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    Lets start with a background of myself. I'm 24 5'7 and 155 pounds. Been working out for about 2 years on and off but have buckled down in the past 3 months..pretty much lost all of my muscle from an injury so have basically been starting from scratch which gave me a great opportuunity to do things right..


    Controlled Labs blessed me with a tub of white flood reborn to do a 30 day log on.

    I have minimized my supplements to literally just:
    Orange triad
    Fish oil

    I have two stacks waiiiting for me to cycle..but im holding off to give this a great representation by just using the staples.

    I will be taking it most days in the morning and another serving pwo. Thhis will give an example of both at work and in the gym focus and etc.

    I am taking the original white flood tomorrow 5/7/13 to get a good representation because I usually take it with purple wrath and green mag. This way its a product to product comparison with no other variables.

    I will then be starting the log on my next gym day 5/9/13 so subb in fot the progress reports!

    Thanks again ae14 renegaderows and Controlled Labs!

  2. Will actually be starting reborn today as i decided to workout last night as well and used the og white flood.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by determinator View Post
    Will actually be starting reborn today as i decided to workout last night as well and used the og white flood.
    In for the ride. Enjoy
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post

    In for the ride. Enjoy
    Will do! Taking my first sip as we speak

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    Was looking for a reddish mix but actually looks like the new cherry gatorade that is like a mossy white.. ready to go

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  5. This morning popped:
    3 Orange Triad
    2 Fish Oil

    decided not to take creatine today to get an idea of pump, endurance and muscle fullness from product alone but will continue after today

    First impressions:

    The things i worry about with pre-workouts like this are mainly the energy and pump; i can literally drink or take anything as long as i can get a natural energy that doesn't drive me nuts, gives me great pumps and doesn't bloat me out before a workout. I am taking this at work to get a feeling just for the energy. It IS a workout day so I will also take another scoop about an hour prior to going to the gym. I realize the tub says 30 mins prior, but i usually have to go to the bathroom about 10-15 after the first sip so i give myself time.

    Taste: Definitely what it states, not a tarty or overly flavored watermelon. Just right. If you've tried the old white flood you'll remember the chalky taste/aftertaste. I am not getting that with this. It's actually the opposite, goes down smooth with no after taste at all actually and I'm typing this as I'm sipping... This is what i like to taste when drinking a pre-workout suppplement; something you could drink without having to knock it back and chug because of its horrible taste. Definitely a 9 out of 10 in this aspect. I will definitely being enjoying this in the morning over my coffee daily.

    Mixability: My shaker bottles are pretty decent at mixing, but i barely had to shake it and everything was dissolved. I actually over-shook it causing it to get fizzy for about 10 seconds but i look back and bubbles are gone and as you can see by the picture there are no floaters, just 8 oz. of mossy white. Some people do less or more water based on taste, but 8oz. is all you need its got great mixability and taste at 8 oz. 10/10

    Stomach issues: I use to just take all pills for my supplements, but after those bottles finished and I tried some Controlled Labs samples, i literally fell in love. I always felt bloated, full, and gassy with other supplements prior. But literally no bloating at all with CL products, felt like body completely absorbed them quickly and was able to drink more water because of no discomfort. This is an A+ for me. Like all supps I am now feeling the urge to go to the bathroom but that's how I am with all pwo supps. 10/10

    Energy/concentration: To start, i can't even imagine the mind muscle connection I'd get for this, I'm about to leave work to go find out . I'm literally over typing because of the concentration i get from this. Below is a statement i wrote down while typing this review because the rush came righttt over me as i was typing within a few minutes of the first 4 sips. It is an extremely concentrated feeling like tunnel vision. Awesome focus. I've pretty much been overdosing on my other pwo cuz i've been getting use to it very quickly, and this is just ONE scoop of White Flood reborn that I'm getting the feeling of a couple scoops of my prior cocktail.

    *about five minutes and just sitting here typing this and only 4 sips in i just literally felt a waveeee come over me. I loveeee when you can literally feel the energy starting and going through your whole body like a rush. didn't mean to interrupt the review but had to add it in there that this is literally starting as I'm typing this and barely drank any. Let it be known that this is awesome to feel as I've been taking powermax at 2 scoops in the morning with 1ish of alphamine for the past few days prior. Can deff feel a difference.. and you can see it as well because now I'm starting to over type because its making me concentrate lol. ANYWAYS back to the reivew

    extremely excited to try this out tonight before the gym...expecting great things!

  6. Awesome initial review.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    Awesome initial review.
    thanks AE14, i can tell concentration alone is better with this blend...again, can't wait to try it out tonight at the gym.

  8. another sidenote: its 11:30 and I'm starting to feel like the effects are gone. So thats about a good 5 hours it helped me with concentration at 1 scoop. Pretty decent

  9. Thoughts after the gym:

    It's hard for me to comment on products like this because every time i find a great product for me i have to rave about it because when it works, it works. First it was rpm from appnutt, then it was white flood, then i had to alternate white flood and powermax because of the love i have for both. Powermax is my other go to because i get the crazy numbers and the painful pump i love. the og white flood had a chalky taste and had alright pumps, but when i stacked it with green mag and purple wraath, i was huge. Pumps weren't a huge part of the product for me, it was mostly endurance and pumping out crazy numbers. I think CL took care of both of those gripes that i had with the og White flood with the reborn formula.

    Only did one scoop last night. Would have wanted to do two but it was later in the day and i wanted to get some good sleep tonight.

    I did chest last night and arms after to get a feel for the pump.

    after doing 4 sets each of incline bench, flat bench db's, and cables i had a decent pump that deff had me wanted to go more. I usually only do 3 sets, but was feeling good after the 3rd so dropped the weight and went for high reps on the 4th. Not that pump necessarily does anything for muscle building, but it deff makes you work harder to get it day in and day out at the gym, which in turn is great for muscle building. Once i get that pump and could barely get it up on the 3rd or 4th set, i know hypotrophy has set in and i can move on.

    Got a good chest workout and was addicted tot he fullness so decided to do arms to check out the pump and compare it to what i've been getting with og white flood and powermax because i'm very familiar with both as they are my go to pwo's.

    This pump was different then that of what I am use to. With og white flood i just had a decent pump but endurance was crazy. With powermax i'd get decent endurance but sometimes had to stop because my pump hurt so bad yet so good lol. So i ended up doing crazy 8s for both tri's and bi's. The pump andddd endurance was amaaaazingg. I know i say this every time i get a great pump but i havent done arms in about a week and they looked ginormous. SERIOUSLY no b.s. here. I will say there wasn't too much of a burning sensation so i missed the burning pumps, but the size alone in my pumps was worth it.

    To be able to get a great pump to get my ego going in the gym and out-perform what i usually do was great. Energy was great and i was always ready to do more. I deff like this one better than the og white flood as a complete pwo. It doesn't get any better than HUGE pump, crazy endurance, and ultra concentrated. Makes for a perfect workout.

    They had it great before with og white flood and they've done it again with reborn. With a more simplistic blend than the og white flood, reborn uses less ingredients, yet has a better effect. shows that CL was looking for its golden pwo serium. Almost makes me sad that I only have enough to log and have no clue when its being released...meanwhile i'm here using it twice a day instead of just pwo..oops

    One scoop did great in the morning and in the evening during my workout. But i wonder what CL reps think about doing two pwo? or if its even needed since i had such a great workout. Might be overkill and I'd prob piss most of it out.

  10. Great feedback. Should be out to stores in the near future.
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  11. btw my girlfriend hates the taste of any of my supps but likes my alphamine, powermax, and now white flood reborn is her fav. great now she's hitting me up for my supps!. also really enjoying drinking this in the morning. Taste again is on point

  12. working out tomorrow and adding green mag and purple wraath back into the mix...triple lift stack reborn!

  13. Triple lift stack reborn today!

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  14. great stack indeed!!!
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  15. i think im gunna do a before and after pic for the amount of pump i get from this, not that im big but holy crap does it fool ppl at the gym lol

  16. Phone was about to die so no pics but i will get the before and after next arm day..

    Did back and shoulders last night...had a great workout; worked out so hard i was done before my usual time and looking for more to do.

    started off with a half a mile warm up alternating from 3.5 to 7.5


    -did lat pulldowns with a superset or normal grip and reverse grip for each set. Ended up doing 4 sets to failure.

    -also did 4 sets of barbell rows with supersetted with close grip pulldowns

    -3 sets 10 on deadlifts and added 20 more lbs from last week to my last set EXCITED ABOUT THAT!


    arnold db press
    bent over rear delt raises, front and side delt raises for 5 sets to failure
    upright rows

    and ended with my fav... dumbbell shrugs 3 sets with 125's from 10 to 8 to 6 on the last set

    need to strengthen my forearms more as my traps are growing faster then my forearms and its getting harder to hold the weight that i can shrug.

    INTENSITY was extremely high last night; was sweating my A$$ off doing set after set with barely any breaks, prob about 20 seconds. just enough to get my breath and adrink and on to the next one

    I took a heaping scoop at about 4:30 pm and didn't think i would sleep good, but i think i had a hard enough of a workout that i was able to.

    I've notice my sweating has increased, don't know if that is because of one of the ingredients in WF reborn or just because of the increase in intensity BECAUSE of WF reborn..unsure..regardless i'm completely happy with it as I'm pushing those last 3 reps without a spotter that i normally would've dropped the weight to the ground. good stuff CL.

  17. For those of u stim junkies I'm taking two scoops this morning on my off day. Lets see how much work i can get done!

  18. update: There is literally no need for two scoops in one sitting. I prepared 15oz of water with 2 scoops of reborn for work...drank half and forgot about the other half until now because i was set with energy. Drinking the other half now to keep things going but prob won't even finish that. I'm not saying 2 scoops or 1.5 wouldnt be great for working out but i workout way to late to take that much caffeine so close to bed. i scoop is enough to get a great workout and be completely focused. If i do two scoops itd only be to span it out through the day.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by determinator View Post
    update: There is literally no need for two scoops in one sitting. I prepared 15oz of water with 2 scoops of reborn for work...drank half and forgot about the other half until now because i was set with energy. Drinking the other half now to keep things going but prob won't even finish that. I'm not saying 2 scoops or 1.5 wouldnt be great for working out but i workout way to late to take that much caffeine so close to bed. i scoop is enough to get a great workout and be completely focused. If i do two scoops itd only be to span it out through the day.
    I would imagine that 2 scoops could be rough when working out later in the evening. Certainly would for me
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  20. Took a serving of white flood this morning at 6am..doing great at work

    Just had lunch at 10:40am, tired today could prob use alittle more white flood or coffee but just getting though it so i can take a serving at 2pm pwo. Doing chest and tri's today so should get some pretty good pump. Taking purple wraath at 20oz and dropping green mag in there at 8 oz as i usually do just before i down some WFR at 2pm.

    sidenote: wanted to mention that my soreness didn't last as long after my back/bi's/shoulder day, usually lasts about 3 days. Wasn't sore at all after chest and arms last monday and through the week either. Obv now with purple wraath and green mag revocery will also be a lot quick now but i did not take it last monday.

  21. Posting full review tom. But just wanted to say workouts just seem to be getting better and better...

  22. Had an awesome workout last night

    4 drop sets of flat bench
    4 drop sets on incline bench
    3 sets on cable flyes

    Crazy 8s for tri's -did 3 complete sets
    Tricep pulldowns -whole rack
    Tricep pushbacks with db
    Weight dips 35lbs

    Then had a little more in me so dip traps with dbs did 80'sx10, 90'sx10, and 100'sx10

    Mixability is slways perfect barely needs 4 shakes with no clumps at all..

    Pumps were AWESOME LIKE ALWAYS..MY CHEST WAS Hugeeeee and tri's were ginormous..atleast for me..wish I could remember a before and after lol

  23. back in the gym tonight! loving my results in the past week or two weight continues to go up and mass is slowly increasing as well. Tonight is back/shoulders. I can't fit into any of my clothes anymore, chest and back have gotten wider and thicker. chest has been coming along great now have to concentrate more on back and shoulders so they can catch up. should be a great workout tonight with WFR!

  24. sorry been extremely busy

    did back on thursday

    did 4 sets of lat pulldowns with varying hand positions of normal and reverse grip

    then did 3 set of close grip pulldown

    200x3 10x8x6 light deadlifts

    3 sets of bb rows 135x10

    my back was soooo pumped i felt huge in the gym, but want to keep working on my shoulders so popped out some sets

    did shoulder press with db's

    used various weight on dumbbells to do shoulder bent over front and side raises delts were screammming
    pretty much did raises until my arms fell off have no clue how many rep or sets just kept going

    very happy with the pump i get in the gym, makes me work 10 times harder than i normally would..its a great feeling

    White flood reborn has gotten rid of that chalky after taste which i noticed is still sort of apparant in green mag and pruple wraath maybe some reborns of them in the future!..until then still my my go to bcaa and creatine.

  25. Looking good. Glad to see that it is treating You well
    Mr. Supps Board Rep


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