FLEX Fitness Products Beast Stack (Beast, Wolverine, Restore)

  1. FLEX Fitness Products Beast Stack (Beast, Wolverine, Restore)

    I have heard good things about this stack online and from one person that I know personaly that goes to my gym. I am getting read to run this starting in a few days. I am shopping around for my support supps right now so if anyone has used something they think is the best stuff, let me know.

    This is what I'm it is. Flex Fitness Products Beast Stack is a 3 bottle combo pack consisting of 2 bottles of Prohormones (Beast and Wolverine) and the PCT (Restore).

    This prohormone stack is said to produce very lean, dry muscle gains with significant fat loss and powerful strength gains.


    19-Norandrostenediol 40mg
    Max-LMG 20mg
    Methylsten 10mg
    Carbopol 15mg
    90 Caps per bottle

    19-Norandrostenediol 60mg
    6-Bromo 20mg
    Carbopol 15mg
    90 Caps per bottle.

    (Restore, PCT)
    6-Bromo 30mg
    DAA 954mg
    Milk Thistle 105mg

    I have used some prohormones before and and one of them was a 2 prohormone stack. This will be my first 3 hormone stack. I am choosing this one because it is mostly non methylated and should be cleaner to use. Also, summer is just about here and the from what I hear about this will not bloat you or make you break out really bad. It is supposed to cut you and make you bigger at the same time.
    I will post my pro hormone experience and stats on my next post. All advice will be helpful.

  2. I will be starting on sunday and will have all the info added and up to date.

  3. Sorry I didn't post last sunday but I was WAY busy. I'll do a recap on this last week and get everything caught up.

    My first cap of Beast was Sunday morning and second was that evening and the third was that night. I've been keeping my dosage regimen the same every day at 3 caps a day. I'm trying to keep my calories as high as possible and as clean as possible, build muscle, but not gain much fat. In the morning I eat 6 whole eggs, 2 packets of instant oatmeal and some random fruit along with a protein shake. Always make sure to get a good snack in and for lunch, I've been having to eat out often so I go to a local grocery store deli and get one big chicken breast baked, some sort of salad and some fruit from the produce section. And if I pack a lunch, it would be something along the same lines. I usually have another little snack an hour or 2 later like a half of a PBJ (natural ground peanut butter and strawberry or raspberry preserves or honey). I work out later in the day so my preworkout meal is usually a little bit of fish and an apple. Dinner tends to vary, but I always get good quality and good quanities in. Every night before bed, I always do at least 100 situps, crunchs, v-ups, russian twist, or some combo. Then I take my casein shake, brush my teeth, and go to bed. I think I'm going to do either a push-pull routine or a push-push, pull-pull routine.
    Pre Cycle/On Cycle : Cycle Assist (CEL), fish oil, Tribulus, silymarin/milk thistle, 5-htp, tyrosine,
    taurine, CoQ10, multi vitamin, CLA, Opimum Hydrowhey, Dymatize Casein,
    Betancourt BullNox and Xtend BCAA's
    Post Cycle : All above with more Tribulus, Animal Stack, DAA, Liver Fix, PCT Restore (FLEX FP)
    and GH-Up. I also have some Tamoxifin but I'm not sure if I'm gonna need it yet.

    For my first week on Beast, I noticed I was getting leaner by about Tuesday, I actually dropped a couple pounds. I didn't really notice any strength increases on Monday, as it was my second day, but my workout on Wednesday everything just felt easier. And by Friday, I was able to get another rep here and there. I feel pumped all the time these last few days. Usually today I'd still be kind of sore from my Friday workout, but I'm hardly sore at all. So far this feels like it's kicking off to a good start. As far as weight gain, I'm actually up one pound from where I started, but a little over 3 lbs from Tuesday. I've not had any night sweats or mood swings or any other problems so far. I look a little different in the mirror, more defined and a little fuller so far. I'm looking forward to the upcoming weeks. Tomorrow I'm doing a push-pull, chest and back.

  4. I'm now almost on my third week of Wolverine and I've gained about 15 lbs on the scale. I've seen a good body fat loss and I look really vascular and feel pumped all the time. The definition in my shoulders is really coming out and the teardrops on the quads, too. I took a measurement of my arms and I've gained almost 3/4 of an inch in the morning when I flex. The inner and outer heads of my biceps have become more prominent. As far as strength goes, my bench has jumped up over 50 lbs for my heavy sets (5-8 reps) and I can now curl 15 lbs more for dumb bells (65 lbs, 4 sets of 10). All my tricep exercises have gone way up too. I've been able to improve my form and add reps and it's really showing. The best thing about all this is knowing you're going to dominate every workout and not pay the price the next day. It's also really cool how everyone's starting to recognize the difference in me. I have a lot of people coming up to me and asking me "Are you on something?" or "What are you taking?" I'm going to try to figure out how to post before and after pictures on here.

  5. Gained 15 with fat loss? And these are supplements?
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  6. Well, Prohormones. Guys used to gain 20 lbs on SD when it was around. So about 15 lbs isn't bad for what we have today but I'm very lean right now, no bloat. Definetly strong stuff!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Chris1 View Post
    Well, Prohormones. Guys used to gain 20 lbs on SD when it was around. So about 15 lbs isn't bad for what we have today but I'm very lean right now, no bloat. Definetly strong stuff!
    I'm curious how you feel after taking the full cycle about a month after to see if there are any sides you experience. I always experience the sides well after taking it, on cycle it's always just the acne issue and some atrophy.

  8. Yeah, I will do a follow up posting after PCT and let everyone know how my doc check up goes and how gains are holding, sides and all that. So far so good though. I have actualy turned into more of a stud with my woman. NO problems there at all.

  9. My profile pic is of me about the time I started Beast 6 weeks ago.
    Name:  me befor beast 1.jpg
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    This is a body shot at the end of Beast 2 weeks ago:

    Name:  be flexing 2.0.jpg
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    I will try to get some more pic's of last week soon. Not my camera so i don't always have it around.

    -My final progress pics will have my face in it so you can see it's me.

  10. That's an impressive transformation in a short time. That's not far off from what I'm shooting for as far as body composition goes. I just want to be heavier in my upper body (back, arms, chest). What was your diet while on cycle? And what was your workout regimen?

  11. I started my cycle eating really clean and I was leaning out and getting bigger and stronger at the same time. Eating clean and trying to get the right calorie intake for growth is kind of difficult. I was hoping for more of a size gain, so when I hit the Wolverine, I started eating a little "less clean," but not dirty. This enables me to get more calories from more sources in for muscle gain. The picture I showed my body shot in was at the end of Beast, but before Wolverine. Since then I've put on a bit more size. I'm still really lean, but I'm not quite as cut because of my current diet. But I would consider it a fair trade. This picture is after doing arms. Name:  me flexing.0.jpg
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  12. Great results man. Way to do work! I finished the Titan Stack a few months ago and I'm thinking about running this Beast Stack next. The Titan stack really blew me up and kept me really hard and lean but this time I want to use something that I can really shred out on and add another 10 or so pounds and increase strength. You weren't using a Thermo with this were you?

  13. My final picture of the cycle! Not pumped, not flexing, big difference between now and when I started 8 weeks ago. I loosened up my diet durring the wolverine and was able to gain more mass, also got stronger. This last week finished with a bang. I'll post my final stats with my PCT outline soon.
    Name:  me after beast stack1.jpg
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