Pack get's cut with Applied Nutriceuticals Uncut & BPS Vanillean

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  1. Will do some updating tomorrow when my butt hits gym! I took last few days off due to Monday softball, and kids games! They will always come first but at once Daddy will have some me time tomorrow! Hope all is having a good week!

  2. Nice... Hope the boys are doing well in ball..

  3. What a long week!!! Today was one of the longest days at work i've had. We had an ICE, which is where there is a game plan of some sort of terriost attack or explosion. Students train from all over and practice decon and triage. I had to take manaquins off stretchers and redress them and bring back the empty stretcher to the decon area. Only problem was it was pouring down rain the whole time, so needless to say I was drenched. I came home rested and went to gym for late evening chest blast and felt really good.


    incline barbell presses: 155 lbs x 8, 185 lbs x 6, 205 lbs x 4, 245 lbs x 4

    decline bench press: 155 lbs x 10, 185 lbs x 8, 205 lbs x 6

    db incline press: 50 lbs x 10,10,10

    chest peck deck: 125 lbs x 10,10,10

  4. Steadily bringing back gone weight. Great lifts pack. ESP with what you do for work.
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  5. Thanks FuFu!! I'm bout to head out for either a leg or back day.

  6. Today hit up some early back workout! Felt great again and lot of energy. Lil soar from lifting 50 plus manaquins at work yesterday. It put a lil strain on my back which sucked lol since today was back day.


    dead lifts trap bar: 155 lbs x 10, 185 lbs x 8, 205 lbs x 6, 225 lbs x 8

    reverse lat pull downs: 135 lbs x 10,8,8

    db rows: 50 lbs x 10,10,10

    machine rows: 90 lbs x 12,12,12

  7. Man wth is everyone at!!!!!! it's like the weekends go Ninja! Haha Man just got back home from sons 730 pm!!! game. He struck out first at bat then hit into a fielders choice to avance the runner from 2nd to 3rd. But best of all was a kid hit a bomb to the center fielder and he fell backwards, while chris came from left field to get the ball and throw the runner out at 2nd!!!! Def made Daddy proud!

  8. Like father like son.

    It's getting nicer out and I think people are enjoying the weather. Good work brother !
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  9. Woah. Vanillean?! Count me in bro.

    Also, long time, no see man. Hope all is well!

  10. JWA it's going brother! Been a 90 to 0 as of late with kids ball and my softball on Mondays! Feeling good though so def stoked. So far I've had some real good energy off this combo.

  11. Workouts looking solid my brother... I was away for the weekend with my son. He had an invitation to a elite hockey tournament.. was fun ... but I lost my gd'ing wedding ring in Niagara... ****!

  12. Uh oh wife nota be happy bout that!! lol Today hit up 1.25 miles at the track followed with stairs then 15 min sauna. Tomorrow softball

  13. Quote Originally Posted by packers6211 View Post
    Uh oh wife nota be happy bout that!! lol Today hit up 1.25 miles at the track followed with stairs then 15 min sauna. Tomorrow softball
    Surprisingly, she was great about it... I was pretty upset/angry with myself..

  14. Bro I've lost 3 rings, one of my own being stupid but two by accidents. Then the wife and I buy a tungsten titanium from kays mens ring, $500 you better believe I haven't lost that one lol.

  15. K now I feel better!!! lol... I certainly will be more careful in future.. I don't know if I didnt put it on yesterday and the maid took it, or if when drying my hands at the rink, if I 'pulled' it off with paper towel and didnt realize... In any event, its gone....

    Good luck at ball tomorrow.

  16. I jump out of airplanes, with my ring on, and have never lost it....

    How do you even do that lol?

  17. I dunno if I didn't put it on in the morning at the hotel and the maid took it (I don't remember putting it on...) or if at the rink when drying my hands it came off with paper towel.. Thinking it was the first..

  18. Today hit up some biceps! No kids games today lol. I finally got to the gym. Felt pumped soon as I took the uncut. I'm still trying to stick with low weight on arms til this tennis type elbow shiz goes away.


    seated alt db curls: 30 lbs x 10,10,10

    spider curls: 30 lbs x 10,10,10

    standing ez bar curls: 65 lbs x 10,10,10

    machine preacher curls: 60 lbs x 12,12,10

    sauna 15 minutes.

  19. Nice work Hulk

  20. Hate elbow issues. Good work through the pain Pack !
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  21. Awesome work brotha

  22. Today hit up some tricpes! Still had wicked pumps and had some people bragging on my arms for once vrs my calves. Although I still had the every day couple newbies walk by and heard one say look at his calves. Matter of fact this one guy that every body in the gym says they wouldn't f with mainly cause he is twice Van diesels size lol said I had the best calves!!


    v bar press downs: 110 lbs x 12,12,12

    rope press downs: 110 lbs x 12,12,12

    reverse cable pull downs: 100 lbs x 10,10,10

    machine dips 120 lbs x 10,10,10

    seated over head presses: 60 lbs x 12,12

  23. Another fine workout Pack.. Diggin' the calves love... lol

  24. Ok so was up til almost midnight thanks to my sons bb game lasting til almost 10pm. I had to be in at work at 5:30 am and hit the gym around 5:30 tonight. A good friend of mine that is a paramedic where I work, is from the UK. He wanted to start back working out and just having that push drove me!!!! Intense energy and focus tonight loved it.


    flat bench presses: 135 lbs x 10, 185 lbs x 8, 205 lbs x 6, 225 lbs x 4, 255 lbs x 2

    incline db presses: 55 lbs x 10,10,10

    peck deck machine: 125 lbs x 10,10,10

    decline barbell presses: 155 lbs x 10, 185 lbs x 8, 205 lbs x 6, 225 lbs x 4

  25. Nice numbers on flat and decline!

    How your son's ball game go?


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