Popped Vanillean I'm sweatin', WOO! (Vanillean+Alphamine log)

  1. Popped Vanillean I'm sweatin', WOO! (Vanillean+Alphamine log)

    Hey guys,

    New to AnabolicMinds but not to supps or working out. Finished a 3 month cut doing IF that took me from 203 -> 183.5, and I've still got a lot of work to do before I can see my abs. I decided to give thermos a shot now that I've got my diet in check.

    Currently taking:
    SlinSane (1 pre carb meals, 1 pre bed)

    I will be taking Vanillean + 1 scoop Alphamine for the first few days upon waking, and 1 vanillean before lunch and dinner.

    I started yesterday, and it didn't make me jittery or anything. I also haven't really noticed the hot feeling that people have described. My burps do taste like raspberries, though.

    I'm doing IF with a simple compound workout 3x a week. Hoping to lose a few pounds before the month is up.

  2. Day 2 yesterday. Still only 1 scoop of Alphamine upon waking, and none at night; I am sensitive to stims. Despite this, I don't feel cracked out or anything - the caffeine is really manageable to me. I like this. The appetite suppressant effect is not out of control, and as of now, I'm a fan of it tapering off like this. In a few days I'll start trying another scoop of Alphamine around 2-3...guess I should start waking up earlier, hah.

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