Thank you Adizzle1 and Dr. Veritas for the 2 sample (2 servings per packet) opportunity. received the powermax samples on Saturday and planned to use them mon-thursday of this week, including today. Today was chest day using Greg Plitt's MFT-28 chest workout. high volume, medium rep layout. Each set is 8-12 reps with 3 sets of each exercise. As for the product, I ripped open the packet at 8AM this morning and carefully scooped out ~1 serving(6g) using a 3 gram scoop from my DAA powder. The taste was sweet, fruity (fruit punch), although I could taste the caffeine powder through it on some of the sips I took. The caffeine hit me before the PEA HCl but it was not overwhelming. I am pretty stim sensitive so this was just enough to not overwhelm me. I was afraid it would shorten my workout but that was not the case at all! I have never used a preworkout that only contained creatine mono so it definitely aided in recovery between sets. By the time I got to the gym, it was in full swing (about 20-25 mins) after I consumed it. Within the first few sets of chest day, I felt a noticeable swell occurring in my chest. This usually happens towards the end of my chest workouts but it kicked in faster (most likely due to the agmatine sulfate). again, never used a product with agmatine sulfate, but it was an enjoyable benefit of Powermax. As for vein displacement, I did not notice any more or less then normal. I have a feeling with continued use of Powermax, it would really shine since I have read it takes a week or so of continued use to see the noticeable changes with agmatine sulfate. In terms of visual appearance, it shined here. My deltoids and chest looked MASSIVE in the mirror while using this product this morning. they looked fully engorged with blood and I even got a look or so from some older dudes with the questionable "what is he on?" look on their face. made me laugh a little. Also had some deep veins in my shoulder that were popping out which is awesome. All from 1 use! in terms of endurance, it is a little less then what I was previously using (N.O. synthesize and Amino1) which would allow me to get through even the toughest of workouts. Powermax did what it was intended to do: gave me a good focus, decent endurance and incredible pump. I would however, add some additional BCAAs to it for my future workouts, but for this first day log, I did not want to have other products interfering with it. I did notice that after my workout, I had an onset of nausea that prevented me from consuming a post workout meal (got the protein and glycomaize down but that was it). Had to force feed myself a bowl of cereal and oatmeal which I usually don't have a problem with. I have had similar issues with NO shotgun which also contains PEA HCL so I believe it may have to do with that. though it is not a huge issue since it did not occur DURING my workout. Further updates to come tomorrow!

  2. Looks like it worked really well, im glad you enjoyed it so much!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  3. Yeah it is nice to break out of the normal pre workouts. Ill put up a final review as well in the product review section

  4. Day 2 back day with MFT-28. Took Powermax at 7:50AM. Similar experience as yesterday. The buzz came on within 15 minutes and hit me when I arrived to the gym had a little increase in HR but not inhibiting. Back day always takes it out of me and today was no different. The pump came on quickly like yesterday. I believe I might have dosed a little more then yesterday since the Stims hit a little harder today. Had to take a few extended breaks but I can not put the blame on the preworkout. I was able to increase weight on many of the exercises which is awesome! My forearms, biceps and back were engorged. It feels so ALPHA male while on this product even without any test boosters in it. I think its just the agmatine sulfate doing its job well.

    Again, postworkout felt a little nausea and couldn't eat much afterwards. This wouldn't be good for a bulk phase for me but moreso a cutting phase. Literally have very little appetite for 1-2 hours after my shake. Frustrating in some ways lol

  5. Thats weird, maybe lower your dosage a little. What we've noticed is the addition of N-MT has actually increase post workout hunger in most testers, we believe this may be from N-MT potential to increase gastrin production.
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.

  6. I will try that tomorrow. Also try on not an empty stomach

  7. Holy crap now the hunger hit. From like 2pm-now I have been aching with hunger haha. Maybe its just delayed with me

  8. Day 3: MFT-28 arms day workout. Took it around 8:10AM after drinking a glass of water and orange juice. That seemed to do the trick! Had the mental clarity as seen before with the past two days and no noticeable tolerance to it at this time. stims still hit very well! Did not feel nauseous during or after my arm workout. What a relief. I relate this to drinking Powermax with something in my stomach(OJ). Settled whatever was occurring the past two days.

    At the gym I was a beast. Put up more weight on many of the bicep and tricep exercises then the previous week as well as increased reps! The Swole look was narsty haha. But I loved it. Did not limit my workout at all, having heard others had to stop early due to too tight in the muscle they were working. Never experienced that. The forearm curls at the end made my skin tight as f-k. That was about the only time it impinged on mmy workout but I muscled through it.

    Came home, drank my postworkout shake and took a shower. Ate a meaty cheese Burger within an hour. Glad my appetite is back on board.

    There's a powerlifter dude at my gym that I feel always sizes me up. Today I caught him staring/glaring at me...probably an envious glare but still cracked me up. The pump is addictive while on this. Sad to see it go as of tomorrow . Might put in an order for the summer!

  9. Awesome! Im really glad that you enjoyed it so much and thanks for all the detail!
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep.


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