Tired? Cant sleep? Slow recovery? Turn the LIGHTS OUT!

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  1. Tired? Cant sleep? Slow recovery? Turn the LIGHTS OUT!

    Ok guys im back with an official log. a Full 30 days log this time. Sorry Vaughn & Iforce for the lack of communication and for not finishing the first one. But better late then never right. Ok so i will be taking this everyday since i have sunday off but normally go anyways for abs or cardio or forearms. So Tonight will be my first night. i will report back with results tmrw. Taking two 30 min. prior to bed.

  2. glad to see this log up and running...stoked to see your results!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  3. Im stoked too!

  4. Ok last nights sleep was great! I only got 5 hours of sleep but still feel great and refreshed! Dont feel sore at all either and i did heavy flyes which always make me sore. So far so good. Be back tomoro morning!

  5. Yesterday was leg day and it was intense with a sample of alphamine i recieved a while back. Took the full 2 servings and i had an awesome leg workout! Then i went home showered and slowly powered down for the night. Took two lights out caps and knocked out. Woke up today sore but it seems a bit less then normal. My leg workout was really great so i was expecting to be sore no matter what i used for recovery. But i still woke up feeling great from lights out. It seems like even if i only get 4 to 6 hours of sleep it feels like 8+ which is awesome! Be back for tmrw!

  6. Just had a sick back/bis workout will report back in the morning with lights out effects!

  7. Awesome you got this up.. much appreciated bro! Thanks!
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by criticalbench View Post
    Awesome you got this up.. much appreciated bro! Thanks!
    No problem!

  9. Ok so i woke up about 645 to take my gf to work and i felt great ive been waking up around that time the past couple days and normally i wouldnt be able yo but i can say lights out really helps! Plus the recovery has been steady. Barely sore from back and bis yesterday!

  10. BUMP? Whats going on bro, no updates. Everything okay?

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  11. Yea just hard times but ill be fine. Sorry guys. Ok so i woke up at 12 pm i work the graveyard shift at work and felt great. I fell asleep at 7am and woke up at12 so only 5 hours of sleep and still felt amazing!

  12. I would really recommend this to anyone! Even just for a sleep aid lol. But its even better with all the other added benefits!

  13. Just woke up and i feel pretty hood. Slighty sore but i had an intense workout and was expecting to be sore. Hit a pr yesterday on back with the one arm bent over row hit the 90lbers for 8 reps each side. Felt awesome!

  14. My day off today so i wont be training but i will still take the lights out tonight. Will report back in the morning.

  15. Woke up yesterday at around 245 pm i think. Didnt work out that day but my sleep was awesome! No interruptions what so ever. Im basically living in a hotel right now and you know how annoying people can be above and around you. So to not be woken up is amazing lol. Yea so im definitely loving this light out right now. Its doing everything it says it would do so no complaints.

  16. Ok had a crazy workout at a new gym couldnt stand the one i was at anymore. Super small and bunch of old people. So i workout at a Club 24 now. 24 hours to pump iron! Ok well anyways last night was a really good night of sleep i actually got a full 8 hours! man what a relief. so i woke up today feeling great at about 7 am. went to the gym after mcdonalds for oatmeal. Then put 1.5 scoops of Enhanced in my shaker and downed that along with a agmatine 500 cap. And wow what a combo! i hit 225 once. Isnt the best but ive only been training 9 months and the past couple months ive barely went. Im having a tuff time finding a place to live . i just move to san luis. So im living at hotel 6 right now which sucks so bad! So that explains why i havent been going to the gym much i barely found a job a little over a month ago. I had to get my life straight first. But im sick of not going to the gym now so imma go every [email protected] Day! Except sunday lol. but yea my diet is pretty hard to keep clean considering we have limmited funds, no fridge, or microwave. So I was impressed when i hit 225. then i did DB bench. Wow the new gym has 170lb dumbelss! most ive seen is 115 haha. then i did incline hammer press and decline bench. Oh and then the pec dec. For tris i did Dips, The rope, straight bar pressdown, and skull crushers just to burn them out. So yea had an awesome first day at my new gym with the help of Lights out to get me fully rested and recovered.

  17. Just woke up and i feel a bit sore from my chest workout. My sleep was good though went to bed at 2 and woke up at 630 to take my gf to work and i feel fine. Like i 8 hours. lights out is shining through this part. When i dont have a lot of sleep it feels like i did and i wake up refreshed and well recovered. It seems to make me in a more pleasant mood to wake up in too. Normally im the grumpiest guy when i wake up. Lol. Lights out again with another great nights sleep. I feel abit stronger too. I gonna go hit some back/bis right now. so we can see if my strength is increasing.

  18. I'm in for this!

    I've loved all of the iForce products I've used in the past, and use Hemavol + Compete on a regular basis since taking advantage of a BOGO deal. I'm excited to hear some more feedback on Lights Out and see how it works as a sleep aid. I hear Intimidate SRT has sleep benefits as well -- I wonder how they'd be stacked.

  19. Yea i just picked up two hemavol/compete stacks. I had too lol. But yea no daa for me so i dont know about the srt but i will definately try it in the future. But lights out is most definately helping with sleep.

  20. What flavors of each did you get with the deal?

  21. The watermelon hemavol on both and the tangerine then the lemon drop on compete. You?

  22. Post workout meal! 109 grams of protsin!
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  23. Post workout meal! 109 grams of protein!

  24. Hot damn, that protein.

    How's the carb content, though?

    Good thing it was post workout and you needed the carbs anyway, right? Haha.

  25. Haha i dont know prolly high i think like 200 grams but im living in a hotel so cooking isnt an option right now.


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