Turning into Iron man with Iron Mag Osta Rx

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  1. Monday: Chest/Tris

    Chest: Flat DB Press 4 sets
    DB Flat Press, 2 half reps and then full rep and twist the DB at the top 3 sets
    Incline Machine Press 3 sets, last set was double drop set
    Pec Deck fly machine 3 sets
    Cable Cross over with handles on lowest setting 2 sets

    Tris: Weighted close grip Dips 3 sets
    V Bar extension 3 sets
    Underhand Extensions 3 sets
    Pushdown machine 2 sets

    Pump, during the second exercise the pump really exploded especially my lower inner pecs. Felt really tight during the flys too, the stretching motion really felt good for the tightness in my pec.

    Strength was pretty good too. The last set of the DB press I was pretty happy with the weights and reps I performed. Nothing mind blowing when it came to triceps but overall I'm seeing slight increases across the boards on all lifts.

    Felt pretty good in the gym. I was happy with my workout but wow was I worn out last night. I passed right out.
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  2. Tuesday: Back/Bis

    Back: DB Row 4 sets
    T Bar Row 3 sets, last set was double drop
    Elevated Cable row 3 sets, last set was double drop
    Rope lat pull down from knees 3 sets
    Deadlift 3 sets

    Bicep: Ez Curl Bar (close grip) curls 3 sets
    Ez Curl Bar (wide grip) curls 3 sets
    Preacher curls 3 sets

    Pump is odd with this product. It's not an agmatine type pump at all. Its almost like my muscles are blowing up but getting tighter and more solid during the workout. The stretch and squeeze is amazing. The lat pulldowns I was really able to feel my lats working throughout the whole movement.

    Strength was a bit strange as well. I set a PR when doing DB rows but then during t bar I couldn't lift a weight that I've done more than before. In fact it was 2 less plates than I'm used to but whatever, I did a drop set so it was still pretty intense. Everything else was right about where it should be.

    So we're coming to the end here, I don't feel shut down at all. Body comp has changed just a bit. Not any really bad sides to report and strength seems to have climbed a bit. I'll starting to put my notes together now.
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  3. Wednesday:

    Was supposed to do cardio today but I got a phone call from my father. He wanted me to go to my grandparents to cut their grass so I skipped the gym. Wow, their yard is crazy, it's a long yard on a hill and since they are getting older they haven't really kept on it. The yard isn't smooth like it used to be, it has holes in it and crazy weeds or whatever they are. Then I left their house and went to my house and cut my own grass. It ended up being a decent workout and I was able to get some sun which was good.
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  4. Thursday: Legs

    Legs: Squats
    Leg Press 4 sets
    Less Press calve raises 3 sets, last set I used 3 foot positions
    Laying Leg curls 4 sets

    I didn't put my sets for squats, because I don't really know how many sets I did. I wanted to box squat but the weight felt light so I decided how heavy I could go. I ended up matching a PR. So needless to say strength was pretty good. The rest of the workout wasn't anything special because I was worn out.

    Pump wasn't there during my workout however....as soon as I got in my car, BAM I felt a pretty intense pump in my quads and hams.

    I was pretty happy with the workout, I matched a PR on reduce calories and not much carbs. Overall not to shabby. It was good too, usually driving home from the gym, i'm like wow I'm tired for about a half hour when I wake back up. On this day I felt good leaving hte gym, until about 10pm, then my eyes got super heavy. Slept like a baby
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  5. Saturday: Shoulders

    Shoulders: BB Shoulder Press 4 sets, last set was double drop
    DB Side raises 4 sets
    Reverse peck deck 4 set, last set was double drop
    Reverse cable flys superset with cable side raises 3 sets

    Pumps were fast and furious. Not long after my shoulder presses I was able to feel the tightness. Felt real nice.

    Strength was a bit down, I haven't BB shoulder pressed in a few weeks but that could be the reason for that.

    Final review will be up today or tomorrow.
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  6. Final Review:

    This is one of the hardest supplements I've ever had to review. So bear with me, I was cutting

    Pumps: Not really like anything I've seen in the past. It wasn't the nitric oxide type of pump, even SD had a much different feeling to this. This pump was tight, as you worked you could really feel your muscle hardening and getting a pump that was rock solid. Osta was amazing in terms of mind/muscle connection. The pump was easily reached because your really able to feel the stretch and squeeze throughout more of the movement than I've really ever experienced.

    Strength: This is where it gets tricky. I guess I was expecting to much and my strength didn't skyrocket at all. However when I took a step back and looked at my calories the strength gains were pretty good considering I hit a squat PR and most of my lifts went up a rep or two or went up a few lbs. Nothing crazy to a point where I felt like I could lift anything but solid for the calories I was on none the less. I'm sure if I was eating at a surplus it would have been much better.

    Libido: This is easy. I didn't get any increase in libido. Prior to starting Osta I had read ppl reporting an increase but I didn't notice anything different.

    Body Comp: This is another thing I was expecting more. I guess I was looking forward to a PH style recomp effect. However I look back now and I did have some changes in my body. I seemed to have lost a bit of fat around the belly which was nice. My arms look bigger than they did and more defined before too. My back also looks a lot more defined. In the mirror my rear double bi looks a lot better than before I started. So it wasn't totally wasted in terms of body comp. It was actually better than most natural products I've tried but probably not as good as most PH's I've tried.

    Alpha Feeling: I was hoping to get an "ON" feeling but it never came.

    Side Effects: At first I couldn't sleep that well at night, that went away after the first week or so. I did get a bit of lethargy throughout the process. Some days I just didn't feel energy at all. I felt drained and didn't want to really do anything. But it wasn't so bad that I couldn't still do what I had to do. Once in awhile I noticed a slight dizzyness after dosing but nothing that would mess up my day.

    Would I buy the product? I'm not sure, I personally would like to run two bottles back to back and I think it would be really good. But the price is a bit steep. However for someone who's just starting out with "advanced" products I think this product would be a really good starting point.
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