SNS Agmatine Citrate caps

  1. SNS Agmatine Citrate caps

    Pump product in pill form, turns out to be very convenient. Was able to use this product for 3days, preworkout and at night. Have seen benefits mentioned that there is also a little partitioning effects... Not sure but I think the nightly dose definitely assists in flooding the system and making morning(5am) workouts pumps more evident.

    I took my samples 2 workout days and 1 non-workout day. Had very positive feelings as I looked into the mirror. My leg day was a hard one for sure, worked both front and back. I was able to see the inside quad swole. Finished off workout with stairs and went to mirror before shower....

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    Not extreme legs be any means but I noticed a large difference. Legs are smaller compared to others but with SNS Agmatine citrate caps (2) at least makes me feel like progress, that lasts a few hours. Best part was my arms were pumped as well.... And I didn't even work them.

    Arm day was sick, my favorite day. Pumps were out of this world. Bicep and tri made the sleeves tight on my work shirt, veins popping all over.

    Ain't got a pic but was very happy.

    Thanks again and hope to see more product like this soon!

  2. Wanna say thanks to mack411 for providing me 3 days worth of samples

    Day 1 was leg day. I actually regretted taking this on leg day as my pumps on leg days are good enough without any pump supp lol. Dosed with my 70g carb containing shake and the pumps started coming by the end of my warmup on the stairs. Needless to say by the end of this workout my legs were experiencing painful pumps at times. Dosed the other two caps pre bed, and honestly felt a tad more relaxed but I cannot say whether this was from my dosing or just coincidence.

    Day 2 ended up being an off day that I was actually quite pleased with. Dosed 2 caps with my largest carb meal in the am. Once I got to work and started throwing some barrels of oil around I got a decent filled out or full feeling throughout my body, but what shocked me was how it stated with me to an extent throughout the day. Felt like my endurance was up a tad really hard to tell but just felt a bit better that whole day.

    Day 3 didn't shock me really. I didn't notice much MORE of a pump than normal. Nothing like leg day. I'm not really sure why to be honest. Not sure if it had to do with my meal timing b4 or what.

    Overall I give it a solid 8-10 on a scale, as it did intrigue me to buy a bottle in the future and really play with the dosing.

    Thanks again

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