Guys, I have come here today in accordance with my agreement to log Intimidate SRT and I need your help guys. I love the members of this board, whether things get heated and we argue or call each other a name now and then, it's all good. I appreciate each and everyone of you whom I have associated with in the past, Those I'm getting to know now, some new and solid companies that are arising (AndroFactory, thank you), and those whom I have had major disagreements with. I am getting back into working out and lifting again, as I am 5 months with not taking Librium, tegretol, and clonidine hcl. I am using a lot of cholinergics and FOCUS is making me feel like a rocket ship, when I get to work on a task. I personally feel very in tune with my surroundings and on point with my 'FOCUS', drive, motivation, etc. There's one problem: I have developed some hypertension that isn't going away and when I got back into the gym, I had an exercise induced panic attack and had to stop after I saw my heart rate (elliptical) start jumping from 112 to 190+ and then I got off and could barely breathe. I took one clonidine hcl (.1 mg) and went back to the gym and tore up cardio. I need to start weights and and I will be doing a dumbell routine and my routing will initiate however, in the gym while I kinda take it down a peg and do some machines to get back into it and get my heart ready. Here's a picture of what I was a couple years ago at 230lbs and the other picture is of me now and I look like I don't even work out. Ugh.

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I am now weighing in at 170 lbs +/- (as low as 162) and I want to make ths a strong rebuild. I am going to take advantage of my youth that is left and really start doing it big. More to come as far as supplements taken, etc.