lookin for my abs with Finaflex PX-500XT

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  1. lookin for my abs with Finaflex PX-500XT

    Pro Xanthine 500-XT Day 0

    It's game time people!! Big thank you to the fine people over @ Finaflex for giving me the opportunity to run this product. It looks like a solid profile that'll help me achieve my goals of leaning out some.

    A little background on me: I'm 41 years old, 5'7" 175 w/ some horrible love handles. Too much King Cake over the Mardi Gras season this year... I'm a happy husband/father of 2 little kids that keep us on the go. I work a rotating shift schedule, alternating days & nights, so my log will be coming at various hours of the day/night. I've been working out for the better part of 20+ years. Like most on here, I go through spurts where I really try to buckle down & get serious. This is one of those times. Time to get serious & see if I can find these freaking abs!!

    So, to start my day, I reluctantly crawled out of bed this morning about 3:15am... I ended up going to bed too late last night, so it was a struggle. The first thing I did was head to the kitchen & dose my first pill. I'd say by around 3:30, I was already feeling awake & alert. By 3:45, when I walked outside, I was feeling great!! I've been having a good feeling about this for the last week or so, & the feeling this pill gave me this morning only helped increase that optimism.

    My workout this morning consisted of sprints. I walked out the distance between 3 street lights, & it was about 120 yards. I did a little jog, trying to warm up my legs a little & jumped right into it. The first sprint, I thought, I'll sprint down, turn around real quick, & sprint back.. Yeah, that won't be happening again anytime soon.. Talk about gasping for air! So, I ended up doing around 9-10 of these sprints, jogging back to my starting point & taking about a 1 minute rest. As beat down as I was feeling, I feel I could've done a few more, but the clock was ticking & I needed time to cool off, shower, & get to work.

    I'm now pushing close to 4 hours since the initial pill & I'm still feeling pretty good. Not amped up, but not drowsy either. I'm definitely sore, but that's a good thing! I just popped 2 Aleve to help me get through the day.

    I'm off from work tomorrow, so I'll get up & go to the gym tomorrow, hitting chest & back.

    Here's the initial pics for my starting point: Feel free to critique and comment as you like.


  2. Nice base Enhanced you are not far from being cut so this should do the trick. I noticed that my 2nd or 3rd day is when I realized the full potential of the stim. It seemed to pick up for me. I am using mine 1 cap 2 times a day, I have not tried 2 caps at a time yet. Have a feeling that may be a bit too much for me. I will end up doing it just to see though.
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
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  3. In here!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  4. 3st! (damn i'm getting slow)
    and i hate it when the abs play hide & seek..but as kleen says, i think you might just have their # now
    get em

  5. Small update: I'm not hungry.

  6. PX Day 2

    Weight - 174.. Not jumping for joy just yet, lol. Last nights grilled salmon & grilled asparagus was the perfect end to a great day off & I think eating clean all day yesterday helped me bring the scale down just a tad.

    Kleen, I think you were right about it kicking in over time. I noticed this mornings energy was a little better. Again, like the weight, I'm not jumping just yet. I did get a great nights rest last night, so that helps too.

    The biggest thing I've noticed so far is the appetite suppression. Awesome!!! The wife is jealous. She's wasting my money taking her Plexus snake oil & not seeing the results promised.. She's pissed cuz I keep telling her, "I told ya so..." I have noticed though, that my hunger is way down, and when I do eat, I'm searching for the cleaner foods. I picked my boy up from school yesterday & he wanted McD's. I tried a double quarter w/ cheese.. Didn't satisfy me one bit the way it normally would.

    Yesterday, I hit chest & back & had a pretty good workout. This morning, I got up & did about 45 min of HIIT on the elliptical. I was soaked & felt like I could've gone longer, but I had a jam packed day today & now I'm here at work for the night shift. Hoping I can get enough rest so I can go hit shoulders tomorrow morning on the way home. If not, I'll probably get it in before coming back to work tomorrow night.

    So far, so good, Finaflex!!

  7. Gotta love appetite suppression, definitely makes eating cleaner much easier.
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  8. Great initial updates big fella. Like Kleen said you have an awesome base and those abs will be talking pretty darn fast Going to be a great ride.
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  9. Hows it going bud?
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  10. Just got to work. Weighed in this afternoon & I'm down to 173.4!! Better update this evening.

  11. Nice..... two lb drop in just a couple days. Something is going right apparently
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  12. Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post
    Just got to work. Weighed in this afternoon & I'm down to 173.4!! Better update this evening.
    Very nice!
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  13. PX Day 5:

    Weight - as stated above, 173.4 bishes!!

    DISCIPLINE!! That's what it all comes down to. Supplements help, but that's just it, they supplement my diet. If my diet isn't in check, that I'm spinning my wheels.

    Despite working nights these past 4 nights, I've managed to keep my diet clean and very light. This morning, about 30 min before getting off shift, I popped that little blue & white gem & by the time I clocked out, I was amped!! My co-workers just can't understand me.. LOL, a bunch of non-hackers! I got a half-assed 4 hours of "rest" last night, so I opted for the stationary bike. I'll be heading straight home tomorrow morning & hitting the sack to get some much needed rest. I had enough energy today to stay up all day & cut grass.. I'll be pretty drowsy here in another couple hours.. This morning, I rode the bike hard for 45 min. When I got off, I was soaked! I didn't even realize how much I was sweating cuz I was reading a good book about the CIA & Russians.. Good stuff.. I hit abs hard for about 10 min before the bike, then did another 10 min of abs after the bike, followed by 5 sets of 30 squats holding the 15lb medicine ball. These pills really have me feeling great! ALL day!!

    My appetite is CRUSHED!! I didn't even stop to eat anything till around 2pm. I had a small bowl of shredded wheat around 9am & that was it! One thing I've noticed w/ the appetite: When I do get hungry, it comes out of nowhere. It's like, suddenly, I'm hungry. Then, as I'm preparing my food, that hunger goes away!! WTF!?!?! Lol. Not that I'm complaining.. haha..

    So, tomorrow will be an off day. Thursday, weather depending, I'll go outside in the morning & run some sprints again. I'm working days all this weekend, so I can stay consistent on my morning routine through next Wed.

    Finaflex, these pills are rockin!!

  14. Well, change of plans. I got some great rest last night. Just finished arms, abs & 25 min on the treadmill.
    Slowly but surely, the abs are coming out.


  15. In on this. Good work so far!
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  16. Yeaaaaah buddy. Them bad boys are gonna be allll cut up pretty soon.
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by Montego1 View Post
    Yeaaaaah buddy. Them bad boys are gonna be allll cut up pretty soon.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  18. PX DAY 8

    Weight - 175 Not happy.. I did it to myself, & now I'm here at work, & news gets worse. Gotta stay on track when I get home tonight. I'll never understand why grown men have to talk about others behind one's back, & then deny it...

    Anyway... The mood enhancing effects aren't quite as stong as the a-hole workers I have to deal with.. LOL..

    Since we last spoke, I was all amped up about my morning workout. It was a good one! Later that day, the wife started complaining of feeling ill. My little 2 y/o girl had green junk falling out of her nose, so I knew it was going to go through the house. Not wanting to get myself sick, I opted for the spare bed that night & skipped yesterday's workout to get just a little more rest. I think it paid off. The wife is now feeling better, my girls nose cleared up, but now my 5 y/o boy has it. LOL.. I'm pumping Vitamin C like it's my job right now.

    I went to the gym & hit abs & about 35 min of HIIT on the treadmill. I was hoping for a warming trend to get outside & do it, but it was only around 50 this morning, & I'm already a cold natured person, so I stayed inside.

    I have to admit, I'm really loving the quickness at which these pills kick in! Literally, w/in around 15 minutes, I'm feeling a nice, clean rush of energy. I've just gone over a week on these, & have not gotten any jitters from them. The appetite suppression is still seriously working hard. Yesterday, around lunch, I felt like my blood sugar plummeted like a rock. Suddenly, I felt weak in the knees & a little shakey. Not energy type shakey, but just the type that says, go eat some food! I went inside & heated up a bunch of bbq'd chicken from the night before & washed it down w/ some chocolate milk. Shortly after that, I felt fine again.

    I'm here working days through the weekend. I'm going to try & clean up the diet a little more, & continue w/ the cardio/abs the next few days. Here's to hoping for a better weigh in come Monday.

  19. Every one gets off trak big man. Push through and you will be right back in good shape. Good update! Very detailed
    Use Code Montego15 for 15% off at milehighkratom.com

  20. log developing very nicely..been gone for few days, missed that update pic (GREAT work btw!)
    like monte says - shake off a bad day, roll on like a champ
    and very glad to hear you avoided the dreaded merry-go-round of household sickness

    as for grown man who talk behind others backs: quite frankly, they ain't grown men then

    keep gettin at it my friend!

  21. Thanks for the motivation fellas! I'm normally a self-motivated individual, but these fools are wearing on my nerves.

  22. PX-500 DAY 9

    Weight - N/A Too groggy to remember to get on the scale..

    Have I told y'all how much I hate working days?? I honestly don't think I could ever work a Mon-Fri job & wake up early 5 days in a row.. Getting up @ 3am just flat out stinks, but I'd rather get the workout in early, instead of getting off a 12 hour shift & having to try to decide whether or not to hit the gym on the way home. Working nights, it's easier, cuz the family is all still sleeping when I get off in the mornings.

    Anyway, I wanted to do all cardio to burn off some extra calories, but me being the stubborn person I am, I changed my mind & decided to get in some abs, chest & back. I kept the tempo & volume way up to keep my heart rate up throughout the entire workout. I guess it was a different form of cardio.

    I started w/ incline bench, supersetted w/ lat pull downs. I got probably around 5 sets of 12 on those, followed by incline db presses, supersetted with narrow grip lat pull downs. Same set/rep scheme. After that, it was flat db presses, supersetted w/ seated rows. This was 6 sets of about 10 reps. By the time I got to these, I was sweating pretty good & breathing heavily. I finished it all off w/ cable flies from 3 different angles; high, mid, and low. Each set was 15 reps, supersetted w/ 15-20 reps of seated rows.

    Overall, I'd say I was quite happy w/ the workout. It was about a 45 minute session, so I crammed in quite a bit in a short time. Having the gym 100% to myself doesn't suck either! My preworkout cocktail was one PX-500 and 1g of vitamin C. The pump I had was pretty friggin nice, considering I didn't have any type of normal preworkout cocktail in me.


  23. Vascularity is looking good too!
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  24. man sorry for missing this log . i am subbed now hope everything has been going good for you will be watching form here on out

  25. Quote Originally Posted by 3clipseGT View Post
    Vascularity is looking good too!
    looking good man


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