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  1. Ugghhh.. waterlogged. Lol. Going to try & post up update and final review tonight. Only 2 pills left... I is sad panda.


    Final weight - 172. Not quite as accurate as I'd hoped for. I worked last night & didn't sleep at all today. I'm at work again right now. Maybe, Sat morning when I get up, I'll get a more accurate weigh in & post it up.

    As I mentioned previously, I'm friggin sloshin' around big time!! I could take 4 Mega Men at once & still piss clear!! Lol.. I guess if anything, it's keeping my system flushed out of all toxins! It really interferes w/ my everyday activities though. Sleep too! Lol.. It'll make going back to 2 gallons a day much easier though!

    This morning, getting off work, I popped 2 pills for my preworkout cocktail. By the time I got to the gym, my energy and focus was incredible! I hit shoulders like I got a solid 8 hours of sleep! I felt great. Following that, I hit the stationary bike for a 20 min ride. My hamstrings are both pretty sore from running the sprints the other day, so I took the easy way out. As I was on the bike, the wife texted me & asked if we could go for another walk this morning. I obliged. We did about a 40 minute power walk through the subdivision. Her quads were sore, & my hams, so we at least got our heart rates up pretty good.

    As for a final review, I don't know where to start! First off, huge thanks, once again to the fine folks @ Finaflex. These guys have been putting top notch supplements out there for us, & this is definitely no exception!

    Energy - 10/10!! The one pill, 2x a day dosing is perfectly fine! I dabbled with 2 pills in the morning, and 1 in the afternoon, about 7 hours later on my days after working nights. These gave me the absolute cleanest energy I've ever experienced! Not one bit of jitters. No crash afterwards. It came on rather quickly, usually w/in about 15 minutes. It felt like it was time released, because I never really noticed that it wore off until the end of the night when I finally would sit down & relax.

    Appetite Suppression - 10/10!! I'm not just BS'ing here either! For instance, today, all I've eaten was a 12" subway ham, egg, & cheese on flatbread. That was around 11:30 this morning. Here it is, now going on 7pm, & I'm nowhere near being hungry! I'll be forcing myself to eat some ribs tonight in another 2 hours. Not only did these suppress my appetite, but they also made me WANT to eat healthy. Any kind of fast food or junk food just turned my stomach. Like these ribs I'm supposed to be eating tonight, just don't sound very appetizing.. Normally, I'd kill for my mother-in-laws ribs..

    Mood enhancing - N/A.. Rather than give it a lower rating, I'll say not applicable. I'll be honest, I'm already a pretty easy going, happy go lucky fella. I'm self motivated, and almost always in a great mood. I do have some issues w/ some of the doosh bags here at work, but after my 12 hours, I go home & forget about it all.

    Fat Burning/Thermogenesis - 7/10.. I give it that, because there is no magic fat burner.. It's mostly up to us to burn the fat. It's our lifestyle that burns the fat, or stores it around our waist. This stuff definitely does help out though, when you don't burn enough calories during the day, or the diet strays off. I tell ya what, if my diet was 100% on point, there's no doubt I'd be sub 170 right now. Having the hectic lifestyle I do w/ my kids & job, I do the best I can..

    Once again, Finaflex, thank you so much for this logging opportunity!! These pills definitely did not let me down, and I hope I didn't let y'all down!!


  3. Nice review Enhanced! These Finaflex thermos are pretty damn good
    Instagram: justin_ohara9

  4. Great review man. Glad you had fun and some good results running PX.
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    ​" If you're looking for a work horse.......I'm no Clydesdale."

  5. thank you for your time & effort in here, and your honest feedback
    we appreciate you!

  6. great job on the log. i'll be resounding the same things when I finish tomorrow. cool to follow.

  7. All good things come to an end....thanks for a great log, glad you enjoyed our product.

    I'll be starting with this one soon, ...almost summer time

  8. Very nice review and thank you for taking the time to review our product.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns


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