Gotti's Intimidating AM with I Force

  1. Gotti's Intimidating AM with I Force

    Testosterone is the KING hormone!

    The most important hormone in the male body to building significant muscle mass is testosterone. The male body produces testosterone at rate of almost 60x more than the average female, and this is one of the key factors in why men are able to build so much more muscle, and be so much stronger than the average woman. While many of you out there already understand that you need more testosterone to gain the lean, dense, and hard muscle mass you desire, very few are aware of the fact that the male body actually cannibalizes its own testosterone to create one of the most UNWANTED hormones in the male body, estrogen. That’s right; as you’re reading this a nasty little chemical reaction is taking place in your blood that is converting a good amount of your testosterone into that nasty female hormone estrogen.

    The nasty Aromatase Enzyme

    Since men don’t have ovaries, it is impossible to produce estrogen on the scale that women do, however every man has an enzyme within his body that actively searches for, and converts testosterone into estrogen. While some estrogen is necessary in a males body, reducing it significantly brings on several beneficial changes, such as increased strength, hardness, and of course muscle growth. The most effective way to lower estrogen in the male body is to directly inhibit the enzyme that is responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen, the Aromatase Enzyme.

    Aromatase Inhibitors

    Inhibition of the Aromatase Enzyme is accomplished through the use of Aromatase Inhibitors, or “AI’s”. These compounds work due to their innate attraction to the Aromatase Enzyme. When an AI binds to Aromatase Enzyme, it renders the enzyme useless, and your body excretes it as waste. This results in lower levels of Aromatase Enzyme, as well as significantly lower levels of estrogen (since there is little to no Aromatase Enzyme left to turn testosterone into estrogen, estrogen plummets). Some of the most common AI’s are prescription medications such as Arimidex® or Letrozole®, with Letrozole® being considered the strongest AI currently available in the world. In fact, it is so potent that studies have shown it to be able to reduce estrogen by up to 98% in as little as 48 hours!

    Can Nature compare with Chemicals?

    While Letrozole® seems like the obvious choice if you want to inhibit your Aromatase Enzyme and lower estrogen, the fact remains that it is a prescription drug, and illegal to use unless prescribed by your doctor. Due to this, the dietary supplement industry has been plagued with natural extracts claiming to be potent AI’s, however when put in comparison with things like Arimidex® and Letrozole®, the fall flat on their face and barely make a dent in total estrogen depletion. Until now…
    A recent study was performed on the Brassiopsis Glomerulata plant that identified 12 compounds found naturally within it. These compounds were tested for the Aromatase Enzyme inhibition strength and against all odds, the study uncovered without a doubt the strongest Aromatase Inhibitor found anywhere in nature. Don’t believe it? Here is a link to the actual study:
    Isolation and Characterization of Aromatase Inhibitors from Brassaiopsis glomerulata (Araliaceae)

    Nature beats Chemicals!

    In the above link, you can see that the researchers themselves had the following to say about one specific compound((−)-dehydrololiolide) found within the herb:
    “The monoterpenoid (−)-dehydrololiolide (12), was found to be active in the cell-based AI bioassay (21.8 PCA at 50 μM), with no statistical difference in aromatase inhibition activity between compound 12 and the positive control, letrozole (P < 0.0001).”

    The Strongest AI in the world!

    Yes, you read that correctly. The specific compound referred to as (12) or (−)-dehydrololiolide was found to inhibit the Aromatase Enzyme as effectively as Letrozole® itself! This means for the first time ever a natural compound has matched the most powerful man made chemical for means of estrogen reduction. By using an extract of the Brassiopsis Glomerulata plant, one should be able to see a significant decrease in aromatase enzyme, as well as estrogen.

    After months of intense research and extraction modifications, iForce Nutrition has perfected the Brassiopsis Glomerulata extraction procedure, and provides a massive dose of (-)-dehydrololiolide in every single serving of Intimidate SRT™. By taking just 1 single serving of Intimidate SRT™ prior to bed at night, you can know that you are systematically reducing and removing more Aromatase Enzyme and Estrogen than you ever before! This means you should look for significant water weight loss, hardening of the muscles, enhanced muscle definition, strength & size gains, and even a great libido + mood boost! Stop wasting time with unproven ingredients and start using what science has proven to work!
    Muscle Research Board Rep

    AM10 for 10% off at

  2. I'd like to Thank Vaughn True and the I Force team for letting me log Intimidate SRT!

    Mon: Chest/Tri 20 minutes HIIT
    Back: Back/Bris 20 minutes HIIT
    Wed: 30 minutes HIIT/Abs or Yoga
    Thurs: Legs
    Fri: Off
    Sat: Shoulder 15 minutes HIIT
    Sun: Off

    I'm transitioning into trying to cut some fat down. Still in the first stage of things but I'm not really following any routine. I'm doing more supersets and taking less time between sets to keep my heart rate up.

    Diet: I've lowered my carbs and cut them out of my lunch. I may cut them out of breakfast but in the first few weeks of the transition I was making good progress before I got sick last week so I haven't cut them out in the morning yet. I'll continue to keep carbs up for postworkout meals.

    Ruthless 3d
    Dymatize Creatine
    Ruthless Krill Oil
    **** Gear
    Alri Humapro (Pills and Powder)
    AI Sports Recoverpro
    Powerchews BCAA
    Powerchews Glutamine
    USP Labs OEP (may run out before log is over with)

    Goals for this log:
    Trim some fat using the AI to it's advantage
    Use Intimidate SRT to help sleep from using stimulants like OEP
    Maintain muscle while dropping some fat
    Keep strength as carbs are lowered
    and of course Body Comp

    I will be starting the product tonight. I did have at least 1 cap bust in the bottle, theres powder everywhere but I'll sift through it and take the pills first.
    Muscle Research Board Rep

    AM10 for 10% off at

  3. Reserved for Final Review.
    Muscle Research Board Rep

    AM10 for 10% off at

  4. please make sure to contact me with your addy so I can make sure we get you a full bottle and no cracked pills
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  5. I'm I'm buddy.
    Black Lion Representative
    I'm a Brooklyn boy I may take some gettin' use to

  6. Looking forward to this starting up!

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative


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