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  1. Day Twenty-One of Twenty-Five:

    Sad that this run is coming to an end. I don't think I'll get that sponsored bottle anytime next week, so I won't be able to go for the full 50 days I had hoped when I started this last month.

    The leaning effect of TXP is still going on. Some days, it seems more pronounced, or I should say, given the timing of it all, it seems as though its effects are easily identifiable. I know it is as a result of TXP, as my diet has not changed, nor has my training, from the time I was taking another test booster before having started TXP.

    Libido and alpha-quality have appeared in a steady stream, rather than a flood, like I've had with other test boosters. Not that I'm complaining. It's been good to tap into a reserve when my body needs to call for it. Strength has shown signs of increasing. Some body parts and some exercises have shown greater progress than others, but again, I'm not complaining. Overall, amounts on lifts have increased, as well as intensity.

    50 days would've been something else!

    Friday update: first day of Krav Maga. Man, my cardio is week! But, that's part of the desire to learn this self-defense training. I get the best of both worlds. Learning to protect myself and getting a good cardio blast as well. I took the TXP in the morning rather than my session, not sure if that made or makes a difference. It all worked out well in the end.

    Landmine Press:
    -6 (r), 4 (l) x90
    -4 (r), 6 (l) x90

    Going up to 90 was probably ballsy, but I was determined to see it through. Tough, but I also think I didn't rest quite enough before attacking. I should have known, but I got it under control. I think another week of these and I'll go back to military presses.

    Landmine Laterals:

    Burn central! Felt great. Same poundage as last week, but less rest between sets. Also, I switched up my stance. Before, I was on two knees, today, I was on one knee, so as to get some core work. Took some more rest in the last set to power through. I'll keep going with these.

    Barbell Shrugs:
    -20x25 (dumbbells)

    Wanted to start with a quick warm up set to get things rolling. Not as many reps as last week, but I went slower and kept the hold up at the top longer. As such, I added another set to get some more work in them. Next week, I'll pyramid up to a higher amount to build some mass.

    Close-Grip Bench Press:

    Should have added more weight on subsequent sets, but the lifts were killing me as it was. Left triceps still pale by comparison, but I'm going to keep at these. Only way to add more mass. I was planning on adding some dips, but figured I'd add more sets to this exercise instead.

    Barbell Curls:
    -15x30 (ab)
    -8x60 (ab)
    -7x60 (ab)
    -5x80 (ab)

    Need to build more mass on the arms and lift heavier, but I wanted to concentrate on the lift, so I added the arm blaster. I chucked it on the last set to cheat a bit and get those 5 out of the way.

    Reverse Curls:
    -10x41 (ab)
    -10x41 (ab)
    -10x41 (ab)

    Should have gone another set, but the arms were getting tired. Took all I had to finish up here. But, could feel the pump in the muscles and the upper left forearm getting stronger. I need it too. One of the reasons why my curls aren't so much. Getting there!

    Another great workout. I'm not quite as sore on TXP, despite how intense I plow through it all. Today was a good determinant in tweaking out this set up. Will go heavier next week.

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  2. Quote Originally Posted by ricroc View Post
    Good tip, Mike! I will give this a go next week. I like the burn. Gonna see how much fire I can start!
    Haha I fail at leg extensions, I can't even do 40lbs with perfect form.. I loose

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  3. Day Twenty-Three of Twenty-Five:

    Almost all gone. I am just getting warmed up, a la Al Pacino via Scent of A Woman.

    If you've been away from test boosters for some time, give this a shot. Again, it will only enhance and accentuate your hard training, proper rest and solid diet. It maximizes it all for you. Now's the time, what with the NP sale happening.

    (Again, this was supposed to be sponsored, but due to a snafu, this log is of the bottle I bought via NP's intro deal, so I don't have any bias one way or the other.)


    3 sets of 5 wide, 5 shoulder-width, 5 close-grip. I was determined to get this bastards done today. Took some time to see it all through but I did. Left shoulder can get a bit tricky sometimes, but it is much better than it has been in recent months. Much better. Gonna stay at 45 for a several weeks.

    Rack Pulls:

    Today, I wanted to go heavy. But, I made sure to take the proper rest between sets so I could keep going heavier. It helped! I didn't think I was pushing myself hard enough, since I wasn't "feeling" it--I guess via huffing and puffing or just tired muscles--but that last set was a doozy. Hopefully, I'll be all types of sore tomorrow. Or, given the way TXP has me rebounding, I will be okay. Back felt stronger after the workout. It's getting a mind of its own. I'm so proud!

    T-Bar Rows:

    A bit tricky to get the last set in if only because the bar was loaded too much upfront. Gonna need to buy some 25lb plates this weekend. I stopped at the number of reps on each set because anymore and form would have been sacrificed more than I was willing to do so. No matter. Got in everything I needed on this sequence.

    Bent-Over Rows:

    My strength on these has increased considerably since starting TXP. I've been able to add about 30 pounds since I had started. Now then, I'm not basing this solely on the backbone of TXP, but, like I stated up above, it has augmented all my effort and discipline.

    Two more days and I'm spent. It took a while to get the TXP into gear, but I'm guessing this probably had to do with the fact I was just coming off another test booster and maybe the pathways with which they worked had some differences or similarities or some such. Again, just observation of how things have worked out.

    If you want to go hard and heavy, more so on the heavy and keep on going, TXP should aid in your efforts.

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  4. Day Twenty-Four of Twenty-Five:

    So sad it is all coming to an end. TXP has really assisted in my recovery, which has helped me get stronger. I've been able to increase the weights with each workout -- for the most part. I've leaned out, not drastically as in totally shredded, but I know I am leaner than before I had started.


    Bench Press:
    (started with a quick warm-up of 20 incline pushups)



    I have not flat benched in a long time. Shoulder giving me too many problems. Focused more on my back to get the lats better and doing shoulder exercises to strengthen the muscles there. THIS WAS A BLAST! Bench has always been a favorite of mine. It's raw and a great strength builder. As well as mass. It was good coming back into the fold without any serious problems.

    Incline Press:

    I was surprised I was able to push as much weight up as I did, given how hard and heavy I went on bench. Everything felt weel and the 130 set was brutal. Did all I could to try for 5, but it would have been going too far, unnecessarily.

    Dips: 7, 6, 6. Last week, couldn't do too many. Rested before attacking each one and got in a better, overall stretch with each rep. Left shoulder's getting better. Allowing the triceps on that side to do the work, which is helping to build up that lagging area of the chest. AWESOME!

    Finished up with some more incline pushups, but was so taxed, I could only belt out a total of 16 afterwards. Chest was WORKED!

    Great workout. I will miss TXP. 50 days and you should be solid. When that sponsored bottle arrives--hopefully soon--I'll be chomping at the bit to do it all over again!

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  5. Rack pulls and tbar rows.. my two favorite back exercises!!

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  6. Le Grande Finale:

    All good things must come to an end and so has my 25 day with TXP. Fantastic. Quite a different experience than I had expected. I leaned out some, enough to know I had, and my strength improved each week, with these final two weeks really rounding things out quite nicely.

    I broke my own "sound barrier" so to speak--crashing through to another level upon which to build and keep on building. Great feeling.

    Today was not a workout day, but I did get in my Krav Maga hour training. Sh*t's brutal, but oh so nice. Using so many muscles I haven't engaged before and really getting a solid overall workout with it. Rather than taking the TXP before training, I took it in the morning.

    Overall, I was pleased and impressed with TXP. Took a bit to kick in for me and while libido was not raging and the quality of the alpha-mentality was different from what I had in mind, it all came together for me.

    Once I get that sponsored bottle, I will be eager to give it a go, now with the newfound strength and training techniques, which is pretty much sticking to heavy, basic lifting.

    Good job, iForce!

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  7. Appreciate your feedback bro! thank you so much for keeping such a detailed log, greatly appreciate it and thank you very much for supporting tropinol xp in the open forum! I saw you post in a thread about it

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  8. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    Appreciate your feedback bro! thank you so much for keeping such a detailed log, greatly appreciate it and thank you very much for supporting tropinol xp in the open forum! I saw you post in a thread about it

    Sure thing, man! My approach to logs is to give it the write what I'd like to read, what I'm wanting to know about a supplement. I'm glad I had benefits when running this. If I hadn't responded to TXP, I would have written that I didn't respond. I'm not one to bash a product and keep a realistic perspective on it all.
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