Pbatt takes Dpol and critiques.

  1. Talking Pbatt takes Dpol and critiques.

    Finished my tub of dpol*powder*.First and foremost for those of you who get shipped with no scoop this stuff is easy to measure with a weight scale. 4.4 gram serving size.
    I will not hold the no scoop thing against the product because the scoop is a plastic utensil which is easily replaced*looks with an evil eye at all my scoops*
    The only supps I'm taking right now are creatine,multi,beta alinine,fish oil,citruline and joint stuff.My peptide use is on halt atm.

    Ingredients 7/10
    The profile of this product is superb I love DAA and I work in an office that seems like I live in there which means I am guessing d3 would be beneficial.The b vitamins sure.You can throw those in.DAA is the star here though.The nitrates are nice but DAA is the main thing here.

    Taste 8/10
    Didn't taste bad.I was skeptical at first because I heard vanilla creme and was scared how that would taste with citruline being sour ect
    pleasantly surprised.Not a very strong taste either.

    Mixability 9/10
    Easy in,shake,serve.

    Effectiveness 9/10
    Lets just put it this way.I have been training for 5 years and I hit a dead PR*which is rare*went from 460 to 475

    Cost 9/10 on nutraplanet due to DAA being expensive right now with d-pol remaining cheap

    Over all it's a buy.I felt the need to review it so that should tell you something.Next are my enhanced and alphamine review.

  2. Thx for the review.
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