after what according to UPS was 2 month wait, i got a hold of some Enhanced samples. gotta thank cy and his boss for the samples.

Profile: while there are parts i love, nitrates, agmatine, CDP Choline, there are other parts where i'm like, ehhhhhh, then u gotta try to follow no hype tear apart this formula, then add tube, cy, andy [name drop the other smart ones on the board] go back and forth about the MOA and what you're left with is something that looks like day's review.

Taste: was told the taste was bad, and actually it's pretty delicious, did 1 baggie in 7oz of water, i expected OG Craze/ ASGT type taste, and was surprised it was quite delicious. delicious to the point i was sad when after 2 mouthfuls it was all gone.

Focus: it's there, it took a lil longer to kick in, was almost 40 mins after i took it that it just hit me, zoned, and i felt like i was "in the moment" before i start sounding like day, it was a very welcomed feeling. it was a beautiful mind muscle connection, remember NBA Jams, and being "on fire" you were on a run and nothing can touch you, that's exactly how it felt, did back today and everything just clicked perfectly.

Energy: being a stim junkie, i got 2 scoops, and energy was ehhhh, i'd probably like 3 scoops more. i had a cup of coffee about 3 hours before i took this and still felt okay. would say the fact the focus was great made up for the lack of energy from 2 scoops. that being said, 250mg is just enough for everyone who isn't as tolerant as i am.

Additional notes: i broke out in sweat the moment i started my first exercise, by the time i was done with my 4th set, i looked like... like remember that Gangsters Paradise by Coolio, and there's that colored person who sings the chorus, and he's dripping with sweat, yeah i felt just like that. [was listening to classic gangster rap today during my workouts, so thats why its on my mind]

Overall: will save this for when i am done with the other sample.