jwa254 is back with BPS EndoSurge Turbo

  1. jwa254 is back with BPS EndoSurge Turbo

    Alright everyone, I'll try to keep it brief. The past few weeks have been chaotic with exams and a new work schedule so I haven't been getting to the gym nearly as much as I like. My first bottle of EndoSurge Turbo came on Wednesday and I figured I can use this product as motivation to keep my ass in the gym like I use to. If I enjoy the first bottle, I'll be picking up a second to make this an 8 weeker. I'm not a bodybuilder, I'm not an athlete, I'm just a regular guy who wants to be leaner and stronger.

    Starting Stats
    193.6lbs (Last weighed in first thing Monday morning)

    I'm going to shoot for 2,800 calories with protein intake at a gram per lb of bodyweight

    Full body MWF (Though this is probably going to change as I've been doing this for far too long + I want to get in 4 days/week)

    Starting Pics:
    [Will Post On Friday]

  2. Excited for your log and to run this stuff myself.

  3. This should be swell!
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  4. Busy day yesterday. Did another stand-up set and it went well.

    58g Fat (doesn't included fats from fish oils)
    285g Carbs (16g Fiber)
    231g Protein

    I'll post training from today, along with my nutrition, later this evening.

  5. You started the Turbo? What's your dosing scheme?

  6. Mine still hadn't come in yet
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  7. 2 AM/ 2 Noon/ 2 Pre-bed

  8. Haven't been able to post an update because my internet's been out for the past day and a half. Been having to do all of my internet communication through my iPhone. Hopefully it'll be up by tonight so I can post my Friday workout/nutrition as well as Saturday's.

    I will say I've been experiencing vivid sex dreams the past two nights. Sign of things to come?

  9. Friday

    ~3,409 calories
    122g Fat
    315g Carb
    271g Protein

    Decline Bench 10x186 3x8x256
    Squats 3x10x225
    1 Arm DB Row 10x55s 4x5x80s
    VBAR Pushdown 10x100 3x12x120
    1 Arm Cable Curls 10x30 3x8x40

    Less than 2,000 Calories

    Busy day on Saturday. Wasn't at home and only ate once during the evening before my set. This normally doesn't happen

    ~3,000 calories
    88g Fat
    350g Carb
    202g Protein

    I'll post today's nutrition and training later this evening or tomorrow morning.

  10. In!!!!! cant wait to see if i get some improved sleep, ive slept pretty bad the past few nights

  11. How about an update? Any vivid dreams to report?

  12. Put the log on a backburner for now, boss. Been doing a lot of comedy shows lately and it's been in the way of my regular schedule. Gonna be logging it again later though. 2 bottle run. I'll be sure to link you.

  13. Cool no problem. Are you a comedian?


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