Alphamine - The Fat Incineration LOG

  1. Alphamine - The *Fat Incineration* LOG - Unsponsored

    Hey Everyone, I'm going to be logging my usage of Alphamine combined with my diet and exercise protocol for the next several months.
    I hope it's an interesting log considering my body composition.

    5' 11
    252 lbs
    Estimated BMR = 2200 kcal
    Estimated LBM = 175 lbs

    First of All: My goals are as follows:

    1) Get out of obese territory (where I am now - 250's) and into overweight territory (around 215 lbs).
    May - Beg. of July
    2) Go from overweight to lean (175) while putting on a respectable amount of muscle
    July - October
    3) Reassess my body composition once I am below the 190's and implement an effective lean gains style plan. Focusing more on muscle growth than pure fat loss.

    Once I complete phase 1 of fat loss, my main goal will be to continue to lose fat, while putting on muscle so as not to end up looking emaciated and like a skinny fat type guy.

    Time Frame -
    Phase I
    I expect it will take me about 2 1/2 months to complete phase 1.
    5/4 - 7/15
    250 - 215 = 35 lbs. | 35 lbs x 3500 cal = 122,500 calories | 122, 500 / 72 days = 1700 calorie deficit per day

    Phase II
    July 15 - October 30 - 108 Days
    Fat loss will continually slow down as the months go on.
    |215 - 175 = 40 lbs| |40 x 3500 = 140,000| |140,000/108 = 1300 Calorie Deficit Per Day|
    Fat loss will still be the primary goal here, but as I am getting closer to lbm (below 200) , muscle will become more important.

    How I'm Going To Get There...
    Based on Lyle's Writings - A person my size, should be able to sustain a daily dietary deficit of around 2200 kcal (70lbs fat mass x 31kcal)
    I realize this number changes based on fat loss, which is why I am discounting in my calculations a progressive decrease of fat loss per month. I have also seen Lyle address this number in his forum, where someone was wanting to go into a deeper deficit, and he essentially said it is possible as long as you have a high enough protein intake combined with resistance training.

    Either way, my problems will not come from having difficulty going beyond this max dietary deficit, but will come from my ability to stay consistent with my diet and daily workouts. I just thought it might be interesting to take into account.

    Even as I reach 200 lbs, according to the 31 rule, I should still be able to sustain around an 800 kcal dietary deficit without eating into lean mass.

    I realize that alphamine is not a magic bullet, but based on my experiences with using it for about 2 weeks, it really does help kill my appetite. Dietary Deficit + Exercise + Alphamine = Fat Loss

    My Primary Method of Fat Loss
    Dietary Calorie Deficit + Cardio Exercise
    Cardio of Choice = Elliptical

    To meet the goal of Phase 1, 1700 total deficit, I will:
    Take in average of 1500 Calories Per Day. (2200 BMR - 1500 = 700 dietary deficit)
    Exercise around 1 hour per day doing cardio. At my weight and my average HR for such an activity, I can burn around 1k calories/hour on the elliptical.

    For A Total of 700 + 1000 = 1700

    Now, I realize this is ideal, but that is the goal.

    Dietary Methods -Beyond just a daily calorie deficit that looks similar day to day, I will try to implement a form of ADF twice a week. This means 24 hours without food, with around a 500 calorie meal(primarily protein) at the end of the 24 hour mark. For example, stop eating on monday at 9 pm, fast till tuesday at 9pm - eat a small meal at 9:30, go to sleep.

    Also, with this form of dieting, with 2 extremely low cal days, it will allow me to have several days that go a little beyond maintenance to keep things interesting. Mind you, I will not credit myself a pigout day just because I did a fast, but I think switching things up is better overall.

    Either way, for Phase 1 , I will need an average weekly total deficit of about 12,000 Calories. Ultimately, the way I get there isn't too important(concerning the somewhat zig zag, vs steady obvious cr), just as long as I reach that deficit each week.

    Resistance Training -I am not overly concerned about this in phase 1, however I am going to be doing 1 day each week of machine type circuit training as well as a dumbell home workout I found.

    So, it will look like M, W, F, S.

    I will never do a fast day on a day I will be doing resistance training. However, I will be doing liss cardio(trying to stay at 140 hr vs usual 170 hr) on the fast day at around the 18 hour mark.


    Green sup -

    Past Experience With Alphaminee
    I first got alphamine when it initially came out and had some small success with it. I found that the appetite suppression was great, and that it also increased my HR by about 10 bmp. I lost about 10 pounds(prob half water weight) in 2 weeks, however quit for some reason and am now back where I started from. I didn't really know what I was doing back then.

    I have been implementing most everything I mentioned above for the past 10 days or so and have logged it in a chart if you are interested. This was mostly just reintroducing my body to what it was like to actually lose weight, but now I am focused on going all in. I will be updating that document daily if you are interested.

    Pics - I will try and upload pics every 2 weeks to visualize any changes.

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    (April 30th, 2013 Pics)

    I have posted this log not only to describe alphamine and its effects as well as other supplements, but to also help keep myself accountable. I hope you find some benefit from coming along. I have already lost about 6 pounds (258-252) in the last 15 days or so, but I didn't really go 100%, just getting used to the deficit.

    Here is the link to my spreadsheet where I am tracking all my calorie intake and exercise calories.
    I am not able to post just delete the space between the com m/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApbFugWVHlzZdGNwTkFfd 2tyRldNVmdPb1MxYndJT0E&usp=sha ring

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  2. I'm in brother! Now let's get shredded! Very good opening to the log sir!
    PEScience Representative

  3. Killer beginning to the log. Very descriptive on what you are going to do. In and ready to watch the fat melt away

  4. In bro. I use to weigh 250lbs as well and dropped all the way down to 170lbs before bulking back to my current weight. LETS DO THIS

  5. Thanks for the support guys. I will post updates every few days to keep things relevant.

    Today is my circuit training type day, plus cardio - around an hour each.

    Going to take my first dose of alphamine right now - and probably my only dose for the day as I don't want to stay up extra late tonight.
    I usually don't exercise this long, but once a week I do the cardio plus resistance for around 1:45. Should be equal to about 1300 exercise calories and I am aiming to eat around 1800 today.

  6. So, today ended pretty well.

    I ate dinner around 4 pm and took alphamine at about 6. I basically used it as a preworkout today. Most days I will be taking alphamine in the mornings and evening, but I actually wanted to taste the food I was eating today. ( I have noticed the appetite supression kind of kills the joy out of taste.)

    Results of Today
    45 Minutes of Resistance Training
    50 Minutes of cardio on the elliptical

    1760 Calorie Intake, 1350 Exercise Calories - Total Deficit of 1790.

    - Note to self, don't use alphamine as a preworkout (I feel I should give it atleast 2 hours before working out). The reason being that my HR is already pretty high when exercising(good sweat on elliptical for 60 min at around 170 hr with no stims), and alphamine increases it by about 10bmp. Let's just say that it doesn't feel safe doing high intense cardio(some intervals near the end) in combination with alphamine taken so close(results in 200+ hr when doing intense intervals - I usually stick with liss, but that still gives me around 150-160 hr). This probably won't be true for more athletic and in shape people, but atleast in my situation, I will be giving a greater time lag between supplementation with alphamine and cardio.

    When I was doing my resistance training, I was sweating like crazy, almost on par with when I do cardio.

    And, in case you missed it, here is the doc where I am recording all this data
    Make sure to remove the space between the .com m/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApbFugWVHlzZdGNwTkFfd 2tyRldNVmdPb1MxYndJT0E&usp=sha ring

    Something interesting to note is that when I go to various websites to calculate my bmr, they estimate it at 2400 calories a day. The maintenance number I have plugged into my calculations is 2200. Now, I'm not positive which number is true maintenance, but I will continue using the lower number.

    This may mean that my actual weight loss will be faster than the estimated weight loss in the spreadsheet, since my true maintenance may be different. Either way, it is a margin of safety that may help buffer times when I underestimate calories or whatnot. Then again, 2200 may be my true maintenance...We'll see.

  7. Subbed.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by LiveToLift View Post
    I'm in brother! Now let's get shredded! Very good opening to the log sir!
    Quote Originally Posted by kbayne View Post
    Killer beginning to the log. Very descriptive on what you are going to do. In and ready to watch the fat melt away
    Quote Originally Posted by jwa254 View Post
    In bro. I use to weigh 250lbs as well and dropped all the way down to 170lbs before bulking back to my current weight. LETS DO THIS
    Thanks for coming along guys, I appreciate it.

    Today, 5/4/2013 was another pretty good day.
    I took only 1 1/2 scoops of alphamine about an hour before my workout and tried to keep it at a lower intensity than the last.

    Calories In: 1650
    Exercise: 1250
    65 minutes elliptical 175 avg. HR

    This exercise was actually done on 12 hours fasted. Along with the alphamine, I also drank a serving of Core ABC BCAA during my workout.

    I weighed myself this morning and finally broke into the 240's at 249.1 . Finally out of the 250's and never going to see them again. I may not be able to exercise that much the next 3 days with some heavy deadlines coming in at school, but I'll make up for it later in the week. I may do a fast on friday.

    I also realized that I won't be able to use alphamine non stop for the period of 3 or 4 months.

    Maybe during the break I will use alpha t2 along with Oxyelite. Or, maybe the break means no supps at all?? Or, just no supps with stims?

  9. I would definitely suggest to take a break from stims. There are some good non-stim fat burners out there if you wanted to use those.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by jwa254 View Post
    I would definitely suggest to take a break from stims. There are some good non-stim fat burners out there if you wanted to use those.
    Yeah, I will be taking a break at the 8 week mark. For some reason, I thought alpha t2 was a non-stim thermo(maybe it's just the most recent one that has stims), but apparently you need a break from that as well. What non-stim fat burner would you suggest?

    It looks like decimate + dcp would be a good stack.

  11. Didn't think I'd exercise today, but was able to squeeze in a 46 minute workout at the last second. Overall, it wasn't a terrible day.
    I didn't take alphamine today. I'm going to start being more in compliance with the 2 separate doses in the morning and evening. I figured I wouldn't be able to sleep if I took it past 8, so I just left it out. My HR was lower due to this by around 8-10 bpm.

    Calories in: 1680
    Exercise: 850
    Total Deficit - 1370

    My weight increased a little today(up by .8), but it's not really a big deal. I expect these fluctuations to happen a lot. My goal this week is to just cement myself below 248, including fluctuations.

    Will be taking alphamine in the am tomorrow.

  12. How about some HIIT? Better results while spending less time doing cardio. Spending over an hour in the gym each day is not sustainable for many.

    Check out episode 3 of Muscle College radio with Layne Norton about cardio.

  13. How's everything going in here?
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  14. Quote Originally Posted by LiveToLift View Post
    How's everything going in here?
    I'm curious too. I love alphamine and hope you are sticking to your plan recomp
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  15. Too bad the thread died

  16. I am reviving this thread and will provide an update soon. After several off and on periods I am down to 232. Time to go all the way down permanently.


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