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  1. alright so i am back from finals got a shoulder lift in today. Did 3-4 sets of side raises, front raises, reverse raise, upright rows, rear delt machine, shrugs both dumbbell and barbell, and then i finished it off with military press. Got 315 for 4 on the free standing one not the pansy smith machine ones (=. Did a little cardio before and after as well. Completely back on track tomorrow.

  2. Back went pretty good, might have over done it a little bit feeling kinda dizzy! glad I got it in though. Fat smack continues to help me sweat, making me thirsty as hell too lol

  3. Did a quick back day today and a little cardio. The woman tricked me into coming to track practice with her where I promptly ran 5 miles and burned over 1k calories :-( scared for a muscles!!!! Going to weigh in again on saturday. Fat smack is still killin it!

  4. 228 this morning a little disappointed cause I thought it would be a bit lower been eating just about perfect. Down 2 more pounds unfortunately I have to celebrate (drink) at the fiance's birthday party tonight so it will probably set me back a bit

  5. Keep at it bigben you can pick up where you leave off the day after the party.

  6. Yea I am back from it and man i feel set back but look better... strange things happen outside the gym, must get back in!! Cardio in about an hour lifting chest and abs later tonight

  7. Kill it!
    Purus Labs Rep

  8. Pretty strong cardio workout today gonna go to another track practice to run sprints with the fiance this afternoon, never done it while using fat smack should be interesting!

  9. down to about 226 yesterday today is my day off fat smack is still doing pretty good with appetite control

  10. probably gonna do the same as soulowner and wrap this one up. Down to 225 Lost something like 10 pounds while on fat smack. Pretty solid product. Thermogenetic properties are definitely strong, appetite suppression is the best part of this pill could go all day on 2 pills and only eat when needed. Overall I give the product 9/10. Only downside is that it made me a little queasy when i first took it in the morning!


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