PES Enhanced - Fruit Punch Review

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    PES Enhanced - Fruit Punch Review

    PES Enhanced

    Tried two different ways
    1 Scoop in 8oz of water // 1.5 Scoops in 14oz of water
    This was Fruit Punch (just guessing off taste and not blue raz) The flavoring is honestly pretty spot on. Its not overpowering and its very smooth on the way down. Its not an overbearing fruit punch which leaves a great smooth after taste on the way down and is refreshing from the first taste to the last taste . I was shocked I never had a PES product before, but they did a great job, eager to know what the Blue Raz is like as well. Good job PES


    1 scoop in 8oz of water mixed with no problems, this was literally 10 seconds after shaking it, just a touch of fizz at the top after shaking, but no clumps at all which shows it mixed in a an instant. No problems with 1.5 scoops in 14oz of water either.


    After talking to Mr. Cooper about this, it contains 4 different kinds of stimulants so he told me to start at 1 scoop (which there is 2 in each packet) and assess from there. I dosed 1 scoop to start, which is 125mg caffeine. While it may not be stim heavy on caffeine it does have a unique blend of stimulants that should be taken note of and don’t think you need more based off the caffeine intake alone.
    500mg Agmatine per serving (aids in pumps pre-workout or nutrient restoration post-workout)
    Small dose of Leucine (main BCAA), small dose of Vitamin C, and the other 3 stimulant’s involved in the prop blend. If there is any questions regarding the formula I am sure Cooper can pop in and clarify.

    Workout Effects

    ** Note – 1 scoop was taken FASTED for a morning workout
    1.5 Scoops was taken 90 minutes after a pre-workout meal **

    1 Scoop Upperbody Workout

    Dosed at 10 a.m. and workout was at 10:30, 15-20 minutes after the dose a steady stream started to take over and hit my head, so I felt the caffeine and the stims slowly coming to me on the drive to go workout. Upon starting the workout I did a max effort bench (barbell) supersetted with a cable fly to help get my pecs pumped and also focus on strength as well during the first movement. Overall I could start to feel the pumps take over on my 3rd set of flies that were in the hypertrophy rep range and there was no drop in energy.

    As I moved through my workout towards back/shoulders work there was 0 drop throughout the session and I did a high volume, high rep shoulder tri-set with laterals, front laterals and rear laterals that left my shoulders on fire and a huge pump to end my session. My back work was a simple superset between low rows and cable pulldowns to really focus on hitting my back I did 2 second pause’s after each rep to squeeze my lats and get a good feel. Throughout my session the major things to note in a fasted state
    - Constant and Streaming Energy
    - No Crash
    - Solid Pumps, and Solid Focus aspect during my workout
    My workout lasted a touch over 1 hour and even for 2 hours after dosing (About till noon-12:30 I still could feel the overall effects).

    1.5 Scoops Lower Body Workout --

    As Noted this was taken 90 minutes after a pre-workout meal, and soon after trained legs. Not as long of a drive to this gym compared to the first since I am not home and working out at friends gym’s while on the road. Today’s session was brutal so I kicked up the extra half scoop to see what it would bring. I started off doing heavy deadlifts in a rep scheme of 8/8/6/6/4 and after the 5 sets I could feel my lower back getting a pump and glutes/hamstrings getting tight as I powered through deadlifts and my energy never dropped a touch. The focus and energy continued to stream as I got into the workout and as I moved onto Squats/Leg press in a superset fashion. Energy did not drop after this while performing 8-10 rep squats and 20 rep leg press in a superset to really fry my quads. Putting the finishing touches on legs I moved into 20 rep Stiff leg deadlifts and alternated with a paused hack squat to put extra tension on the legs and try to fry them up. I kept my intensity high and put enhanced to the test on how much it would aid me throughout my workout and it did just that. Pumps were profound throughout the entire session, and my energy did not fade just like 1 scoop in a fasted state. The only “Enhancement” was the extra pumps probably due to the food in my system. Overall I have to say this pre-workout is good, and I have to say the flavoring will grow on you after trying it for the 2nd time It seemed better than the first go around. After seeing the purple powder I did not know if this was fruit punch, but I doubt it would be blue razz.

    My heart rate got pretty elevated for the first 20-25 minutes but it seemed to die out quick, I think this was a sign that 1.5 may be a touch too much, so I know 1 scoop is around my sweet spot.

    Big Props to Mr. Cooper for the 2 samples he did send my way.

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  2. Thank you for the review!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    Thank you for the review!
    Anytime, now work on that cookie dough protein
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