Piston Honda's UnCut trial size review

  1. Piston Honda's UnCut trial size review

    I've owed a final review to Dewey and AppNut for a while and can finally put it up! Lol. Received this before I started repping for MAN and since that time have been busy with my rep duties and planning my wedding, as well as getting ready for mys ister's wedding. Busy busy! But enough about me, here's the lowdown on UnCut:

    I used 2 caps for any cardio work I had to do, and would use a cap with some stim-free pwo ingredients during weight workouts. I also used a cap from time to time on days where I needed to plow through paper grading.

    I was pleasantly surprised by how focused UnCut kept me in all situations, even cardio, which I despise! Not a "cracked-out" sensation at all. Had some mild pumpage in the weight workouts as well. No extreme crash either once the effects wore off, which wasn't for a few hours.

    I am intrigued enough about the effects of a full bottle's worth and will one day purchase a full bottle!

    Thanks again to Dewey for allowing me to test the trial size and for allowing me the time necessary to fulfill my obligation to him.
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  2. Thanks for the review sir!

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