AMS 1-Andro (Standalone) Log

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    AMS 1-Andro (Standalone) Log

    This is my first time running a prohormone ever. I have always had some trepidation about using even the weakest of them, so I finally decided I want to run a cycle that has a minimal chance of side effects while helping me to break through a plateau and make some modest-good gains. 1-Andro RDE seemed to be the best option after doing some research.

    I started this cycle last Thursday :

    Thursday - 2 tabs per day
    Friday - 2 tabs per day
    Saturday - 3 tabs per day
    Sunday - 3 tabs per day

    I am considering upping the dose to 4 tabs per day in order to make this a 35-40 day opposed to two months. I'm hoping to minimize suppression/shutdown issues and be able to rely on a simple PCT involving : Forerunner Reboot, Black Lions Formeron, and bulk DAA. I prefer to avoid having to use Clomidor another serm.

    I will update this log a few times per week as I have time.

    Current stats :

    Age : 35
    Height : 5'9
    Weight : 186

    Other supplements : Vitamin D-3, multi
    Diet : 2800-3200 calories...aiming more for a lean bulk that minimizes or prevents any fat gain

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    great log!

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