X-Gel'n my way to Rocky III

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  1. Glad to see the epic pumps and fullness are kicking in!
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  2. Thanks, Dirty! Glad you're enjoying it. You're gonna love X-Gels. With your dedication to all you're doing, you'll benefit greatly.
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  3. Looking really good in here,love the detail in your updates and great work in the gym!
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  4. Day Thirteen of Twenty-Five:

    Still going strong. Had a good workout today. Focused better and really dialed it in. Legs are getting stronger even though at times I get tentative about hitting it hard given how my knees might hold up. But, I take it slow and take all the precautions. Did a longer warm-up this time around, wanted to get as much blood warm and circulating before hitting it. I know that aided in getting through today.


    -2x10x100 (warm-up)

    Second set felt odd. I don't think I had the right foot spacing for my needs. I tend to take a wider stance than shoulder-width. Not considerable, but enough to get in a good stretch. I can't sink below my knees. Mainly for comfort and safety's sake. But, the quads are getting bigger and I'm blasting through it. Will up the weight next week. Maybe 205...but an increase is an increase. All about that overall load in the long run.

    Leg Extension:

    Was pleased with how my left leg responded to these. Toe was in line just like the right. Made me happy!


    Felt a better stretch with these on the first set. Felt it slightly more in the lower back on the subsequent sets. Still got in a good stretch. Left leg feels like a bunch of nerves are unraveling like a set of iPod headphones--from so many years of neglect and slow atrophy of the hammies. Damn good to get this in order.

    Leg Curls:

    20 felt light which added to my enjoyment in this workout. 30 was a good struggle but a nice benchmark moving forward. Solid through and through.

    Calf Raises:

    Not too pleased with these. Suffice it to say that my calves are a serious weak spot. Got the proverbial chicken legs. They're slowly beefing up. I 'spose I'll just add more weight, take my time and give hell.

    That's all for today. Tomorrow is off day, so next update will be Thursday.

    "All I wanna do is go the distance. Nobody's ever gone the distance with Creed."

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  5. Day Fourteen of Twenty-Five:

    Pumps look nice during the workout. Everything's swoll and if only I could stay that way! Noticing some good firming on the arms and somewhat in the chest. Also, quads. Speaking of quads, after having read this article, I will try doing as such. Gonna have to start out with much lighter weight, but, I'm willing to give it a go. My legs are a sore spot for me and I feel it might help my knee, so long as I don't get too crazy with it and keep it all in balance. I tried doing a few reps with just bodyweight and could feel a difference. It will take some time, but, what's the rush after all!

    I'm still thinking I need to up my caloric and protein intake, but, finding time to eat is getting limited. I might go back to my morning shake and eat a lighter meal after my post-workout shake.


    Bent-Over Rows (for speed):

    Getting better at these. Keeping strict form and trying to raise that bar up as fast as I can solely using my back. It's working. I should have started at 105 since I was able to crank it up to 150 earlier this week. I'll shoot for 110 next week. Guess that means I'll have to crank out more on the power days. I like that idea!

    T-Bar Rows:

    Felt good with these. They have always been a favorite of mine. I should probably go just a touch lighter for a better burn.

    Meadow Rows:

    Used a wrist strap on these to really let the lats do the pulling. Made a difference on the right--better side--and not so much on the left--one with the funky shoulder. Still, able to get in a good sequence through and through. Perhaps lighter weight will aid me better.

    -15x50lb plates
    -14x50lb plates

    Love this! The traps start moving on their own once I'm down; the residual build-up of the motion going on. Time to get all Patrick Willis status with these!

    Rope Pulldowns (via resistance band):

    Much better than last week's attempt with cable rows. Got in a good stretch and really let the serratus do all the work. Need to tweak the form better on these, but I like where this is going.

    Seated Overhead Press:

    In going for a hypertrophic burn--to invent a phrase--I think I went too heavy. I should have lowered this to 40 to really burn these to 20 reps. Got it ready for next week now!

    Face Pulls (via resistance band

    First time doing these. It will take time to adjust and get in the proper rhythm. Felt I got it going on with the subsequent sets. Left shoulder feels odd, but it just tells me I need to pull with the shoulder blades in better. I think it's helping that left shoulder even with this being the first time I did them.

    So far so good. X-Gels is giving me what I need. If I incorporate some cardio, I might trim up the belly some. Haven't had any serious DOMS, despite killing it during the workouts, even on the power days. Again, not that I'm complaining. Perhaps the recovery aspect of Intimidate is aiding in that sense. Who knows. But I do know that with X-Gels and eating well, training hard and getting in good rest, the body is responding positively. And that's that I'm just a touch over half way done with this bottle.

    "We always have to be in the middle of the action 'cause we're the warriors. "

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  6. Day Fifteen of Twenty-Five:

    Nice, brisk and effective workout today. Had a touch of calling this one a day, but sometimes that happens. Just gotta fight through it--Rocky status!

    Squats: (for speed)

    Felt a better stretch in the glutes and hammies this time around. Got a better foundation from which to explode up top. Need to keep working on this to take full advantage. I'm getting there.

    Leg Extension:

    Good burn going in on these. Upped the reps to recruit as many fibers as possible. Lowered the weight on the last set to keep that burn going. Should have done a pyramid, but don't want to push too far.


    Second set was by far one of my best sets since doing these. I'm getting stronger in the hammies and able to really flex those bad boys all the way through. It's paying off.

    Leg Curls:

    Good burn. Fluid control all the way through. Solid!

    Calf Raises:

    Sometimes my left calf gets weird on me as I do these. All a result of the tricky knee. Still, finally starting to see some mild mass being developed. Gonna take many months to get there where I want them. I'm in no rush.

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  7. Day Nineteen of Twenty-Five:

    Workout went longer than I had planned. Got out to a late start because a meeting at work went longer than it should have. I had to get another round of BCAA's towards the middle of the workout just to make sure I had enough reserve.

    I wasn't tired and I seemed to hold steady as the process went on. That was a nice feeling, knowing that my body was willing to go the extra mile and ready to plow through and still hit it with intensity. I added two more exercises to today's workout than I had the past two weeks. I figured I could handle it and sure enough I did.

    I think some of the inflammation of the ArA has been affecting my shoulders. It's a slight discomfort, something I know is there, but usually when I go to sleep. I think it was aggravated yesterday by having had too much coffee during the day. I guess for me, the caffeine exacerbates the inflammation.


    Bent-Over Rows: (power)
    -2x12x60 (warm up)

    Went lower this week because I don't think I got in a good range of motion last week when I went up to 150. Rested longer in between sets and was able to get more out of it. Last set was superb. Had my best form and really pulled the weight up with all my might.

    Rack Pulls:

    Feels good. Getting better at these. Sometimes, left shoulder doesn't allow for proper stretch in the left side of my back. I'm learning to get it involved to get that side up and running. Slowly...slowly.

    -6,6. I did full on, going all the way down and all the way to chest level, using a wide grip. I somehow have greater strength after running the first two exercises so when I get to these, it's all gravy.


    Added this one today. Got in a nice stretch and good pull in the lats. Felt better on the second set. Will keep running these and maybe add more weight next week, about five pounds to see how I fare.

    Bench: (power)
    -2x10x100 (warm up)

    Got in a better hand spacing on the final sets so I was able to push the weight up better. I should have added more weight, but I was pleased it went up like it did. I need to seriously work on this stuff and might do some stabilizing exercises on Saturday's routine.

    10, 10. Hadn't been able to crank out ten before, let alone with the ease with which I was able to do them. This routine has helped, as well as the ArA in giving me a boost in strength. It's all blending perfectly.

    Seated Overhead Press:
    -10x40 (warm up)

    Solid! Felt good pain, the kind of muscle fibers tearing and searing to get stronger. Helped my back out too.

    Barbell Curls:

    Exactly what I had wanted. I upped the weight on got in clean reps. I had to force the final two but I was determined to get up to 8.


    Getting better at these.

    Getting friggin' stronger all the way around. Loving it. Eating right, eating lots, training hard, resting up. It's all coming into place and with good balance and rhythm.

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  8. Day Twenty of Twenty-Five:

    Today was a day where some things did not go right. First, I forgot my breakfast at home, so I had to buy some sausage sandwiches at the local Starbucks. Just upset that I wasted a perfectly good omelete. Then, when I started to make my BCAA drink for the workout, I spilled all the water I had, making a mess.

    As I warmed up, I wasn't sure if I would even go through the workout as my lower right abdomen seems to be hurting somewhat. Nothing major, just feels like either some serious DOMS or if I inadvertently pulled something a while back. So, it took longer to warm up and stretch. After the first warm up squat set, I didn't think I would see it through, taking the signs of my earlier snafu's to heart.

    F-that! I went through it anyways. I had some serious energy and anger built up, so I needed to plow through and use up what I had.

    It all worked!


    -2x10x100 (warm up)

    Wasn't sure if I could get through with the increase in weight, but sure enough I saw it through. Made sure to distribute the weight evenly as I can sense at times my right side wants to compensate for the left. Will stick to this poundage going into next week. Just glad I could see it through. I tried squatting below the knees, but I just cannot do it. At least not at present. Something to shoot for in the future.

    Leg Extensions:

    Wasn't sure if I was going to finish the rest of the routine after squats, but since I had got them out of the way, I went for it. These felt good. Might lower the rep count and go slower on the negative.


    By this point, I was in the workout longer than I thought I'd be, seeing how things got started. I could have done better on these and might lower the reps.

    Leg Curls:

    That I could get in a good stretch on these was great news for me.

    Seeing as I was off my game when the day started, I put in the work to keep on trucking. I was mainly glad that I got through it all and was able to increase the weight on the squat. Legs hurt not. Feels great!

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  9. Update bro ? Besides strength do you notice increase in cardio ?

  10. Yeah, I had to stop for a bit. I either pulled a groin or an abdominal muscle. Gonna try to get back into the groove this Thursday. I think I went too far last week.

    I haven't done much, if any, cardio with the X-Gels. I have noticed good muscle fullness and firmness, especially in the arms and legs--both hammies and quads. Got five days left, but I could see how a 50-day run, with a caloric increase, specifically protein, would really bring enhance a person's training and diet.
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  11. Hey all!

    Sorry for the sudden drop off. I think I tweaked something during the last workout. Nothing serious, just need to rest up for the past two weeks before going at it again. Suffice it to say, I'm done with X-Gels.

    I'll post up a final review this weekend. In short, I enjoyed my run with X-Gels and think a full 50-day run would benefit anyone training hard and eating right, especially in surplus, with high protein intake.

    Had good pumps during the workouts and muscle fullness I had not achieved on a few other supps I've sampled.

    One might think the price is expensive, but, figure this: if a 50-day run costs, on average, $75, that comes in at about $1.50/day. If you're a Starbucks coffee-only drinker like me, that's a tall coffee. (Though I've long since curbed my tall coffees.) Either way, not a bad investment for something natural and that will augment heavy lifting and solid eating.
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  12. how's ya injury coming a lot bro ?

    glad u enjoy'd the run, yea I'm a coffee/redbull drinker spend way too much loot on it

  13. Feeling much better, thanks for asking. I was gonna write my review this weekend but got busy with other tasks.

    I did enjoy the run and I think one might benefit from using 8 pills per day on workout days. I tried this on the last days of my run and could feel some good DOMS later on in the week, more so than just using four. I'm a masochist--I love feeling the soreness after a workout.

    RedBull, eh? Yeah, that's usually $3 a can, so, that's two days worth of X-Gels! HAHA
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  14. I didn't do any cardio during my run. I had planned to do so during the final week and that's when I got hurt.
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    X-Gels Final review:

    Well, though I didn't get to finish all 25 days with my workout routine, I still enjoyed every single day I took X-Gels.

    -heightened muscle fullness
    -quality pumps during workouts
    -mild leanness, despite lack of cardio
    -good strength increases each week

    On the last few days, I was taking 8 pills per workout day and none on days I didn't train. I noticed significant DOMS going that route and if you like that type of pain as I do, you'll be in for a treat.

    I did not up my protein as much as I would have liked. I averaged around 1g per pound of bodyweight. With more, say, 1.5g/lb, you will truly take advantage of what X-Gels has to offer, as far as I can tell.

    -increase protein (you might want to limit carb intake and/or see where you can fit them into your diet)
    -take 8/day on training days. None when you don't train. (Not sure how this would impact days of cardio, as I did not do any cardio so you may want to reference someone who did as such for a better understanding.) Also, following this method, I would say if you're going for 2 bottles, that may be good enough to saturate your body. I base this on the label's recommended dosage of 50 days, which is 2 bottles. Therefore, once you finished both bottles, take a break.

    -lift heavy (This might sound like a no-brainer, but I think it could only amplify said training. I switched up my routine about 2/3 into my run and was better for it.)
    -take with a quality test booster, one that you respond well to

    It's a good investment and a supplement you can feel working. Maybe not in the Spider-Man sense where your entire DNA is changing overnight and you get masive without doing anything. But, with an already sound diet and concentrated lifting, it will boost and augment what you're doing.

    Follow along the DTPv3 run: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/283899-ricroc-puts-dtvpv3.html

  16. No pain no gain .. Love dodoms great review bro.

    much appreciated


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