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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Obey46 View Post
    Solid workout. Making me miss doing legs right now lol
    thanks come no legs?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by mkretz View Post
    thanks come no legs?
    Hamstring pulled from 2 weeks ago on my left leg. From the glute down to the calf is tight. Still recovering from it, sucks. Though I can still work out upper body, hard part is walking or sitting so basically took a week off. Driving sucks too. I've got a Jeep wrangler, which is a bit raised and got a stick shift truck.

  3. ahh thats right i with that man

  4. today was chest/tris/abs.....felt stronger today did more on incline dbs than i can remember in a long time, but it has been a while since i used to always start of with heavy flat barbell presses but those bother my wrist now.

    60x8+3 forced

    DB flat press


    weighted dips - 10 lb full rom, felt like my sternum was gonna rip lol - 4 sets 8-10 drop on last set with BW

    flat fly 4 sets 10-15

    incline smith 3 sets 10-15 drop on last set

    high cable fly fst 7 style

    DB pullover - 55x10x4

    DB overhead ext
    60x8 drop 40x7

    strict skull crushers
    45x8-12 x 4 plus presses

    v bar pushdown 4 sets 10-15 double drop on last set

    rope crunches ss bicycles 4 sets

    decline crunch ss decline oblique crunch ss decline twists 4 sets

  5. today was a good back workout...started off really focused and strong and hit a pr on DL! Also it was at my school gym where any time in the past i had gone there the weights seemed way heavier, not sure why but my weights always were down there in the past. Today however my DL pr still happened so that means its probably even better than what i did!!!

    DL - 425 PR


    explosive Pause low box squat - really trying to build power out of the hole on my squat , that is by far my weak spot.


    Pendlay rows

    170x6 PR

    Neutral grip cable row ( weird angle, its like a 45 degree inclined low cable row) 4 sets 10-15 drop on last set

    Assisted pull ups 4 sets 10-15 drop on last set

    A few different hammer strength row machine for 3 sets 10-12

    pull over machine 4 sets 10-15 drop on last set 0 been a long tim since i used one of these, felt good!

    my body felt weird liek lacking intensity after th squats, maybe it was neurological due to the heavy deads and then squats.

  6. Grats on the DL pr! I tried heavy DL before squats and my lower back was just taxed when it was time for squats. I figure if I want to try and pr on both then I'd do heavy DLs on back day and squats on leg day.

  7. yea i never try to pr both no way....i was jsut focusing on speed out of the hole on the squats , low reps, low weight but high speed, back felt good, suprisingly actually cuz it usually does bother me after DLS.........i have been doin them sumo style too which is new to me but i really like the glute, ham activation and seems much easier on my back.

  8. unfortunately uncut is all gone :-( amazing run though, really enjoyed it....thanks again to dewey and appnut for letting me try this it was awsome!!!

    final review will be up soon, swamped with school right now

  9. Quote Originally Posted by mkretz View Post
    unfortunately uncut is all gone :-( amazing run though, really enjoyed it....thanks again to dewey and appnut for letting me try this it was awsome!!!

    final review will be up soon, swamped with school right now
    Appreciate you doing this while your wrist was injured. Hope it gets better bro!

  10. Alright..................FINAL REVIEW!!!

    Although it was a short run it was a great one!!!

    Energy 10/10- i usually dosed only 1 cap at a time and had excellent energy,never a crackedout feeling but cleanfocused energy. I normally need more than the recommended dosage of a preworkout. Clean energy, never any sort of crash that hit within 15 min fasted and about 25 with food.

    Focus- 9.5/10 - only reason it is not a 10 is cuz focus xt beats it, but focus xt is also is advertised as a focus product not as a pre workout. With that said, focus is a deal breaker with me and pre workouts and Uncut is the real deal.....sooo focused, clear sustained for hours!!! one day a guy actually came up to me and asked what was wrong cuz i was like staring at him i guess and didnt realize it lol

    Pumps- 9/10- this was surprising
    to me since Uncut is not advertised as really enhancing pumps like many other preworkouts but i got better pumps on this than 90% of preworkouts I have tried. It was the first time my quads ever felt pumped from doing heavy squats, normally only with with higher rep work.

    Strength -
    8/10 - MY strength consistently went up on this product that is really all I can say about that and I am sure as hell happy it did haha, that is not to say it would not have without it but UNCUT definitely helped me through some tough workouts!

    OVERALL- pretty damn close to 10/10 - overall just an amazing product!!! Gained about a pound in the 3 weeks I was using it with no noticeable fat gain and strength went up. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a product to help them take their workouts to the next level. And being a pill it is simple to take anywhere!!!

    thanks again to dewey and appnut for this opportunity and look forward to using more of your products in the future and maybe being lucky enough to run another log, i really enjoyed it. It was great having people following along and offering their insight!

  11. Sorry I'm late, but awesome review Mkretz! If you have any questions about our other products let us know!


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