Clean bulking weight gainer powder

  1. Clean bulking weight gainer powder

    I am looking for a clean bulking weight gainer protein powder shake. Looking for something with a quality ingredient list that works and has a reasonable price. Any suggestions? Thanks guys I appreciate the help!

  2. If you can't be convinced to make your own, Scivation has a gainer with a good profile and macro split. MHP's Up Your Mass is a standby for many, if you can get past the stupid moniker and inclusion of soy protein. Relatively inexpensive, easy to drink and a wide variety of flavors.

  3. Thanks man I just looked up Scivation mass gainer and its what I was looking for, my purchase is in at supplement warehouse. I previously was using MHP up your mass but I just don't get why they had to use soy protein as their main protein source. So thanks for the recommendation

  4. No problem. I'm not a huge fan of prefab gainers but the Scivation product is high on the list considering the profile. And I'm with you on the soy issue, but truth be told unless Up Your Mass is your primary source of protein, some soy in your diet won't turn you into an estrogenic nightmare.

    Good call on the "clean" gainer. Nice to see some options on the market without a ton of maltodextrin.

  5. Get a nutrabullet
    1 serving of protein isolation/hydro at 30 grams of protein 100+ calories
    2 table spoons of coconut oil 260 calories
    1/2 cup of oat meal 73 calories
    Some fruits for flavor I.e naked juice but just for flavor. 100 calories
    1 cup of milk whole 146 calories
    For a total of 680+ calories in one shake.
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