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  1. Intimidate / Tropinol XP / Maximize Intense Log

    The Stack:
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    So I used up a tub of SuperPump Max and needed a new pre. Off I went to the local Supp shop. After looking through their rather extensive selection of pre's and politley casting aside the expert advice of the store associate, I settled on Iforce Max Intense OG on sale for 29.99. First workout I inadvertently took slightly over the reccomended maximum dose and was buzzin like a saw mill for the next 3 hours. I have had plain awsome workouts on this stuff strength / focus / stim / pumps it's all there. So why not try a few more iforce goodies.

    This log is not sponsored. I only wish to report honestly and accuratly my experience with these products.

    Backround: 30, 6'1", 198 lbs. I have Been involved in combatives the last 5 years. I have decided to compete again so it's "natural" supplementation for this hombre.

    Training: I will do boxing training 3x week along with core work, deadlifting, and calisthenics.

    Goals: Recovery, brute strength, strength endurance, aggression.

    Reporting: I will update often. I will be scoring the following areas: Recovery, brute Strength, strength endurance, mood, libido, body composition. Anything else worth mentioning will be discussed.

    Additional supplementation: NOW Adam men's multi / Fish Oil / Shark Cartelidge

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    First workout: 1 scoop MI / 4 caps TXP pre

    Turkish getups 15 mins w/ 53 lb KB

    Windmills w/ 70 lb KB 3x6 each side (90 sec rests)

    Ab wheel 3x5 (60 sec rest)

    25 pushups

    45 min break

    Warmup / Mitt work / 3 rounds sparring

    Felt good throughout. Better than I expected considering Monday I was absolutly smoked at the boxing gym on conditioing night. Felt like I was run over by a truck this morning. Dynamic and static stretching along with some sorenomore equine linament went a long way. I felt pretty crisp sparring as well, something I haven't done in 10 months. Got real good focus and stim that lasted through my tme at the gym from MI. Endurance seemed up too. So far so good. Now it's 1 Intimidate down the hatch and off to spar the sandman.

  2. in for the ride! Cant wait to see the results you get from these!
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  3. Shave that chest hair man, u will look far more sexay
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    get the F out.
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    Shave that chest hair man, u will look far more sexay.
    Dude you were so right !!

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  7. Day 2

    Day 3

    I picked up some OT the night going into this day so, I worked 11P to 3p. I took the Intimidate at about 1230A and worked straight through to about 630A when I the freebee Dexaprin came in handy to start my next shift. Got a strong stim effect and I was very alert for a good 3 hrs despite 0 sleep. At about 1000A the effects were tapering off but, without any crash. I trudged through until 245P when I took my 1 scoop MI and 4 caps TXP. Hit the gym at about 310P and did the following:

    DL 395 x5
    375 x5

    4 x 8 Body Weight Pullups (rests were sporadic, ran into old friend, I hate that)

    15 Min's straight heavy bag work

    10 BW pullups

    30 pushups

    395 DL's felt solid. 375 felt a little lighter than normal I was pretty exhausted goin in so, this is impressive to me in and of itself. Pullup strength felt ok maybe slightly diminished. I felt a little less snappy than usual on the HB but, my endurance was good and the 10 pullups I did following felt solid. The finisher set of pushups felt decent. As of yet no effects on Libido or mood. I will credit some better than expected strength and endurance to MI and TXP. This was obviously a less than optimal training session considering lack of rest but, a productive one none the less. Interested to see how I bounce back. Now it's 1 Intimidate and hopefully a good nights rest.

  8. Interested to see how this all plays out.
    Follow along the DTPv3 run:

  9. Day 4
    Worked OT, No physical training

    Day 5
    1 scoop MI, 4 caps TXP PWO

    Turkish Getups w/ 53 lb KB 10 Min.

    Windmills w/ 70 lb KB 6x7 each side (90 sec rest)

    BW Pullup laddar 1-7 (30 sec rest between rungs)

    Ab wheel 5x5 (60 sec rest)

    35 pushups

    10 BW pullups

    I took the MI and TXP 25 min. PWO. Getups felt fine. After a short rest I began the Windmill. First two sets were OK. Third set I allowed my structure to break down and I eeked out the last rep. The fourth set I made a point of emphasizing form and structure knowing I needed to nail it to complete the goal of 6x6. During this set I got a very nice intra workout boost. I killed the next three sets and felt so good I added 1 more making the total 6x7, a PR. Last set was a rep or 2 short of failure. With the pullups I did struggle a bit to complete the 7 rep rung but, I attribute this to fatigue from the Windmills as I went right into the pullups. The 5x5 ab wheel went well and I was feeling great. Pushups like wise went well. I was pissed I didn't nail the last pullup set so I added a set of 10 at the end to massage my ego. All in all a really solid workout. The boost I got about 45 mins after taking the MI and TXP was powerfull. I will experiment with this a bit. Maybe try 4 caps TXP wait 15 min. then 1 scoop MI wait 30 min. and then hit it.

    Day 6

    DL 405 5x2

    1 scoop MI, 4 caps TXP

    Boxing gym conditioning night

    Warm up / pad work / bag work / shadow boxing / foot work / jumping lunges

    I'm leaving the description on the conditiong night vague deliberatly. It's my trainers program and I wouldn't want give away his secrets. I can say that it is some very demanding anaerobic work. I did it last week with just MI and was smoked. This time around I was pretty smoked but not as much. I also felt less sore the following day this week as oppose to last week. Aggression was high this night too : ). The DL's I did on my way home from work before taking the MI and TXP. The first set I almost lost the bar on the fourth rep, took a 10 sec breather and got the fifth rep clean. The plan was to drop down to 385 for a set of 5 but, I was pissed about the fourth rep on my previous set so I left 405 on the bar and got 5 clean. A solid day. So far I haven't noticed much of an effect on mood / libido / sleep but, it's early. I have been noticing my imagination is more vivid while I'm drifting off and some slightly more memorable dreams. So far the most noticeable effects have been during my workouts where I'm percieving a bump in overall performance.

    Day 7

  10. LMAO!!

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    Dude you were so right !!

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