Final Review:

This is one of the hardest supplements I've ever had to review. So bear with me, I was cutting

Pumps: Not really like anything I've seen in the past. It wasn't the nitric oxide type of pump, even SD had a much different feeling to this. This pump was tight, as you worked you could really feel your muscle hardening and getting a pump that was rock solid. Osta was amazing in terms of mind/muscle connection. The pump was easily reached because your really able to feel the stretch and squeeze throughout more of the movement than I've really ever experienced.

Strength: This is where it gets tricky. I guess I was expecting to much and my strength didn't skyrocket at all. However when I took a step back and looked at my calories the strength gains were pretty good considering I hit a squat PR and most of my lifts went up a rep or two or went up a few lbs. Nothing crazy to a point where I felt like I could lift anything but solid for the calories I was on none the less. I'm sure if I was eating at a surplus it would have been much better.

Libido: This is easy. I didn't get any increase in libido. Prior to starting Osta I had read ppl reporting an increase but I didn't notice anything different.

Body Comp: This is another thing I was expecting more. I guess I was looking forward to a PH style recomp effect. However I look back now and I did have some changes in my body. I seemed to have lost a bit of fat around the belly which was nice. My arms look bigger than they did and more defined before too. My back also looks a lot more defined. In the mirror my rear double bi looks a lot better than before I started. So it wasn't totally wasted in terms of body comp. It was actually better than most natural products I've tried but probably not as good as most PH's I've tried.

Alpha Feeling: I was hoping to get an "ON" feeling but it never came.

Side Effects: At first I couldn't sleep that well at night, that went away after the first week or so. I did get a bit of lethargy throughout the process. Some days I just didn't feel energy at all. I felt drained and didn't want to really do anything. But it wasn't so bad that I couldn't still do what I had to do. Once in awhile I noticed a slight dizzyness after dosing but nothing that would mess up my day.

Would I buy the product? I'm not sure, I personally would like to run two bottles back to back and I think it would be really good. But the price is a bit steep. However for someone who's just starting out with "advanced" products I think this product would be a really good starting point.