PES Enhances Mattrag's workouts

  1. PES Enhances Mattrag's workouts

    So guys after I did some alphamine and loved it I am going to try Enhance by PES and incorporate it into my training.
    I have taken a lot, and I mean a lot of different pre workouts. This won't be a comparison log, more like how I like it.
    I like a lot of pre's, taste, feel, endurance, concentration are the main attributes I look for.

    My current routine is 5/3/1 but I'll be switching to the cube method in order to try and see if my squat will increase with less overall intensity.
    I will also be doing some weightlifting (olympic) during the week with low intensity focusing on speed and form while I use my cube method training to induce the high intensity stimulus I like.

    Alright guys, let's see how this stuff treats me
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  2. Long time no see...
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  3. In for a fellow Cube log (when you switch eventually) and because I've yet to try enhanced.
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  4. Hello friend, I'm in

  5. In for some Enhanced Cube training

  6. Hello all, I did my deload for chest today.
    3x6 185. Supposed to do 5 reps but it was just do light.

    Also, enhanced gives good cognitive support I feel. While doing my muscle cleans I really felt in the groove really early on in my warm up. Pumps were good from the pec dec. was able to do the whole stack for 3x10.
    High incline db presses for 10 reps at the max set at 85lbs. Not so impressive but it was an easy day.
    2 more deload workouts and I'll be switching the program.
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  7. SUBBED!
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    Nice to see you too.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
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  10. You better make this log good. The entire bro establishment are watching!
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  11. I have been Enhancing my Cubing lately as well...

    Solid program and in for this logging experience.
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  12. In for this
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  13. Aloha Matt

  14. Matt come back!

  15. Luckily I have a telepathic connection with our Hawaiian friend.

    I shall summon him!
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  16. Hahah. Well after being gone for so long I guess I'll post my thoughts (seeing I'm taking it again doesn't hurt the memory ).

    Enhanced was a good clean energy pre workout, no crash, good focus, the only thing I must say I don't like was the taste. I've tried just dumping the powder in my mouth, putting as little water as possible etc. I can't seem to tame the weird taste I get from it. Sad part is it works o here I am on bottle 2...

    I'll update more later. Gotta hit the gym.
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  17. You should do that! Tell him I said so haha.

  18. In for quarterly updates!
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  19. Quote Originally Posted by CountryLiftin View Post
    You should do that! Tell him I said so haha.
    You missed his entrance.

    My bond with him is so strong he was in here like a flash!

    P.S. Matt, the Enhanced flavours have been improved.
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  20. Magic.

    So the question is where were you hiding?


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