P-6 Black by Cellucor
Epiq Hardening by Epiq
GRP-HD/RoxyLean by BPI
Compound 20 by USP Labs
Beyond Raw Reforge by ***
Wheybolic 60 by ***

Alright, so this is an attempt of a log, this is my first one and im pretty excited about the product i am taking. Currently i am sitting at 186lbs at 6'1, around 8-9% body fat. My goal with this stack is 6-7% body fat while maintaing all size and increasing strength. I eat very clean 200g protien a day, 70g of carbs Sun-Thurs, 180g of carbs on Friday and Saturday. I wake up every morning at 7am and am at the gym at 8 for weight training, which entails a routine of Shoulders, Legs, Chest, Back, Arms, Off day. I also do high intensity cardio and abs every other day or even 3-5 days consecutively.

P-6 Black - 3 pills at 7:30 am with food in stomach
Epiq Hardening- 1 pill at 7:15 am with food
GRP-HD/RoxyLean- 1 pill of each at 7am on empty stomach
Compound 20 - 2 pills before cardio, and 2 pills 6 hours later.
Beyond Raw Reforge- 1 pack before bedtime
Wheybolic 60 - 2 scoops post workout

Ill be posting pictures soon, if i can figure out how to convert them into smaller sizes. Ill do my best to keep updated daily, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them.