x mass generic labs x tren clone log

  1. x mass generic labs x tren clone log

    This is a non sponsored log just wanted to log my cycle for fun on here. I am 31 years old been lifting for 10 years or so on and off more on than off. Starting weight 198 I will be running x mass by generic labs it's a x tren clone. I am starting my first 2 weeks at 80mg and the last 3 at 120. I will be eating clean at about 4000 calories a day and lifting a split workout of back/tris chest/bis shoulders transcend abs and legs and forearms. I will be on a clean bulk and hoping for 15lbs and hoping to keep 10 after pct. I ran this compound about 4 years ago and had great results. This is my second cycle and pct will consist of Clomid, erase, endosurge, bulk daa powder creatine mono and have recourse for after pct to get my libido pumping hard again. Just dosed my first pill and headed to the gym for a chest and tri workout. Wish me luck it's on

  2. Also will be taking milk thistle Hawthorne berry multi vit b6 and vitex for prolactin while on cycle. I also have fenugreek that I will be throwing in for pct

  3. Second workout tonight did back and bis and felt good trying to focus more on squeezing muscles during my lifts. Went pretty heavy and super sore from yesterday's chest workout. Eating like a beast and weighed in at 202

  4. No love......log aborted

  5. First week of my five week cycle is over I am up 3 lbs and feeling great a little strength gain and good pumps is all I can report for now. One more week at 80mgs and then I bump to 120 let the gains begin

  6. Eating like a beast as well I can't stop eating. I do eat pretty clean just killing a lot of food lately

  7. Took today off I am exactly one week on feel good so far been really sore after my workouts I had to rest today because legs are still hurting. Shoulders and abs tomorrow

  8. Killed shoulders and abs this morning still feeling great no bp issues or headaches legs and forearms tomorrow.

  9. Just got done with a late night chest and bi workout and felt really good. Bench was up incline dumbbells was up 10 lbs. Had a great pump the whole time and feel solid. I also noticed this compound drying me out a little bit last time I ran it I gained some weight in the mid section. This time around I feel like the fat is melting off me. I am eating like a beast also. Weight was up 6lbs weighing in at 204 gonna hit it in the morning again before all the Easter festivities.

  10. Almost time to bump it up to 120mg feeling good getting stronger loving this cycle


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