Athletix Stim Stim Preworkout Review

  1. Athletix Stim Preworkout Review

    Thanks again to Athletix for letting me review their unreleased stim pre-workout!

    Stimulant Effect: Nothing to crazy. I am very tolerant to stimulants and some stims for some reason either I don't like at all (ex. DMAA) or just don't spike my CNS to much. This pre-workout definitely gave me a good focus, however, nothing that made me felt buzzed and ready to take on the world. Just enough to get me up and ready to lift things and put them down.

    Endurance: This shined pretty well. Not as good as the non stim preworkout Athletix sent but pretty close. Was able to get through my workout effortlessly however, after the workout I was pretty tired. This is probably due to the stim blend it had.

    Flavor: Definitely my favorite thing about the product. There was no flavor disclosed but if I had to guess it was something like citrus/lemon/lemon tea or something like an Arnold Palmer. I can't express to you how much I loved that flavor. It was just awesome!!!

    Overall Workout: I had great focus during my entire workout, I was able to push myself to the limit and this pre-workout definitely gave me a great boost. The flavoring system was some of the best flavor I've ever had in a product and the when it comes to the stimulant effect, Endurance, Pump, etc: it gets an above average score. Great job Athletix I am curious to see what this product is all about when it's released!

    PES R&D

  2. Awesome detailed review! Thanks!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  3. Quote Originally Posted by JudgementDay View Post
    Awesome detailed review! Thanks!
    Thank you for the sample!
    PES R&D

  4. Glad you enjoyed it I haven't tried the non stim yet.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by packers6211 View Post
    Glad you enjoyed it I haven't tried the non stim yet.
    We will soon enough
    Core Nutritionals Representative



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