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  1. Betancourt Nutrition Endocrine-IGF

    I was super happy to get a chance to try this out. Recovery is where you grow, and this gives you sleep and recovery! Sleep is totally hard for me, working swing shifts and having 2 young kids, quality sleep is near impossible for me.

    Some product info:
    ENDOCRINE IGF is the first night time GH formula created to not only enhance growth hormone levels, but the anabolic growth factor IGF-1 as well. Many over the counter GH products attempt to get by on simply enhancing sleep and using this as evidence of improved growth hormone production.

    The truth is an effective night time/GH formula must be able to improve R.E.M (deep sleep) for the effective release of growth hormone. For the few GH products that have been able to do this, the amino acid L-Dopa has been the weapon of choice for releasing dopamine. Unfortunately, companies have settled for cheaper concentrations of L-Dopa and have left users feeling tired and ill during the day, despite the amino acids powerful night time effects.

    In Betancourt Nutrition’s cGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practices) facilities, scientists used L-Dopa at 98% purity to create the cleanest and most effective night time GH formula to date.

    ENDORINE IGF Contains:

    L-Carnitine L-Tartrate: research proven to enhance recovery from exercise.
    Puerarin: backed by research to elevate GH 520%
    L-Leucine Nitrate: research proven to elevate the anabolic response.
    This Nitrated analog also enhances blood flow along with L-Arginine (AAKG) for GH stimulation. IGF-1 (Insulin like Growth Factor) is enhanced by the ingredients Eurycoma Longifolia and Bovine Colostrum.

    So last night I took this about 25 minutes before bed. I could feel it tugging on my sleepy strings after about 10 minutes. Went to bed and fell asleep in about 5 minutes. Normally I have problems with waking mid sleep and then I can't get back to sleep. On this I was able to get back to sleep in a couple minutes. Needless to say that means the world to me. Waking up at 4 am is tough, doing it after a night of trouble sleeping is horrendous. Last night I had quality sleep, awoke minutes before my alarm feeling happy and well rested. Had a slightly weird dream, but I like having weird dreams. Body feels mildly sluggish in the early morning, but my mind is active and refreshed. Looking forward to each dose of this product. Recommended dosage is 5x a week but I will take it 4x a week on workout days.

  2. Took a little longer to fall asleep last night. Stayed up too late and kind of woke up trying to go to sleep. Took about 20 minutes, slept awesomely without waking up until morning. Slept about 9 hours. Working a lot of overtime and I really needed some good rest. I also dead lifted 360x10 yesterday plus some other brutal lifting. Hopefully my body grew some. Very pleased with second dose. A little slow waking up, kind of groggy. But I feel great!

  3. Took my dose at 8:20 went to bed at 9. Got to sleep pretty quick. 2 bathroom visits and a crazy ass dream later and I awoke on my own 12 minutes before alarm went off at 4:00 am. No issues whatsoever going back to sleep after bathroom. Need to remember not to drink so much water late in the day. Feel wonderful, alert, awake, refreshed, no muscle soreness. (Top 5/3/1 strict press set was 120x9 yesterday)

  4. Took a sample pack last night after squat day. (310x8 top set) Took it around 8 went to lay down around 8:40. Didn't fall asleep for a bit I'd say around 20 minutes. I must have needed sleep because I didn't wake up at all or even dream, that I can recall, throughout the night. Alarm went off and my mind was up and alert with no problem, my body was unwilling though and took me a minute to get up. This morning I feel real good. Muscles feel good, kind of numb. Hope they grew a little in the night.

  5. For comparison, I took a sleep aid supplement containing 10g. Melatonin and some other herbs. I still had trouble falling asleep, woke up lightly a couple times right after falling asleep, awoke an hour before alarm, couldn't get back to sleep easily, and had trouble getting up when alarm did go off. Body is sore. Normal sleep aids do not compare to something like endocrine-IGF.

  6. Took a dose last night at 8:00 went to bed at 8:48. Didn't feel like long till I was out. Woke up to go bathroom once and was back asleep super quick. No dreams no being awake just sleep. Again my muscles are just a little numb like before. Did deadlifts yesterday. 380x6 then 405x3 singles. Couldn't wake up for alarm very well, almost went back to sleep. Feel alert and awake now though.

  7. Took a dose after squatting yesterday, top set of 325x6. Took at 5:08 am took me about 20 minutes to fall asleep, although I really wasnt very tired. Had some minor interruptions from kids but fell back asleep immediately. Woke up around 12 pm for bathroom and went back to sleep after about 5 minutes. Got up at 1:30, felt well rested and refreshed, no dreams that I can remember. Again, my muscles had that numb feeling that I don't feel normally after waking up.

    Pros of this product.
    The sleep is amazing.
    Getting back to sleep is so easy.
    Puts you to sleep pretty easily.
    Wake up alert, refreshed, well rested.
    Muscles hurt less than if you don't take it.
    Weird dreams, if I have or can remember them that is. May not be a pro for some but I like it.
    Easily dosed, 3 caps.
    Allows you to go to sleep earlier and sleep later.

    Price, although it is competitively priced with other products of this kind. More of a neutral than a con.

  8. Last sample
    Took dose after work at 5:30 am. Went to bed at 5:46, was out pretty immediately. Wish I had a better experience with the last dose but it was hot and kids were being loud. Woke up several times and didn't get back to sleep right away like before. However, I was able to go back to sleep. Typically I would wake up like this and be up for an hour or more trying to go back to sleep or just get up early. Anyway, still a good experience and logging a great product like this was an awesome experience! A lot of supplement s make claims about how they work and what they do but how many actually give you real immediate results? This is one of those products. You will get good rest and your body will grow.


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