Getting XPerienced with Tropinol-XP

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  1. Getting XPerienced with Tropinol-XP

    Hey all!

    This was supposed to be a sponsored log, however there was a snafu in getting the product. In the time that I had been selected as a winner to log Tropinol-XP (TXP), I came across the TXP deal on NP that came with a free bottle of Intimidate. Having wanted to see what all the hubbub was regarding Intimidate and reading that 50 days of TXP really shines, I pulled the trigger and bought it.

    I had great success in my first ever log, the link of which I can PM those interested. I'm hoping to have equal or greater success with TXP, since it contains fadogia and I've read positive things about fadogia. In addition, I enjoy saying: fadogia. Sounds like a maneuver out of the Kama Sutra!

    Main Supplement:
    -TXP (4 pills pre-workout on workout days; 2 pills in morning and evening on non-workout days)

    Ever since my last log, I realized how much better I respond to keeping the main supps to a maximum of two. This way, you know that the product works and you're not dishing out too much dinero unnecessarily. Not only that, but I do want to keep in line with the title of this log.

    Auxiliary Supplements:
    -Orange Triad
    -Modern BCAA
    -iForce Fish Oil
    -PES Enhanced (will be GameDay in a few weeks)
    -Cissus (when I remember)
    -whey protein
    -pantothenic acid & L-carnitine (to help control acne flare ups)

    Hoping to achieve:
    TXP touts itself as a test booster, for those looking to maximize their test. Well, I'm going to put it to the test (no puns, honest) and see how well this works. If I can achieve a level back in my early 20s, when I was lifting, eating somewhat clean, however drinking too much, yet still putting on mass, then I'll be happy. I say this because in my mind, the only reason I was able to put on mass was due to my body's natural test.

    In looking back, I never really had a problem getting in shape or staying lean. I could generalize and say I was a hardgainer, but I never acknowledged the importance of diet and how large it looms in getting swoll. But, when I was hitting iron, eating 5-6 meals a day, with large amounts of protein, I put up some size, despite poisoning my body with booze, namely 40 ounces of Mickeys!

    I am realistic, however, and know this to be a tall order, but, I'm all in and giving it my best shot.

    In summary, I'm hoping to:
    -gain mass and muscle fullness
    -elevate mood and obtain overall sense of well-being
    -lean out (as stated on the TXP product description)
    -get stronger

    Log is underway!
    I've already started this, so we're catching this guy in media res. Today marks the seventh day of using TXP.

    I've noticed a great flare up on acne. I'm predisposed to have acne, what with oily skin, and I believe this product is exacerbating this quality. Hopefully it will calm down in the next few days. If acne is one sign of increased test, then I'm well on my way. Just wish it'd show more in muscle fullness.

    In regards to leanness, I have noticed that my belly is much more trim this week than last. I have started to walk after I drink my post-workout shake and while that helps, I don't think it's been that effective to create such a noticeable chance in my belly. I'm chalking this up to the TXP and their use of Coleus. I've used Coleus in the past, but not with such rapid results. Perhaps they synergy of the other products has enhanced the coleus or maybe their version is just more potent.

    I did feel somewhat stronger on my lifts this week. I had taken the prior week off, to allow my body to rest some more and prepare for the onslaught I was about to give it later on. Not sure how much of this is as a result of TXP. Still too early to discern.

    Muscle fullness - nothing relevant.

    Libido - nothing relevant.

    Alpha quality/sense of well-being - nothing relevant.

    Aggression - did notice this yesterday, but I believe it was more due to frustration and other elements flying around than as a result of pure aggression.

    So far, TXP is treating me well with leaning me up. Not that I know for certain, but I'll chalk up the acne flare-up to more test flowing or generating or some such. HAHA!

    That's all for now and thanks for your time.

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  3. Subbed brah
    Use code "fl3x10" to get a free shirt with your purchase at Mind and Muscle

  4. This gon be gooood.

    TXP is a stud supp from a great group of guys in iForce; it's peaked my interest as well so innnnn.
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  5. Day Nine of Twenty-Five

    Day 9 of 35:

    I believe I'm getting some serious aggression on this stuff. Caveat emptor: I am prone to getting upset, specifically when greeted with stupidity, i.e. morning traffic. I could feel it bubbling up more so today than I had two weeks prior, or even last Monday, which was the second day on TXP. Thankfully, I've learned the fine art of chilling and accepting that most people just don't have the speed. Someone's gotta lead them.

    Nothing to speak of on the libido side, but I'm not worried. I'm sure it'll present itself when the situation calls for it. I did notice a nice uplift in mood on Saturday, but I was not steady with my diet, so it dissipated as I went far too long without eating. (Ah, family birthdays, how they do make for odd eating times!)

    All in all, holding the course and moving along accordingly. I did notice some good increases in strength. For one of the rare times in taking a supplement, the weights did feel lighter and I was pushing it. I did, however unleash said aggression on the iron and owned it like it committed a crime. It got to the point that I wondered if I even did work out, but I put in some serious intensity today and feel primed to do it all over again.

    On certain exercises, I added more sets than I had planned and didn't feel that I had pushed it too far. That is, the body knew when to go to the extreme, yet not so far as to tax myself unnecessarily; not going past the point of no return leading to injury. When I was done, I could have done the entire routine one more time and not have even been tired.

    Side note: As per the intro to this post, I switched up to GameDay today for my pre-workout. I know this helped, but having tried it before, I do not believe this was solely responsible for the balls-to-the-walls workout. I'm eight days into TXP and I feel it's giving me the test boost it had claimed so emphatically to deliver.

    Pullups/Chinups: 2 sets of 5 wide, 5 shoulder-width, 5 narrow grip. The pullup is still the great equalizer. But, my form is coming along and I'm seeing better strength. Still, this guy owns me something fierce.

    Rack Pulls:

    First time I have ever done these. Felt good pump in the upper back after the first set. I thought once I finished the second set that I'd be too taxed to get along. Nope! Seems that my body was ready to attack, almost insulted that I even entertained the idea of not increasing the weight. I only planned five sets, but felt I could go more, so I added another. I had thought about adding more weight, but since this was my first go round on these, I didn't want to get too sloppy on form. I felt I dialed it in just right. The true test will be to see how my back greets these next week.

    T-Bar Rows:

    -3x80 (ds)
    -4x60 (ds)
    -6x50 (ds)
    -12x25 (ds)

    I went wild with these. I hadn't hit 100 before and once I did the last set, I got a wild hair up my arse and decided to go for a crazy drop set finish. Friggin' great burn, especially the last one. I've got a pesky left shoulder that at times does not allow me to get a good rep towards the end of some sets, but it went along with the ride just fine. Gotta build that bastard up.

    Bent-Over Rows:

    Again, had planned for five, or four, but, went for the gold and added one more set. On these, the weight did feel lighter. I figured that with rack pulls and t-bars, I'd have exhausted my back. Nope! This was making believe TXP is working its mojo for me, specifically with regards to increased strength.

    One-Arm Dumbbell Rows:

    I'll start heavier next week for sure. Again, I didn't think the lats were up for the challenge, but those 25's went up like air. I was surprised I was able to belt out those last two sets, with that weight and still move with solid form and speed. Felt great.

    Once I was done, I had wondered if I put in any work. I'll add more weight accordingly next week. See how that figures into the equation. TXP's making a quick believer out me since I was able to go hard. Now, I gotta step up my game. Point--counterpoint!

    The gauntlet has been laid! Fight on!

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  6. I've been off the boards for a few days, busy with work but I'm back! Glad you got this up, looking forward to your feedback!! I'll catch myself up in here tomorrow!!

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  7. Day Ten of Twenty-Five

    Day Ten of Twenty-Five:

    Well, if I thought my body make one more go-round on back yesterday, today, I was dead! I mean I pushed it hard and boy did it push back! I started strong and kept it going. I didn't have the same type of workout like I did on Monday, which is too be expected, but quite a difference from one day to the next.

    Either I pushed myself hard yesterday and the body was not as apt for the challenge, or my back is getting stronger. I'll chalk it up to the back getting stronger, as I did increase the weights today and ramped up the intensity. This is good. I do want a bigger, stronger back so today was a great experience.

    Because of my pesky left shoulder, my left pec and triceps are not up to speed with the right. Anyone have any suggestions for this, I'm guessing along the isolation maneuver side. Or, something different? I'm all ears.

    However, I do think that with the proper form I've been incorporating, especially today, it the workout provided more resistance if only to account for how the shoulder would "play it safe", for lack of a better term. I also think that being patient in this category will beef up said left side.

    After my workout, on my walk, I felt more tired than I did yesterday. Not tired as in lethargic, but beat up after a good bout of pushing iron. Damn good feeling!

    Incline Pushups: 20, 20, 8, 8, 8

    Here's where it all started. I usually shoot for 15, maybe 16, but given how I felt yesterday, I pushed it. But, I made sure to get that left shoulder in line and really let the pecs do the pushing. This was good all around. The second set was murder, but boy oh boy, were the pecs a'poppin' afterwards.

    Incline Bench:

    Rough, but great! I felt I got in a good overall load on this exercise. I lowered the weight on the last two sets--of which I had only planned to do five--and got in a good burn, really moving the weight as fast as I could, controlled and with form.

    Dips: 6, 5, 5, 3, 2
    I think I sneaked in another set of 5 somewhere in there, but since I didn't write it down, and am not certain, I won't say I did. Good sh*t on this. Just started doing these last week. Really trying to let the pecs do all the work.

    Flys (via resistance band):
    -15x30 (single arm)

    Took a sec to get these underway as what I had had planned didn't work out that well. I might have to started doing these kneeling down or some other variation. Still, got in a good burn and felt the pecs do most of the moving.


    I was quite humbled by these as towards the middle of the second set, the serratus got involved and boy, did that hurt! Not pain injury wise, just activation of a muscle I'd been trying to target. Guess it finally got the wake up call. Well, that's what training is all about. Letting the body progress and allowing to find its groove. Had to lower the weight since form was getting sloppy, but that serratus got it good!

    Solid workout. Felt great! Didn't looked too pump as I hoped I would and not yet seeing the muscle fullness I had hoped I would, but, I'm holding firm. Keeping 'er steady and being patient. Leaning out somewhat. Not drastic, but I do notice a slimmer belly each morning.

    Side note:
    I do take Slin-Sane before my post-workout shake. Today I took two pills and boy, have I been urinating like crazy. First time I upped the dosage to two. Anyone use this GDA and have such an experience? I'm not worried, just curious.


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  8. we will still be getting you a bottle for so sorry for the delay
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  9. Sounds good. If I can get it before the 24th, then I can do a whole 50 day run. I understand these things happen, but I needed to get back on schedule. At any rate, this stuff is proving its worth.
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  10. Day Eleven of Twenty-Five:

    Still going strong. I'm at close to the halfway marker on TXP and still haven't noticed the muscle fullness I'd hoped to achieve. Aggression, however, is there. Again, I am prone to getting steamed now and then and while I'm not getting full-on mad, I know I feel more agitated here and there. Nothing major and nothing that would make me stop using TXP nor buy it.

    I re-read the product description on TXP to check and see what it was touting. I cannot say that I'm feeling it, but here is where my body is responding with regards to their write-up:

    By harnessing the power of our bodies natural cellular signaling mechanisms, Tropinol XP™ will provide your muscles with additional blood, oxygen, and nutrients to ensure that every single workout causes your body to be pushed to the absolute max

    Every single workout has definitely been pushed to the max. Yesterday was one of those and so was today. I went heavy and my body responded quite nicely.

    Through the use of key compounds, Tropinol XP™ will force your body to release stubborn water stores to help give you that dry and lean look that every athlete desires.

    I thought that my frequent urination after yesterday's workout was the result of double dosing Slin-Sane, but, it is due to TXP. Though I did not "feel" the surge the write-up mentions, I did notice the beginnings of a slimmer belly during the first week. Now, my body's pissing like crazy and I'm drinking water quite frequently. I'm not thirsty, mind you, in the parched sense of the word, but once I'm done with my water, I'm surprised I went through it so fast. I liken this to when I was on Erase/Nolvadren-XT and the constant urination. And, my slacks fit a touch better today.


    Leg Extensions:

    I did these more so for a warm-up before getting into squats. I've got a funky left knee from an old injury that at times can be troubling. But, I did about 3/4's on these and was steady with each lift. Knee hurt on the first set. Afterwards, it got into the groove and the 50lbs felt lighter.


    I want to go heavier with each workout and I know my legs are lagging. I figured I'd borrow from the 5x5 routine for today. It looks easy on paper, but once you finish that first set you're wondering WTF? HAHA! Sure enough, got through it just fine. Weight felt good and got in a good sequence through and through. I should have probably added another set.

    Stiff-Legged Deadlifts:

    By the last set, I could feel a great stretch in the left leg and said left knee. I could feel the left calf trying to "turn" to get into gear; the gastrocnemius to be exact. It's gimpy. I don't know where the 12 reps came in on that last set but it wasn't hard. Still, great run with these!

    Leg Curls:

    I was feeling strong, but at the same time, wanted to keep things low to get a better stretch. I paid off despite the drop in weight. The inner thigh on the left leg was coming alive and the hammy was up to speed. Those last two sets taxed me. It was the most I could do without getting crazy sloppy.

    Bodyweight Calf Raises:
    -3 sets of 30 toes forward, 30 toes out, 30 toes in.

    I love these. I do them barefoot. Great burn and I usually feel them two days later. The toes in are tricky but I kept at it. Only way for them to not be tricky.

    Leg Raises:
    -15, 13, 9

    Rough, rough, rough. As I release, I always imagine that scene in Rocky IV, when "Hearts on Fire" plays, as Stallone rolls forward and then it cuts to Drago punching that pressure meter. SICK! Going to start focusing on these and mix in some more ab work on other days.

    Had a good surge of well-being getting a haircut today. Didn't hurt that the chica was cute! Nice, modest rack. I hope that surge keeps getting stronger!

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  11. Solid updates bro, very very detailed!

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  12. Subbed, great detailed write up. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.
    My 5/3/1 Workout Log - Second cycle starring BPS EndoTurbo/Vanillean and PES Alphamine/Enhanced/Erase Pro

  13. Thanks fellas. Glad you're enjoying!
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  14. Quote Originally Posted by ricroc View Post
    Thanks fellas. Glad you're enjoying!
    No problem bro, hit me up with any questions

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  15. Break...on. . .through!

    Today was a crystallizing moment. I was beat up, "battered and bruised by the you-know-who!" Needless to say, in pushing my body to its limits, it is also wanting to take longer rest. I woke up feeling soggy. Not a bad feeling, but I knew my body had been through some punishment. Liken it as one of the first days you ever worked out, yet without the mind-numbing soreness. I was moving slow, but I wasn't lethargic in the classical sense.

    I looked tired.

    I don't think I had recovered at all while I was at work. In fact, I didn't. I also did not rely on coffee to give me a boost. Green tea was all I had and still, I was faded. I was resolved to get my workout in. I had the routine set for the day and I was not going to give in. I could have called it in and chalked it up to getting rest for the body, but I knew this was a make-or-break period. Mind you, if my body did indeed need rest, I would have done so. Think of it more as trying to get that final rep in when your on the next-to-last rep and your body says, "Not sure", but you WILL yourself to get that last one in.

    That was today.

    I got home, took my four TXP and my 1/2 serving of GameDay. I built up the motivation by focusing on this girl at work and trying to figure what she's all about. It was pissing me off. I channeled that aggression into a reservoir I would soon drink from during my workout today. The coleus in the TXP gave me a good crap to get the workout started on a fresh note.

    It was on!

    I went wild. I was in pain. I was sweating like stupid. I was thinking about the girl and going even harder. I was finalizing my mission that's been a few weeks underway. I was dynamite. I was Beowulf. I was unstoppable. Unbreakable. I was not a piece of iron It was horsepower! Cast-iron, heavy duty lifting. (<--from Rocky Balboa)

    After I was done...GOLD! That feeling I had all day prior to working out...eradicated! Assassinated! It was a gun show today and I was targeting my ICBM's on everything that was pissing me off, chief among them that sapped feeling I had today. I OWNED THIS ISH!!

    We're beyond the looking glass gentlemen!

    Landmine Press:

    I love these bastards! I was punching hard on them today. I wanted to go heavy--again, with good form--and just make the iron pay for all the ills I've been dealing with. NEXT!

    Landmine Lateral Press:

    Effe it! I was going for all the gold. All in! I drew a line in the iron and crossed that mofo with some serious disregard for any resistance it would attempt to stall me with. NEXT!


    Slow and holding the top. Made the traps my biznitch and they didn't have anything to say other than, "Thank you sir. May I have another?" Shut it!--I do the talking. NEXT!

    Close-Grip Bench Press:

    They put up a fight, but got a TKO from Tokyo. Added a lighter set at the end to kiss my triceps goodbye. NEXT!

    Pressdown (via resistance band using Arm Blaster)

    Wanted to get strict so I brought in the arm blaster. I love using bands on these because of the increasing resistance the further you pull them out. Broken. NEXT!

    Reverse-Grip EZ Barbell Curl

    Need to get the upper forearm bigger where it greets the lower part of the biceps. First two sets were easy. I was insulted. Went heavier and could have added more, but, it was all about form, controlled aggression. I'll be back! NEXT!

    Barbell Curls


    Need to get these guys in order. Hoping to curl my bodyweight before the end of the month. I have about 17 pounds to go. Added lighter set to fry the biceps. Get all those fibers torn to sh*t. DONE!

    In order for a seed to grow, it must break its shell. B R O K E N! Time to start bearing fruit!

    In closing. . .

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  16. Day Thirteen of Twenty-Five:

    No workout today. Took my four TXP in the morning and I gotta tell you, the coleus in that has a quick effect on me. I've taken a solo coleus supplement before and MAN's Prometheus Rising, but this combo that is in TXP is working quite well on me. Not having a splatterhouse effect (old school TG-16 game status) but a good, clean BM.

    I got home from work and was beat up. I think I will switch up my routine next week. Maybe do a 2 on, 1 off type setup or something similar. Either way I'm looking forward to adding more weight next week. Not as sore as I thought I'd be. Body's adapting and repairing itself with some serious quickness. Probably why I'm so tired -- so much going on under the hood.

    Needless to say after yesterday, the sense of well-being greeted me. Felt stronger, more alpha, more confident, more self-assured. No spike in libido, but, I'm single, so that's not necessary at this juncture. Just want to build slab of raw beef.

    If you build it, they will come!

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  17. Day Fifteen of Twenty-Five:

    I believe my body is acclimating to TXP more and more. This weekend, though I did not exercise, I could feel the benefits. Mild, mind you, but given that it's been the main supplement I've been taking, I know that it's giving me what I am experiencing.

    I know the coleus in this stuff is treating me well. As I stated before, if might be the synergy of this coleus with the other ingredients. I did supplement with Vitamin D on its own, also with coleus, but this combo is working quite well with me.

    Today, I took my TXP later than usual, that is, later than the directed morning dosage, only because I forgot to take some with me whilst visiting the folks. However, I did notice my veins were looking greener in certain parts of my body. Hopefully some vascularity will ensue, and I either attribute this to the leaning effect via the TXP or perhaps the massage I had on Saturday. Sidebar: massage helped a great deal, got many a knot on the path to loosening up.

    I've never seen my veins to "light up" like they did and that is what makes me think the TXP has something to do with this. I've had massages before, but never has I known my veins to "glow" as they did earlier today, this Sunday.

    I hope I can get that sponsored bottle soon. I'm sure a 50 day run of TXP would be out of this world. I already broke my own sound barrier, let's see how many Mach's I can run!!

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  18. 50 days would def be epic, with test boosters, longer cycles are always better to solidify gains! Glad you are loving it

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  19. Day Sixteen of Twenty-Five:

    Alpha feeling bubbling forth, like a slow boil waiting to blow up the spot and ruin your nicely cleaned stove! Speaking of boiling, libido decided to greet me with a gentle wave of, "Get some" and it's in the works, but I'm talking super subtle, sly and slick with this as compared to another test booster I had just logged. Not comparing the two in terms of libido boost, rather, their approaches internally and how I've responded to them.

    Damn solid workout today. Lots of volume today. Hit it hard so as to make up for last week, despite the fact I did get funky with it just the same. I had to go to the store after my walk and I was feeling tired. Good tired. Like putting in a full day of manual labor despite the fact I'm a desk jockey and only push numbers around to make cents. RIMSHOT!

    While I did not "feel" the feeling as mentioned in the TXP write-up, I am now, 16 days of usage, feeling the benefits from it. Perhaps since I had just come off a test booster, it took a while to ramp up my test to a higher level. (Not that I'm an expert, just an anecdotal observation.) But this is the overall basis of TXP: to max your test, to push it to the stratosphere. My main intention was to get back to a level I was at naturally 10-12 years ago, so I'm holding steady. Like I stated last Thursday, I "broke" something, my own sound barrier, for metaphor's sake.

    I would imagine that someone who has not used a test booster in some time would certainly "feel" this working just as advertised.


    Pullups/Chinups: 2 sets 5 wide, 5 shoulder-width, 5 close-grip
    Felt better at these. Feel certain muscles in my back getting stretched and worked. Just gotta keep at it. Goal is to get to 45 by the end of the month.

    Rack Pulls:

    Second time running these and I think I finally got my footing right. What a difference! Love the feeling of these and it is not surprising why I read other members talking about how doing these have added some serious mass to their back.

    T-Bar Rows
    -4x80 (ds)
    -6x50 (ds)

    Getting better on these. Left shoulder getting stronger. Hitting a solid groove pounding these out.

    Bent-Over Barbell Rows:

    Getting much stronger on these. I did rest longer to ramp up the weight, but not as much on the last two sets. Final poundage felt right.

    Meadow Rows:
    -6x50 (ds)

    Felt a stretch in the right lat, not so much in the left; that's the one of the pesky shoulder. I'll get there. It will take a while to catch, but here's hoping it can get into the fray sooner. I believe it can!

    TXP continues to shine with regards to increased strength and allowing me to push harder and harder. Signs of alpha-mentality, i.e. overall sense of well-being, and heightened libido are beginning their gradual climb. 50 days would really keep it all together, tighter and tighter.

    Not done, but, give this a shot if you need something to help you push your max. That being said, you should have done so with their intro offer on NP. As it stands, I do not think it is available anymore.

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  20. Day Seventeen of Twenty-Five

    Day Seventeen of Twenty-Five:

    Making more trips to the bathroom, pissing like a madman. Definitely seeing some more benefits of the drying process, again as stated in the product write-up. Nothing major, as I'm not doing serious cardio, but I do know my belly and sides are getting leaner. Around the navel area is still a bit pudgy, but I'm sure adding some focused cardio will melt it off and tighten it up. I'm starting Krav Maga on Friday, so I'll see if I got what it takes to make it last!

    Still seeing alpha-mentality benefits taking hold. Walking more confidently, bit of a swagger, but not cocky, just most assured in myself. This stuff seems to be tapping into my potential and polishing it up like a diamond in the rough. Smooth polish, though. It helps that I feel the quality of my workouts more and more. Good to lift heavy.

    Real nice breakthrough today with regards to form and letting my chest, the pecs, do all the moving and pressing. It's been tricky with my funky left shoulder, but I know that the back workouts have built up that side, in addition to the shoulder training. As it was, I was a bit dismayed that the poundages dropped somewhat, but I believe the overall load was there. Good to have these humbling markers. Something to break through next time around.

    Incline Pushups: 15, 15, 15, 10
    I went hard on these last week and as such, couldn't do much in terms of pressing. I love pushups! So versatile and effective. Wanted to reach 60 overall, but I'll get there next week.

    Incline Press:

    Worked at pushing the weight as fast as I could and control it on the way down. Not sloppy, but cool and in control. I tried for 140 but couldn't get the bar up. Another goal to make happen.

    Dumbbell Flat Press:

    -4x25 (ds)

    Rough! I think I'll do these on the floor next time to keep all the tension on the pecs. Used to do so before but the left shoulder would bug me. Not so much this time around. Need to work more on form and keep the pressure on the pecs.

    Dips: 4, 4, 1, 3
    A paltry number given how much I had done last week, but I think the dumbbell presses taxed my chest. Also, I went a tad lower than I had in the prior weeks. Need to put more work on these.


    Good groove and rhythm on these. Found a sweet spot and could feel the entire upper body stretching and serratus flexing. Tiring.

    Came back from my walk and felt it all hit me. So good to know I trained hard, despite how some of the numbers look on paper.

    Just another goal to plow through and raise the bar even further.

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  21. Good to see you are leaning out bro, that Is what I hope from this when I run it for real!

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  22. Day Eighteen of Twenty-Five:

    No workout today. Work sponsors a wellness committee for the employees and I was selected with nine others to participate in their first ever wellness retreat. Ran an obstacle course and afterwards, took a cooking class, learning about what foods and amounts to eat and how to prepare simple, gourmet tasting dishes.

    Funny thing: the main chef was talking about protein requirements and how much the body needs. I seem to hear a variety of points of views on this topic. I don't ever dismiss advice, always take it in and see how it fits in with what I'm doing.

    Back to TXP:
    Noticed a leaner physique this morning. On Tuesday, I didn't include a carb with my lunch and also forwent carbs in my morning shake. I think I'm taking too much on, at the wrong times, so I wanted to dial it back some more. I cannot state for certain that this had an immediate impact since it was just the one day I did this, but I know that TXP, and what I would imagine its coleus, are leaning me up quite nicely.

    Urinating more frequently and hopefully old fat stores are getting jostled and I'm slowly excreting them out. Took a while for my body to acclimate to the coleus and TXP as a whole, but I can honestly say it is indeed augmenting and amplifying my workouts, rest and nutrition.

    Despite the fact I felt I went low in weights during yesterday's chest exercise, it feels much fuller and pronounced, especially in the mid-upper region than I had known it to feel.

    Hopefully I'll get that second bottle before the end of next week. I know 50 days would really make things shine. At any rate, I'm glad I did pull the trigger on the NP deal for TXP when they did. Great investment and I still have a whole bottle of Intimidate for later on in the year.

    Follow along the DTPv3 run:

  23. Day Nineteen of Twenty-Five:

    Still having good increases in strength and able to add more weight, workout longer, harder. This was a main goal of mine using TXP. Alas, I don't think I'll get the free, sponsored bottle by next week. I had hoped to go for a full 50 days on TXP but the possibility of that happening is looking quite slim. If anything, I'll just follow it up with the Intimidate that came free with the intro offer. I had wanted to save that for later, but I want to keep things going.


    Leg Extension:

    I do these mainly to get my legs ready for squats. I slowly build up the weight and it has been a big help. Gets the blood flowing and primes the legs for squatting.


    I was able to increase the weight from last week. I rested longer between sets because I really want to build up the quads and squat more with each coming week. I noticed that a slightly wider than shoulder-width stance really helps my pesky left knee. I get in a good stretch and can press the weight better.

    Leg Curls:

    Calf Raises:
    -3 sets of 30 toes in, 30 toes out, 30 toes in. DAMN! These kill me! At times I want to forgo the toes in, as I don't get in a proper turn given the knee. Still, I know I'll get there soon enough.

    Leg Raises:
    -12, 12, 11. Rough. Tried for 12 on the last set but could only manage 11 with solid form.

    Good strength and energy on today's routine. Squats gave me a good jump to the heart, got the blood moving. I was sweating and out of breath.

    Follow along the DTPv3 run:

  24. Once you loose solid form on leg extensions, try doing some cheap reps.. killer burn!!

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  25. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    Once you loose solid form on leg extensions, try doing some cheap reps.. killer burn!!

    Good tip, Mike! I will give this a go next week. I like the burn. Gonna see how much fire I can start!
    Follow along the DTPv3 run:


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