    push press

    105x6-8 4 sets

    DB shoulder press
    50x7 drop 30 drop 25

    Heavy lateral raises

    22.5x10x4 double drop on last set- heaviest weight ive done on these, form wasnt great but wanted to shock the delts a little

    hammer strength press 4 sets 10-15 ss donkey calf raises

    cable lateral raises 3 sets 10-15

    face pulls 4 sets 10-15 drop on last set

    bent over cable lateral 4 sets 10-15

    Db shrugs 100lb 4 sets 10-15 triple drop on last set

    behind the back cable high pull shrug , stack for 4 sets of 15

    cable str8 bar curl

    95x10x4 only got 4-7 on my own then cheated but controlled teh negative

    hammer preacher curl 50 x10x4

    standing twist curl - 22.5x10-12 3 sets drop on last set, do as many at the same time then alternate arms

    hammer curl 3 sets 10-12 - same protocol as twist curls

    high cable curls - 3 sets 10-15 drop on last set

    sick intensity today, i think my bis might actually be sore tomorrow, its been months, lets hope lol

  9. after listening to layne nortons pod cast that solution posted i decided to do some good high intensity stuff today.....def. sweated like crazy!

    did some plyos, some box jumps and one legged box jumps and depth jumps

    then did prowler pushes, going up in weight every two pushes then coming back down every two pushes

    did 5 sets to failure of decline bench reverse crunches

    then 20 min of HITT on the eliptical , 30 seconds all out high resistance high crossramp 1 minute regular pace low resistance and crossramp

  10. very busy day today, did cardio then lifted then alot of grass cutting and had tons of energy and focus for all of it. I have never been so focused on cutting grass in my life lol, it was quite nice haha.

    today was shoulders/traps/abs - had a very calm focus today,normally it is more of a crazy focus. It really helped me with my mind muscle connection and keeping proper form. Also, i have been reading about guys doing heavy sets with lower reps then higher rep sets after to flush the area with blood so i tried that out.....really enjoyed it

    overhead press - +'s are more push press type reps

    105x6+4 drop 85 drop 65

    behind the neck smith press - rest paused

    115x5,3,2 - 3 sets
    85x 15-20

    standing db lateral raise - +'s dictates the # of reps i did after bending arms to 90 degrees.

    22.5 x 12
    22.5 x 12
    25 x 10 + 5
    25 x 10+5 drop 20 drop 15 drop 10

    DB seated press

    Cable lateral raise 4 sets 10-15 reps

    face pull ss seated bent over rear lateral raise 4 sets 10-12 for face pulls and 10-15 bent over rear laterals

    barbell shrug - got some really good contractions

    235x10-12 x 4 drop 185 drop 135 on last set

    neutral grip standing shrug machine leaning forward 4 sets 10-15

    behind the back "high pull" shrug 4 sets 10-15

    decline bench rev crunch 5 sets to failure

    decline bench weighed crunch 4 sets to failure

    decline bench russian twist 4 sets to failure

  11. First note......weight is slowly creepin up....getting closer to the 170 mark! i def. feel bigger but i do not think my maxes have increased, however I am using more weight on my accesory lifts so i cannot complain at all.

    today was chest/tris/abs

    trained with an old friend today - it was nice having someone who trains pretty intensely for a change, got some good sets and forced reps in!

    Db incline
    70x5+3 drop 40 x 10 + 2

    weighted dips - hardcore style with chains around our necks!! haha

    2 chainsx10x4 + 5 negatives and drop set to bodyweight on last set

    flat db press with twist from neutral to palms forward - gives a great contraction due to this using both motions of the pec muscle - pressing and internal rotation

    4 sets 10-12 - 50 lbs

    db decline

    60x10-15 x 4

    db pullover - 60 x10-12x 3

    ez bar overhead seated ext.

    65x10-12 drop on last set

    supersetted with hammer strength dip machine 4 sets 10-15 drop on last set

    cable tr8 bar pushdown 4 sets 10-15 double drop on last set

    rev grip cable str8 bar pressdown - 4 sets 10-15

    one are db neurtal grip ext 3 sets with forced reps!

    hanging leg raises for 100 total reps

    twisting hanging leg raises for obliques 5 setsof 15 per side

  12. only a few more servings left then final review will be up!!1 my buddythat i got to order some WFR is absolutely loving it, hitting prs already!

  13. been pretty lonely in here lately :-(

  14. so last scoop was today so you know what that means


    Taste: 9.5/10 -
    Smooth, crisp, clean fruit punch flavor.When chilled it is absolutely delicious.No aftertaste or any chemical taste to it.

    Mixability: 9/10 - mixes almost completely clear with only like 2-3 shakes of my shaker. The only downfall is a little bit of settling after a while (i sip my preworkout throughout my workout). It takes a while for this to occur and it is minimal but I must note it.

    Energy:9/10- I am a stim junkie so I dont give it a 10/10 but the energy that it does deliver with its 225mg caffeine per scoop is great. Very clean jitter free energy that lasts all day it seems sometimes. No crash at all.

    Pumps: 9/10 -Although this is not advertised as a pump product it definitely shines above the original white flood in this department.
    Endurance:9/10 I think the increased pumps leads to the increased endurance . There was def. an increase in endurance while on WFR. Rest periods between sets were much less than usual for sure.

    Strength:8/10- I set some new prs while on wfr so cannot complain

    Overall - 9/10 - Overall great product from taste to effectiveness. If you ever tried the original WF it is similar with added goodies that makes it even better!!! This is an extremely solid preworkout product that I would highly recommend!

  15. I plan on puttin up some progress pics to compare to the pics on the first page


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