Athletix's new PREs review

  1. Athletix's new PREs review

    First off, thanks to the guys at Athletix for giving me the chance to try out their new PREs.
    Stim PRE:
    Mixabilty: Pretty good. I opened the caps and mixed with water as JD said.
    Taste: Good clean taste kinda thinking it might be a citrus/peach flavor tea??
    Energy: Too much for me. Felt cracked out like I hadn't slept for three days and was amped up. Felt kinda sick and a little nauseous. Lasted for about 4-5 hours before I was somewhat back to normal. It reminded me of when I forgot I had already added 2 scoops of Jack3d to my drink and added another 2. (that wasn't fun!) I think I should have started with just two caps and not all four at once.
    Didn't really notice too much else as the cracked out feeling overshadowed everything.

    Stim Free PRE:

    Mixability: Not good. The little granules of stuff never did dissolve. Even had some stuck to the side of my bottle after I drank it all and added more water during the lifting session. Had some water left over and even the next day, there were some of the granules still in the water.
    Taste: Just as the other, it has a good clean taste. Watermelon I believe.
    Energy: Not really much here
    Pump: Had a really good pump going on with pronounced vascularity.

    Overall thoughts:
    I think that both would need some work/ fine tuning to get them where I would buy them but I can see how others would be happy with them. I think a smaller dose on the stim pre would have yielded better results for me. Pretty good punch in a small dose! I liked the stim free pre for the effects but not for the mixing abilities.
    Jeremiah 29:11-14

  2. Thanks for the detailed review!

    Flavour is Rasp Lemonade in the caps
    Core Nutritionals Representative

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