Logging VOLATILE, Time to get Pumped!!!!

  1. Logging VOLATILE, Time to get Pumped!!!!

    Thanks agin for the chance to Log this product. Last few weeks have been crazy with work and trying to hit the gym. But i hope im back on track now.
    First few workout have been great, deffinelty feel the pump agent in theis product. Taste is pretty good also not to sweet. I havnt experienced a crazy amout of energy but i have been exhausted the last few workout with this crazzy work schedule. Hope things take a turn for the better now and I can kill it and get the most out of this product.
    Hitting back today and I am looking foward to an increase pump and fullness.

  2. OK hit back yesterday and shoulders tonight. The pump and fullness is great!!! The engery is modest so far but definitely there. Feeling slightly stronger but concentrating on shorter rest and increasing blood flow. Pump and fullness I'd put at 8.5/10 so far . Energy 7/10 but I know as I'm getting back to full swing it will be there so far quite impressed with Volatile

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