AE is very intimidating thanks to IForce

  1. First a HUGE thank you to IForce for such a huge opportunity here. I truly appreciate it, and will give the best and most honest rundown of how this treats me. I do have a great deal of AI experience as well as Intimidate. Which btw, gave some of the best sleep I have ever had/

    For those that have followed previous logs of mine, I used to run a modified powerlifting style routine with 6 days a week of lifting and cardio 6-7 days as well. I am up well before the majority of the world, and am usually done with both cardio and lifting by 5am. I still do the cardio like crazy, however, due to getting older and severe arthritis in my upper back and bone spurs in my neck...I changed the rep ranges and level of weights.

    Here is the routine
    Saturday: legs/back
    Sunday: chest/tris
    Monday: off
    Tuesday: shoulders/bis
    Wednesday: legs/back
    Thursday: chest/tris
    Friday: shoulders/bis

    Other supps currently:
    Orange Triad
    Super Cissus
    Pro Nom 23
    Green Bulge (favorite creatine)
    Purple Wrath

    I have been on a cut recently and am down to 201 at 5'10.5". Old age has me shrinking

    Before pics will be up tomorrow. Will dose the first dose tonight pre bed.
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  2. reserved for before and after pics

    Taken 3/24 200lbs
    Name:  IMG_1548.png
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  3. Nice looking split!
    Follow along the DTPv3 run:

  4. In for this
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by roblasane View Post
    In for this
    Welcome aboard guys
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  6. Got in my normal am cardio and ab work

    46 minutes 12% incline 3.6-4.1mph

    SOme initial impressions....fell asleep quickly. Within 30 minutes of dosing, I was basically out. Nothing of note with vivid dreams (which the first intimidate did to me right away). I will also say, that I was groggy when I woke up, but not to the point where I couldnt function, and it could also be as a result of our animals (2 cats 1 dog) being utter PITA's this am.

    Will be back later with my leg/back day and pics
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  7. Had a very nice workout today. Very tired now...which is a good thing

    Here is the rundown

    Back squats (5 sets) stayed at 135lbs for sets of 10 true a2g as a warmup
    Box Squats (8 sets) sets up to 225lbs 8 reps
    Standing calf raises (8 sets) sets of 12 at each weight I used for squat....followed each set of squats

    wide chins (4 warmup sets) bw sets of 8-12
    bb rows (5 sets) up to 185lbs sets of 8-12
    rack pulls (4 sets) up to 405lbs sets of 7

    Nothing monumental to note. Felt good and energized.....however, nothing different in terms of strength
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  8. In. Push it hard, still waiting on mine to get here can't wait to start.
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  9. Sweet man, im in for this, should be killer!

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  10. in
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  11. Thanks for following guys. Good sleep last night. Slept straight through until a pee break at 430. Then back out till almost 6. Cardio and abs done for the am. Weighed in at 200 even.

    Will post the pic before momentarily.
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  12. Pic is updated
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  13. Interested in how this treats you and don't think I have followed one of your logs count me in for this.
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  14. Quote Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post
    Interested in how this treats you and don't think I have followed one of your logs count me in for this.
    Thanks for coming along. Good to have you
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  15. just finished my afternoon workout. Decided to throw in a little extra ab/cardio warmup, then off to chest/tris

    Flat BP (7 sets) 2 sets @ 275 5 reps per
    Incline db fly/press superset (5 sets) 55lbs sets of 10-12 <awesome burn here>

    JM Press (5 sets) sets from 135-185 7-10 reps
    2arm db ext superset (5 sets) 75lbs to 55lbs sets of 12

    Energy was good, I feel refreshed, which I can hopefully attribute to a good nights sleep

    The only thing that presently stands out is my tris are pumped beyond belief. Not sure if this is related to the intimidate, but I can tell you that the blood is definitely engorged in the muscle, as they are more swollen than normal and feeling quite dense
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  16. typical Monday off from lifting. Did hit some cardio/abs this am, since even though I am off the wife still wakes up at 4:10.

    Will update tomorrow with shoulders/bis
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  17. Per Vaughn's request, I will be holding off on any more from the first bottle of Intimidate SRT. Once a new bottle is delivered, it will be full throttle yet again
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