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  1. Have not updated in a few days because I had to switch gyms...

    Pullups overhand 15

    Bent over rows 185x11

    Barbell curls 95x7

    Preacher curls 80x11

  2. Incline bench press 135x13

    Seated shoulder press 45's x12

    Tricep pushdown 130x13

    Dips to failure

    Incline dumbbell flyes 30'sx15

  3. Decline 215x6

    Squats 315x4

    OHP 145x4

  4. Power cleans 155

    Deadlifts narrow stance 335x5

  5. Positives.. Big strength increases. Repping out weights I was maxing out at the beginning of cycle. Up about 7 pounds and leaned out a bit. Pumps are great in the gym and ready at all times to kick some a$$. Good libido even on the night I missed a dose. Not shutdown

    Negs.. Oily skin is the only negative

    Testicles are still looking good. 5 days left to go on this cycle. Would love to run another 2-3 weeks of this and judging by lack of sides and lack of shutdown. Great product am loving it and may even order another bottle tonight to continue the cycle a few more weeks

  6. This cycle was great I loved the whole thing. Starting pct of nolva and daa and insulin
    Insulin will be taken 10iu post workout on heavy push and heavy pull training days with 70g carbs and 75 grams protein
    2 hours later will eat brown rice and chicken. No fat


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