Athletix Stim Preworkout Caps

  1. Athletix Stim Preworkout Caps

    So lets start by saying I missed the part about opening the caps. Wish I would have seen that. Because it sounds like it tasted pretty awesome. Oh well cant change that now. Maybe in the future I will get my hands on some more. Mix-ability: Don't have to worry about that since I popped the pills haha. Taste: Again not an issue, but I did smell them and they did have a pleasant smell even though the caps. Effects: This is the big one for me. I don't care how I have to take a preworkout or how it tastes as long as it works. And this worked! Even during a fairly brutal workout which included HEAVY DB swings with 65s(3 sets of 25 reps) supersetted with banded 1 arm raises of 15 reps I was still pacing around like a man possessed. Couldn't help but talk a little bit I was so amped up. Found myself a little less inhibited and loud haha. Didn't seem to mind letting others known the pain I was in because of my workout. Definitely a JOLT of energy with those 4 little caps. Overall: Very solid stim preworkout. Didn't have a crash afterwards with plenty of energy through my workout. Even did a little extra for my workout.

  2. Thanks for the review Tomahawk... been noticing a pattern concerning the preworkout with people sticking around to do extra sets/reps. Music to my ears. Glad it had the effects you were looking for!
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  3. Thanks for the review Tom! Another good one in the books for Athletix
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