Athletix Stim Free Pre review...

  1. Athletix Stim Free Pre review...

    Just wanted to say thanks to JD and the crew for hooking me up with a sample of both the stim free and stim version of their new pre workouts.

    Ill be dosing the stim free tomorrow am for my arm workout stay tuned...

  2. Okay i am very imressed and cannot wait to get a tub of this stuff

    Mixability 3/5 - Not bad but I figured it wouldnt mix all that well by looking at it in powder form.

    Taste 4/5 - At first I thought I tasted coconut lol, then it moved somehwhere between a fruity/coconut flavor. Overall it was pretty darn good.

    Pump 5/5 - I dosed almost exactly 30 min b4 i started lifting (arm day). After my first superset I had a great pump going for sure. It lasted well after my workout ended. Def impresswed as this is the first stim free pre to give me all three, focus, pump and endurance.

    Endurance 4/5 - Really shined here for a non-stim. I felt like going and going even during my hiit after weights.

    Overall 4/5 - I will be using this product when it comes out. I believe I have found my non stim pre which will make taking my needed stim breaks a lot easier.

    thanks again to JD and everybody at athletix for letting me try this.

    Ill be trying the stim version tomorrow moswt likely

  3. Subbed!
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  4. Final review in 2nd post

  5. Wicked review!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  6. Quote Originally Posted by JudgementDay View Post
    Wicked review!
    Thanks JD. Can't for wait for a tub of this.

  7. Nice review bean! Any thoughts on the stim pre?
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    Powerlifting for the vertically gifted


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