Ok, I myself and my fiancÚ have been taking a new supplement called brs30 which is pure Laxogenin. A lot of people in Thcson where I'm from and where it is made have been using it and seeing great results. I know this is not a steroid, OR IS IT? I read a lot online about Laxogenin, being legal and evveryhing else and being a plant sterol, but I just ripped 405 - 6 times on the flat bench which is a personal best for me. I'm 31 and I am an ex pro ball player who hasn't worked out more than three times a week in the last 5 years? Any other news on it! I know there are a ton of MMA fighters taking it here as this is how I heard about it! Anythiny inshould really be worried about, or my fiancÚ?