SNS Agmatine Sulfate Review

  1. SNS Agmatine Sulfate Review

    Whats up guys! Thank you for the chance to review these magic little pills

    First day I took 2 caps an hour and half before my lift. I noticed them right away. My pumps were very noticeable and effective. Ive never really had pumps stay for a while longer after my workout but these really did. I was surprised.

    I upped the dose to three! cuz thats just what i do haha! gave me a little extra pump just enough to make it worth while to continue taking taking them at this dose!

    Im just very impressed with the effective-ness of this supplement, reminds me of dbol haha. You sure these things arent anabolic? I see no reason not to add this to my arsenal of supps. What more can i say! These worked for me. I will be buying this product next paycheck! thanks again for the oppurtunity!

    You officially have a new customer!

  2. Thank you,Im glad you enjoyed the product!
    mack @
    "Revolutionizing Sports Nutrition, One Product At A Time"

  3. Thanks for the feedback!

    Serious Nutrition Solution ~~

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