Final Review

Energy: 3/5 Like stated on the site, this supp was not meant to give energy or was supposed to be a stim but I am still not givin it a 0/5 because i was not lethargic at all. on stims i usually get a little tired aka crash after awhile but this one just kept me goin through the day. always active, never tryin to kill time at work or my day, even got back on the bike. is this gonna be a crazy energy burst? of course not but i feel good.

Fatloss: 5/5 im a huge fan of 7keto and was what drew me to this product. not too many products these use 7keto and if they do its in pill form which sucks cuz its no very bioavailable. what i enjoy about this it targeted my love handles and lower abs. for me when i lose weight, i lose from legs first and mostly legs. it takes forever to lose my gut but with this, 2 weeks i noticed it smoothing out and i have that jiggly annoying fat

Stamina: 3/5 after a few days i noticed that my legs werent as dead as they would be, my breathing became better while running like i wasnt breathing as hard as before, i felt great on the the treadmill and wanted to go more than usual when i reached the 30min mark. i did have a few days where i just didnt feel like hittin cardio but other than that, everything was great

Vascularity 4/5: loved this about this product. i did expect to lose fat but not become as vascular as i got. after the 2nd week i noticed more veins on my arms and shoulders comin out of no where.

Thermogenics: 5/5 no doubt was i heated up more throughout my workout and day. was sweating so much more than usual and body was always red. when i chilled on the couch with my girl she even said she liked how my body is always warm. and since im a pale person, a little color in my life is nice lol gotta it the beds

Sides 5/5: zero sides to this. no bad nauseus feeling, no crashes, no dry joints, just positive

Overall: 4/5 awesome product here guys!!!! without a doubt im gonna get more patches. at first i was skeptical like most but actually tryin it blew my mind how good it was. this is really one of the best fat loss products i used and THE BEST non-stim fat loss product ive ever used. Gotta thank the AgeForce team for makin me a believer of the patches. im def pickin more up and wanna try ther preworkout and hgh patch. Oh also guys, for me since i workout after 5 pm, i slap the patch on when i wake up around 7am or 8am.