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  1. did 1.5 scoops in the morning and had a long lasting focus for about 5-6 hours...decided to go to the gym yesterday instead of today and ended up taking a full scoop 30 mins pwo. Felt a little tingle for about 5 minutes as i walked into the gym but went away. Prop cuz i chugged it down all at once.

    Started with a .25 miles at a fast walk and another .25 miles at a fast jog just to get the blood going.

    It was chest day so started off with incline dumbbell press. did 3 drop sets and as a side note my weight goes up every week. My first set is usually 5-8 heavy and i continue to go up 5 pounds every week. I was pushing up weight on the last couple reps that i usually can't push up unless i have a spotter but i got it up! Had so much strength last night it was crazy i couldn't believe what i was pushing up.
    Ended this with a set of incline press on the machine.

    Thought my chest and tri's were done after the weight i was doing, but i ended up doing my normal 3 sets flat bench with dumbbells. and then did flyes right after. Today my chest feels great a little bit of soreness but i like that to show i did work..its nice to get a little sore when you continuously workout cuz it means you are in fact ripping ur muscles and they are having to repair.

    Ended my workout with tricep pushdowns full rack and one arm pulldowns front and reverse grip. Looking pumped after as usually.. there is just no bad gym days when you have white flood reborn to get you through it. Endurance is always there and strength continues to increase. I blame it on the addition i have for the pump and pushing out those last few reps, where pure hypotrophy is reached. I'm glad to say I'm finally back to where I was before i got hurt! Now its time to get to where I WANT to be, the long journey.

  2. back bi's and shoulders today! 1 reborn scoop am and after work

  3. Took a break from working out..had some plumbing and electric work I had to do and mother went in the hospital with meningitis..but all is good and was clearing some woods sweating my but off so was still active..white flood got me through all the hardwork.. almost done with my tub..couple more days left..

    Morning serving then another before chest and tris!

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  4. only one or two more servings left!

    Chest/tris 5/28/13

    started off with a quarter mile at 4 and ended with another quarter mile at 8 to get the blood flowing.

    incline bench press - havent worked out in week so went light and tried getting a nice pump

    flat bench dumbbell press - chest was PUMPED
    60'sx 8

    cable flyes upper and lower chest - 3 sets of each

    Supersets for tri's:

    ez bar skull crushers x3
    tricep pulldowns/pushdowns x3
    tricep pushbacks x3

    Felt like it was hard to get a pump last night...had a pretty good workout but just didnt feel big musta been that week off, or my buddy coming in all juiced up and huge lol. I've gotta say this has done pretty well..only two servings left and im i think my body is just getting use to it; didnt have to swap pwo's like i usually have to which is good. It way have been just because i havent worked out in awhile but just didnt feel an awesome pump regardless of how my workout was going. It has been a great run on white flood reborn. Should have one more review and then a final this week for any of those who were following.

  5. Final review:

    Taste 9/10
    Probably the best tasting pwo I've ever had...doesn't have that dry powdery aftertaste..that's the best part it actually is refreshing..I've taken it everyday once or twice a day and every morning it was great to have.

    Mixability 10/10
    Literally fastest mixing just a couple shakes and no residue AT ALL. Not even in the last sip

    Energy 9/10
    I took this every morning for work obsessed my coffee and it worked wonders..I missed a day in the middle and took coffee and had a horribly grawgy day..it's not the tingles it's a very natural energy. In the gym it was everything I needed and more

    Pump 8/10
    The pump was retry good with reborn. And A LOT better than the og. I like more painful pumps but I will say my arms did grow pretty big while working out. A great volumizing pump I'd have to say.

    Endurance was awesome. If get through every workout no problem and then some. I'd go set after set no problem.

    I think the best part of reborn is the taste energy and endurance. The pumps aren't at the top but are very good. Whether I was at work or in the gym reborn came through for me. With no chalky taste, better energy and pump from the og, I'd have top day CL did it with this one. One of the best PWOs I have ever had and will always be in arms reach..I'll never go with out it

  6. Awesome review...I am glad to hear that it was so effective for you.

    Thank you for the log
    Mr. Supps Board Rep


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