X-Gel'n my way to Rocky III

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  1. Hey all!

    Sorry for the sudden drop off. I think I tweaked something during the last workout. Nothing serious, just need to rest up for the past two weeks before going at it again. Suffice it to say, I'm done with X-Gels.

    I'll post up a final review this weekend. In short, I enjoyed my run with X-Gels and think a full 50-day run would benefit anyone training hard and eating right, especially in surplus, with high protein intake.

    Had good pumps during the workouts and muscle fullness I had not achieved on a few other supps I've sampled.

    One might think the price is expensive, but, figure this: if a 50-day run costs, on average, $75, that comes in at about $1.50/day. If you're a Starbucks coffee-only drinker like me, that's a tall coffee. (Though I've long since curbed my tall coffees.) Either way, not a bad investment for something natural and that will augment heavy lifting and solid eating.

  2. how's ya injury coming a lot bro ?

    glad u enjoy'd the run, yea I'm a coffee/redbull drinker spend way too much loot on it
    S.n.S team member

  3. Feeling much better, thanks for asking. I was gonna write my review this weekend but got busy with other tasks.

    I did enjoy the run and I think one might benefit from using 8 pills per day on workout days. I tried this on the last days of my run and could feel some good DOMS later on in the week, more so than just using four. I'm a masochist--I love feeling the soreness after a workout.

    RedBull, eh? Yeah, that's usually $3 a can, so, that's two days worth of X-Gels! HAHA

  4. I didn't do any cardio during my run. I had planned to do so during the final week and that's when I got hurt.

    X-Gels Final review:

    Well, though I didn't get to finish all 25 days with my workout routine, I still enjoyed every single day I took X-Gels.

    -heightened muscle fullness
    -quality pumps during workouts
    -mild leanness, despite lack of cardio
    -good strength increases each week

    On the last few days, I was taking 8 pills per workout day and none on days I didn't train. I noticed significant DOMS going that route and if you like that type of pain as I do, you'll be in for a treat.

    I did not up my protein as much as I would have liked. I averaged around 1g per pound of bodyweight. With more, say, 1.5g/lb, you will truly take advantage of what X-Gels has to offer, as far as I can tell.

    -increase protein (you might want to limit carb intake and/or see where you can fit them into your diet)
    -take 8/day on training days. None when you don't train. (Not sure how this would impact days of cardio, as I did not do any cardio so you may want to reference someone who did as such for a better understanding.) Also, following this method, I would say if you're going for 2 bottles, that may be good enough to saturate your body. I base this on the label's recommended dosage of 50 days, which is 2 bottles. Therefore, once you finished both bottles, take a break.

    -lift heavy (This might sound like a no-brainer, but I think it could only amplify said training. I switched up my routine about 2/3 into my run and was better for it.)
    -take with a quality test booster, one that you respond well to

    It's a good investment and a supplement you can feel working. Maybe not in the Spider-Man sense where your entire DNA is changing overnight and you get masive without doing anything. But, with an already sound diet and concentrated lifting, it will boost and augment what you're doing.

  6. No pain no gain .. Love dodoms great review bro.

    much appreciated
    S.n.S team member


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